Member Spotlight: Drew Hooe

Member Spotlight: Drew Hooe

Posted on Apr 08 2024 Posted in  Member Spotlight, Money-Saving Tips
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Welcome to our Member Spotlight Series! We want to learn more about how our members are using their cash back to help with life’s everyday expenses—or if they’re saving it all up for a rainy day. 


Each month we’ll be interviewing a different member so that you can hear their side of the story. For our April 2024 edition you get to meet Drew Hooe from St. Petersburg, Florida. A pet parent, Drew tells us about how he uses his cash back mostly for pet supplies. Read on to find out more about what he had to say. 

TopCashback: How long have you been a member of TopCashback?

Drew: I've been a member for over five years.

TopCashback: What made you decide to join? 

Drew: I joined for the discounts—I am a frugal man.

TopCashback: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at through TopCashback? 

Drew: I spend my much-needed funds on pet supplies. I mostly shop at either Chewy or PetSmart.

TopCashback: Tell us more about your pets and what kind of supplies you like to shop for.

Drew: I’ve had my tabby cat Scooter for over 13 years. He’s a very picky eater—one minute he likes something and the next minute he won’t touch it. However, he likes Temptations treats. I also used to buy Pedigree MarroBone treats for my dog Blue, a Shar-Pei. I had him for 15 joyful years until he recently passed.

TopCashback: As a member, can you tell us your thoughts on TopCashback?

Drew: TopCashback (in my opinion) is one of the frontrunners for discount and/or cash back sites. It makes life a little bit better.


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This interview has been edited for length and clarity.



Photograph of the blog author, Michelle Harris.

by Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris is the junior copywriter at TopCashback. When she’s not writing about money-saving tips, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and spoiling her chunky cat.

jhorlbeckApril 30 2024, 13:57 So sorry to hear about Blue. I'm sure you enjoyed those 15 years!
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