8 Eco-Friendly Products to Shop Right Now

8 Eco-Friendly Products to Shop Right Now

Posted on Apr 19 2024 Posted in  Merchant Spotlight, Fashion
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Ec-friendly beauty products.

If you’re looking to make a positive impact on the planet, then one of the best ways to start is by supporting eco-friendly brands. We’re celebrating Earth Day with a roundup of products from our Green Cash Back merchants, who’ve each been vetted for their sustainable practices, including ethical sourcing.


Read on to learn all about how you can reduce your carbon footprint by shopping at these green businesses.

Signature Hammock – Yellow Leaf Hammocks (6.06% cash back)

 Yellow Leaf Hammock

The days are finally getting warmer, and if you’re looking forward to more time outdoors, then why not enhance the experience with a sustainably made hammock? Yellow Leaf Hammocks partners with the Mlabri, a small tribal community in Thailand, in order to create jobs for mothers so that they can support their family. 

Every hammock is handwoven and quality-made. If you want a hammock for your backyard, the Signature Hammock is the brand’s most popular—made of super soft yarn that’ll make you feel like you’re swaying on a white puffy cloud. 

Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper – Reel Paper  (5.05% cash back)

 Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper

Swapping out trees with bamboo for paper products, Reel Paper is on a mission to not only save the forests but to build a business that gives us a more sustainable option. Enter bamboo paper. As one of the fastest growing plants (bamboo typically grows back within three to five years), it’ll save tons of trees from being chopped. 

Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper is biodegradable and also uses eco-friendly materials for all shipping and packaging. The company also sells tissues and paper towels made from recycled fiber.

French Terry Loungewear  – The Classic T-Shirt Company  (22.22% cash back)

 French Terry Loungewear at The Classic T-shirt Company

Get cozy while decked in French Terry Loungewear from The Classic T-Shirt Company.

Made from 100% organic cotton, all clothing is produced using Fair Trade labor practices and meets the Global Organic Textile Standard certification. The company also donates a percentage of its profits to charities like The Ocean Cleanup and Water for People.

Igloo x Parks Project Ecocool Little Playmate 7 Qt Cooler – Parks Project  (16.16% cash back)

 Igloo x Parks Project Ecocool Little Playmate 7 Qt Cooler

What makes an outdoor excursion even better? A nice, full cooler packed with drinks and snacks, of course. A collaboration with Parks Project, this Igloo cooler is made from post-consumer recycled resin from yogurt cups and milk jugs and can hold up to two pounds. Ideal for nature lovers, it includes artwork featuring national parks. 

Plus, Parks Project helps fund projects at national parks around the country, so your purchase goes toward a good cause.

Balmie Trio Set – Axiology  (10.1% cash back)

 Balmie makeup crayon

Reduce packaging waste and single-use plastic with these multi-use makeup crayons for eyes, lips and cheeks. Made with ethically-sourced ingredients, Axiology’s Lip-to-Lid Balmies are vegan and cruelty-free and also come in a recyclable box that doubles as a carrying case. You can also choose from a variety of color tones for each set depending on your preference.

Cocofloss Favorites Set – Cocofloss  (6.06% cash back)


Help save the planet while cleaning your teeth with this eco-friendly dental floss sampler from Cocofloss. Designed by dentists, it is said to remove more plaque than regular floss brands, and is also woven from recycled plastic from water bottles that otherwise would have gone to the landfill. 

Even better, this floss set includes a regular-size Delicious Mint flavored floss along with two mini Cocofloss samplers featuring the brand’s Fresh Coconut and Pure Strawberry flavors. Once you finish your first spool you can order a new refill and insert in the reusable dispenser.

Yoga Mat  – Threads 4 Thought  (10.1% cash back)

 Threads 4 Thought yoga mat

Practice your mountain pose on this retro-style yoga mat from Threads 4 Thought. Made from eco-friendly materials, the mat is anti-bacterial, lightweight, and includes two anti-slip textures to keep you safe. It also comes with a carrying strap for easy travel.

Pack of Bamboo Diapers – Eco Pea Co.  (10.1% cash back)

 Bamboo diapers

If you’re a parent and feel guilty about all of those single-use diapers that go straight to the trash, then it may be time to swap out plastic for bamboo. All diapers at Eco Pea Co. are made from bamboo, which is biodegradable and decomposes in two to three months—as opposed to regular plastic diapers, which take around 500 years to decompose. 

Not to mention that the diapers at Eco Pea Co. are made with organic bamboo pulp that’s hypoallergenic and designed for your little one's sensitive skin. Many users have reported less skin rashes since making the switch to bamboo diapers, FYI. The company also makes eco-friendly baby wipes and bath products.


What are some of your favorite eco-friendly brands? Tell us all about them in the comments below.

Photograph of the blog author, Michelle Harris.

by Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris is the junior copywriter at TopCashback. When she’s not writing about money-saving tips, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and spoiling her chunky cat.

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