Year-End Tell-a-Friend

Year-End Tell-a-Friend

Before we bid this year a much-needed farewell, we’d first like to say thanks for putting your trust in TopCashback during a very difficult time. We hope you were able to save a bundle of money through our various cash back offers and thousands of store deals. With your continued support, we can work on bringing more giveaways, more coupons and higher cash back rates in 2021!

There’s just one last thing we have to do: give 2020 a proper sendoff. We know, we know. It doesn’t deserve one. And yet, we can’t have you missing out on our final Tell-a-Friend event of the year.

By participating in TopCashback’s Year-End Tell-a-Friend event, both members and referred pals will be eligible to earn cash back.

Here’s how it works: Talk to your family, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, soul mate, bus driver – anyone who enjoys shopping as much as you do – about TopCashback. If they’re interested, email this referral link or post it on Facebook and Twitter for maximum exposure.

We'll give you a $20 bonus for each new buddy you invite who earns $10 in cash back (not to be mistaken for making a $10 purchase). That’s all it takes! Don’t worry; your friends won’t walk away empty-handed either. They’ll nab a $10 bonus after reaching the $10 cash back threshold.

These special bonus rates won’t last for long, though. Share TopCashback with your friends today!


Our Tell-a-Friend promotion runs from 1 am PST December 22, 2020 to 2 am PST December 29, 2020. 

For additional information, please read the Tell-a-Friend Terms & Conditions.

DeborahGreene451Dec 27 20 - 01:47 I contacted you several times and you did not answer me and I am right not angry because I cannot log into my account and the password change message does not reach the e-mail
Hi Deborah,

So sorry to hear this. Please send me an email directly to and I will be able to assist you.

Best Wishes,
Member1816804339Dec 23 20 - 19:17 It would be much more fun If you offer more small "wins" instead of one grand prize. Because it's not about money, it's about joy finding something special, even it's just 0,25 cents.
Consider it next time. Thanks!
Hi There,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I will definitely be passing this information along.

Happy Holidays! :)
debbielnunesDec 23 20 - 12:42 I love you guys!!!! Have a blessed Christmas.
Have a wonderful Holiday as well! :)
HLBNDec 22 20 - 12:27 Can I get some snowy owls or a seal for a referral 😂
Hi There,

Haha. We sure hope you are enjoying the Winter Treats game! :)
Member1229271205517Dec 22 20 - 12:06 I love this app.❣
Hi There,

We are so glad you're enjoying our app :)

Best Wishes,