In the News: February 2024

In the News: February 2024

Posted on Mar 08 2024 Posted in  In the News
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When you’re not busy shopping for the best deals and offers on the internet, catch up with your favorite cash back site in the news!

TopCashback has been making headlines for its expert savings tips for a long time, and now members like you can read all about them here. This latest edition of our In the News series features only a handful of the amazing coverage we’ve received in February, so keep your eyes peeled for additional TopCashback mentions across national and local publications.

8 Best Things to Buy at Hobby Lobby (Source: Best Life)

If you’re planning to make a run to Hobby Lobby anytime soon, be sure to check out these other products. Turns out, the retailer sells so much more than just craft supplies. TopCashback’s consumer expert Samantha Landau spoke with Best Life about some of the items that you wouldn’t expect to find at the arts and crafts chain—but should seriously consider adding to your shopping list.

For instance, Hobby Lobby’s Gold Arch & Flourish Wall Mirror would be a great addition to anyone’s home. "If you've seen Anthropologie's Gleaming Primrose Mirror on TikTok or Pinterest, you might be shocked by the $500+ price point. So if you're looking to mimic the style for your home decor, Hobby Lobby is a great place to shop," Samantha said.

Other great finds include baking supplies like cookie cutters, baking pans and more. And although Valentine’s Day is now over, Samantha noted that at the time, Hobby Lobby sold sprinkles for your Valentine’s Day baking needs.

Click on the link above to learn more about what to buy at Hobby Lobby.

Boost Your Financial Fitness With These 11 Small Money Moves (Source: Money Talks News)

It goes without saying that if you’re using a cash back site, then you’re already quite savvy when it comes to financials. TopCashback was mentioned in a Money Talks News article as one of the best cash back sites for shoppers who want to save. So if you’re already taking advantage of our cash back deals, then you’re doing something right.

10 Frugal Ways Pet Owners Can Save on Pet Costs (Source: GOBankingRates)

There’s nothing like the bond between pet parents and their beloved furry (or scaly) friends. While owning a pet has unfortunately become more expensive in recent years, Samantha shared some tips with GOBankingRates on how to cut down costs. 

“If you’re shopping for pet essentials, such as food, treats and shampoo, search for applicable coupons and discounts before checking out,” she said. “Optimize your online shopping experience by using a cash back site; if you’re not using one, you’re essentially leaving free money on the table.”

I’m a Frugal Shopper: 6 Best Tips for Scoring Deals at Department Stores (Source: MSN)

There’s nothing like finding a great bargain at your favorite department store. A self-proclaimed frugal shopper herself, Samantha reveals some strategies for saving money at department stores.

“Strategically time your purchases by researching the sales cycles at your favorite retailers,” she said. “Stores typically follow the same calendar of sales each year. For example, Nordstrom hosts an ‘Anniversary Sale’ in mid-July, and Bloomingdale’s hosts a ‘Friends and Family’ event a few times a year—including one in early spring. Syncing up your shopping spree with these events allows for more effective budget planning.”

Of course, she also mentioned that if you’re shopping online, make sure to use a cash back site to save even more.

How Shopping at These 5 Grocery Stores Will Stretch Your Money Further (Source: NewsBreak)

With grocery prices at an all-time high, it’s always a good idea to do a little research so you can score the best deals. After all, you may find the same product costing less at certain stores than others. 

According to Samantha, Aldi is one of the best places to shop if you are looking to save on groceries. “For basic produce, dairy products and even paper goods, like paper towels and toilet paper, Aldi’s low prices are unbeatable,” she told NewsBreak. 

As for bulk groceries, Samantha recommends Sam’s Club. “They’re often cheaper than competitors like Costco by a few cents, depending on the item.” Compared to Cotsco and BJ’s, Sam’s Club has a lower membership fee, “which adds to their value,” Samantha noted.

Check out the link above to learn more about which grocery stores to shop so you can save money.

5 Dollar Tree Hacks That Beat Amazon (Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Before you go ahead and make another Amazon purchase, be sure to check if Dollar Tree has something similar. In a recent Yahoo! Finance article, Samantha revealed some Dollar Tree finds that give you a bang for your buck.

“They offer Silver and White Mosaic Tile Decal sheets for $1.25 each,” she said. “Grab a few packs and you can instantly update your kitchen or bathroom environment.” For comparison, Samantha added that “Amazon sells four-sheet packs of a similar item for $29.99. While these packs are a bit larger, it’s still more expensive.”

As for seasonal items, Dollar Tree is a great place for “festive finds,” adds Samantha. “They just launched their Easter items, including Easter-themed baskets with handles in the classic pastel colors for only $1.25 each.” She noted that Amazon has a similar item that comes in a six-pack, but costs $28.99.

Click the above link to learn more about how you can save by shopping at Dollar Tree.

I’m a Walmart Superfan: My 11 Top Buys for Spring 2024 (Source: AOL)

As costs across the country seem to only increase, it’s nice to have an old reliable store like Walmart, where you can find what you need at an affordable price. Samantha dished on some of her favorite picks from Walmart that you can get now.

“Walmart is selling the three-piece Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board Set for only $12.44, which is a steal. These can be used for food prep or as a setting for homemade cheese boards, if you’re entertaining this spring,” she said. “A similar option from Kohl’s goes for $24.99, so you can be confident you’re getting the best deal by shopping at Walmart.”

And if you’re looking to add some greenery to your space but can’t commit to real plants, there’s nothing wrong with artificial stand-ins. “Walmart often sells out of their artificial greenery, since it’s such a great deal. Take, for instance, their Mainstays 16.5-inch Artificial Potted Fiddle Tree, which is selling for $13.24. Amazon sells a similar option for $22.99, making Walmart the top choice here.”

Be sure to click the link above to learn more about all the best finds at Walmart.

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by Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris is the junior copywriter at TopCashback. When she’s not writing about money-saving tips, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and spoiling her chunky cat.

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