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Posted on Mar 23 2016  |  Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests
I would love to go to Hawaii.
  Apr 14 16 - 13:49
I would like to go to Austin, tx
  Apr 04 16 - 19:18
Would love to go to.Hawaii.
  Mar 30 16 - 19:22
Las Vegas Nevada at the Venetian Hotel
  Mar 30 16 - 19:10
I would love to take a weekend trip to San Diego.
  Mar 30 16 - 16:43
On the beach on the Atlantic Ocean coast, this hotel is right off Highway A1A. It offers an outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi. Spacious guest suites offer private balconies with ocean views.
  Mar 30 16 - 14:25
I'd love to take a backpacking trip to Alaska.
  Mar 30 16 - 12:25
This is where my husband and I spent our honeymoon, 7 years ago. We stayed in a cabin at Pigeon Forge,tn. He was a single dad and I was a single mom when we met, and we have a beautiful blended family with 5 kids: 2 "his", 2 "mine", 1 "ours". They are our everything , and we would love for the to see the beauty of this place.
  Mar 30 16 - 09:27
The destination finder recommended Paleokastritsa Greece. I would love to go there!
  Mar 30 16 - 08:53
I'd stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Atlantic Beach Oceanfront, it is pet friendly so I could bring my doggie!
  Mar 30 16 - 08:50
I would love to visit Italy
  Mar 30 16 - 08:13
I'd love to travel around the uk to see many historical sites, and maybe a few castles!
  Mar 30 16 - 07:43
I'd like to visit York, uk
  Mar 30 16 - 07:28
I would love to go to MýKonos City, Greece.
  Mar 30 16 - 06:48
I have always want to visit Aruba.
  Mar 30 16 - 06:24
I'd love to go to Dawn Beach!
  Mar 30 16 - 06:04
I searched all destinations worldwide known for their food and among the over 10,000 results, Florence, Italy caught my eye! I would love to visit there!
  Mar 30 16 - 05:43
Would love to go to the Bahamas
  Mar 30 16 - 04:34
Would love to escape to Orlando for a few days!!!
  Mar 30 16 - 02:33
I would really love to go travel Los Angeles with my friends! I have heard some many good thing about it. Make my dream come true.
  Mar 30 16 - 02:13
I'd love to visit Ayia Napa, Cyprus
  Mar 30 16 - 02:03
Tokyo is my dream!)
  Mar 30 16 - 00:59
Would love to visit Las Vegas with my wife.. She's always wanted to go!
  Mar 29 16 - 23:39
I'd love to experience springtime at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, nc. The flowers blooming would be very inspiring and rejuvenating.
  Mar 29 16 - 21:36
St Thomas!
  Mar 29 16 - 21:12
  Mar 29 16 - 21:03
It has been on my bucket list for the longest time to stay overnight in a fancy treehouse!!
  Mar 29 16 - 20:41
Have a great summer vacation!
  Mar 29 16 - 19:59
Next destination on my list: Cinque Terre, Italy
  Mar 29 16 - 18:54
Would love to go to New York and see a show
  Mar 29 16 - 18:35
More than anything, I want to take my little guy to Disney World!! I remember going as a child and it truly is the most magical place on Earth! I would be so grateful to be able to give him that amazing experience!! He's such a sweet boy and he would have the most wonderful time!!
  Mar 29 16 - 17:07
My wife wants to visit her ancestral origins - it would be great to go there sometime.
  Mar 29 16 - 16:31
Family trip to Bali!:)
  Mar 29 16 - 15:34
My Step-daughter is graduating from Nursing School in August and my husband and I are going to the traditional "Pinning Ceremony"!
  Mar 29 16 - 13:25
We are expecting our wonderful trip to Europe next month!
  Mar 29 16 - 13:10
There are so many places i'd like to go but I think first i'd choose San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  Mar 29 16 - 12:21
I'd love to visit Nashville because i've never been!
  Mar 29 16 - 12:08
My son is graduating from high school in May. I'd love to take our family to celebrate in Biloxi, ms or the Smokey Mountains, tn. Thank you for the chance.
  Mar 29 16 - 11:46
Cmon mickey and friends are waiting
  Mar 29 16 - 11:40
I would like to visit Munich
  Mar 29 16 - 11:20
Some hiking in Zermatt would be just the ticket for a back-to-nature getaway!
  Mar 29 16 - 11:09
Wish to have a nice family holiday in Vietnam!
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  Mar 29 16 - 11:08
Would like to visit Iceland.
  Mar 29 16 - 10:58
Honolulu, Hawaii, our next destination!
  Mar 29 16 - 10:51
I'd like to head to Branson, mo!
  Mar 29 16 - 10:48
I would love to visit Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It sounds very relaxing.
  Mar 29 16 - 09:59
I would love to visit Madrid
  Mar 29 16 - 09:52
Lots of great deals for upcoming trip to Hawaii. So looking forward to it.
  Mar 29 16 - 09:50
Kanaohe, Hawaii looks amazing
  Mar 29 16 - 09:37
I love travel and I love booking.Com. Winning this giveaway could make both of those loves be put to good use!
  Mar 29 16 - 09:36
Love to visit my family in St. Louis, Missouri For All The Family There!! Miss Them Terribly!
  Mar 29 16 - 09:25
I would love to go to pacific grove California :) I love beaches and serenity! Nothing better
  Mar 29 16 - 09:21
Destin, Florida with my family!
  Mar 29 16 - 09:10
I'd love to stay at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Tampa!
  Mar 29 16 - 08:32
I went with "Nature" in China and (yeah!) Came back with Yangshuo, China (among many others). It's been a dream of mine to visit China and i'm constantly discovering new places to visit!
  Mar 29 16 - 08:28
I don't see the discounts yet. Still looking trying to compare
  Mar 29 16 - 08:20
I plan on going to England this summer with my mum. We live in the USA and miss it like crazy. She is getting on a bit, so this would help so much and let us stay somewhere nice in London and Banbury. :) :) :)
  Mar 29 16 - 06:56
Blowing Rock, nc with my mom, sister, husband, and children. My great-grandparents lived there when I was young and we spent summers there. I would love to go back and show my own children how beautiful it is.
  Mar 29 16 - 06:54
I'd like to go to Santa Cruz, ca.
  Mar 29 16 - 06:10
Wish to see Australia one day
  Mar 29 16 - 04:51
What a wonderful & Scenic place to go relax & Have a Fun family vacation.
  Mar 29 16 - 04:11
Pre-cruise stay
  Mar 29 16 - 02:43
Perfect for vacation, blue lagoon
  Mar 29 16 - 02:33
I would go to Hampton Inn Manhattan - Times Square South
  Mar 29 16 - 01:26
I would love to take my family to Dubai and stay at the The Palm Atlantis.
  Mar 28 16 - 23:43
I would love to go Las Vegas
  Mar 28 16 - 23:37
Would love to go to Las Vegas!
  Mar 28 16 - 22:57
I would love to stay in Miami, Florida where it's nice weather and beautiful palm trees! Never been & To win would be fabulous!!
  Mar 28 16 - 22:31
I want to go to Ireland
  Mar 28 16 - 22:16
I would love to go to West palm beach, Florida.
  Mar 28 16 - 21:31
Soaking as much sunshine as possible in Punta Cana is like a dream come true!
  Mar 28 16 - 21:30
I would love to go to Hawaii! It is beautiful, warm, and has so much culture! =)
  Mar 28 16 - 20:59
Would love to go to Alaska!
  Mar 28 16 - 20:26
Cancun is on my bucket list :)
  Mar 28 16 - 20:24
I would love to visit cancun
  Mar 28 16 - 20:01
I would love to visit cancun
  Mar 28 16 - 20:01
Would love to go to Athens in Greece
  Mar 28 16 - 19:48
I want to go to Seattle. It looks so beautiful. I would love to go with my husband and daughter.
  Mar 28 16 - 19:07
I would love to see a Broadway show in nyc.
  Mar 28 16 - 18:32
I would love to go to London, was there for 12 hours once and fell in love!
  Mar 28 16 - 17:57
Wish to have a nice family holiday in Indonesia!
  Mar 28 16 - 16:41
Planning a trip to France in fall 2016!
  Mar 28 16 - 16:09
I'd love to take my kids to orange beach, al. We'd be total beach bums!
  Mar 28 16 - 15:09
I would love to visit several places in Colorado and then the south west
  Mar 28 16 - 14:42
I would love to take my family to myrtle beach sc & Stay in the coral beach resort. My family has been wanting to vacation at the beach for years & The coral beach resort looks amazing. Thanks for the opportunity!
Aemgeg4 (@) Yahoo (dot) com
  Mar 28 16 - 14:19
I have always wanted to go to Outer Banks North Carolina, and this would be the great opportunity to do that!
  Mar 28 16 - 13:50
I would just love to stay at the Clifton Victoria Inn at the Falls 3-star hotel
Niagara Falls, Canada!!! Looks really nice there.;sid=66947c459712e4fb090dad9abd80f51c;dcid=1;checkin=2016-09-06;checkout=2016-09-07;ucfs=1;highlighted_Blocks=4898102_88376557_0_1;room1=A,a;dest_Type=City;dest_Id=-570141;srfid=E0cf1f063a26ccb5c149773e666b1a601ec5af0eX1;highlight_Room=

Thanks so much!
Email--> Amyjaneheffernan@Gmail.Com
  Mar 28 16 - 13:43
I'd love to meet up with my London-based friends to spend a relaxing week in Mykonos, Greece.
  Mar 28 16 - 12:09
My friend bought me a passport for my birthday and I would love to use it for the
First time and go to Costa Rica!
  Mar 28 16 - 11:57
Would love to visit Okanagan Valley In Canada
  Mar 28 16 - 11:43
Kansas City Kansas
  Mar 28 16 - 11:36
Humm, recommended Austria for me-sounds good to me!
  Mar 28 16 - 11:36
It is my dream to stay at the Marriott Laguna Beach, ca!
  Mar 28 16 - 11:31
I would love to visit Plitvicka Jezera in Croatia. It looks like one of the prettiest and peaceful places on this planet!
  Mar 28 16 - 11:30
Hot balloon over Cappadocia, I am coming!!!
  Mar 28 16 - 11:20
I would love to go to nyc!
  Mar 28 16 - 11:16
New Zealand is recommended as a great scenic destination at and we would love the adventure!
  Mar 28 16 - 11:10
I would love to see Seattle and stay at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront and be right by the water.
  Mar 28 16 - 10:54
Would love to visit family in Nebraska ??
  Mar 28 16 - 10:47
I would love to have an extended weekend in Weir Beach, nh with me and my kids! Just enjoying the tranquility of life.
  Mar 28 16 - 10:45
I'd love to have a weekend getaway to Monterey with my husband!
  Mar 28 16 - 10:31
I would like to go to Cancun and stay at the Royal Solaris Cancun. Looks like a beautiful place.
  Mar 28 16 - 09:54
I would love to go to Hawaii, and relax and enjoy all the views!
  Mar 28 16 - 09:39
Had a very relaxing and affordable week-long stay there a couple of years ago, and it's perfectly situated on the Florida's Atlantic Coast, about an hour away from everything we like to do and see. Felt like I was in heaven for the week, if only because I was away from home and at the beach, without breaking the bank.
  Mar 28 16 - 09:11
Would love to go to ireland and sightsee
  Mar 28 16 - 09:03
Disney World would be our family destination!!!
  Mar 28 16 - 08:53
Somewhere i've always wanted to see.
  Mar 28 16 - 08:52
Id love to go to Miami. A vacation is much needed!
  Mar 28 16 - 08:52
I've gone there about 5,000 times to visit family, but i'd love to go to Boston just to explore the city and see all the sights.
  Mar 28 16 - 08:46
I would like to go to Miami, fl. Thanks
  Mar 28 16 - 08:45
I need a vacation... I never got to go on my honeymoon! We got pregnant, so plans got a little complicated. One day!!
  Mar 28 16 - 08:42
Costa Rica is on the top of my list at the moment.
  Mar 28 16 - 08:40
I'd love to take my family to myrtle Beach :)
  Mar 28 16 - 08:38
Been to Amsterdam before!
Start missing her!!
  Mar 28 16 - 08:27
My kids would love to stay at the Grandlodge Waterpark in Rothschild Wi! We would have so much fun!
  Mar 28 16 - 08:19
What an amazing opportunity...Caribbean would be amazing...
  Mar 28 16 - 08:16
connie wade
Would love to win dont matter love to see my daughter in pa and sister in Connecticut
  Mar 28 16 - 08:14
I think Ireland would be a cool place to go.
  Mar 28 16 - 08:13
I would love to go to London, always wanted to go! It would be an amazing experience!
  Mar 28 16 - 08:09
The ultimate Disney and Harry Potter trip to Orlando, Florida!
  Mar 28 16 - 08:08
I would love love love to go snow skiing in Red River, nm. Such peace and serenity there and the views are absolutely breathtaking.
  Mar 28 16 - 08:07
Myrtle beach :)
  Mar 28 16 - 08:04
Mountain by the Sea - what more could one want?
  Mar 28 16 - 08:02
Vegas baby. Vegas. This momma needs it!
  Mar 28 16 - 07:13
Send me to the white sand beaches of Hawaii!
  Mar 28 16 - 06:32
I would love to visit Ireland.
  Mar 28 16 - 05:03
It's my dream to go to Koh Samui
  Mar 28 16 - 01:49
I'd love to go visit Killarney,Ireland. It looks just absolutely beautiful!
  Mar 28 16 - 00:32
I wouldn't mind a wonderful staycation at one of the fabulous resort choices right here in Charleston, sc! I love it here!
  Mar 27 16 - 22:40
Would love to visit there! Please :)
  Mar 27 16 - 22:24
Would love to visit Disneyland in Califonia, and stay close by.
  Mar 27 16 - 20:33
Would love to stay at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach, fl.
  Mar 27 16 - 20:06
I would love to go to the Linconsihre, Illinois area so that I can take my disabled daughter on her dream Chitown Sports Addict Trip. She loves her Chicago sports teams and with Chicago and Milwaukee about an hour away we can see a bunch of games and eat some good food!
  Mar 27 16 - 19:04
I would love to go to the Bahamas with my mother on a girls trip!
  Mar 27 16 - 18:33
I would like to go to Williamsburg Virginia and explore and stay at the Country Inn and Suites. Thanks!
  Mar 27 16 - 17:33
It's my dream to go to Hawaii!
  Mar 27 16 - 16:16
I would love to make a trip out to Los Angeles California !
  Mar 27 16 - 14:02
So gorgeous and would love to relax there!
  Mar 27 16 - 13:11
Holiday Inn Club Vacations At Orange Lake Resort would be great for the kids!
  Mar 27 16 - 13:09
To see my grandchildren in fl!
  Mar 27 16 - 12:54
I would love to go to Bodega Bay in California and it would be so beautiful to stay at The Inn at the Tides because the ocean views are amazing.
  Mar 27 16 - 12:44
Fort Lauderdale, fl looks nice. So many beaches which i've never been to.
  Mar 27 16 - 07:24
I would love to talk a walking tour thru Rothenburg. I love exploring the Old World. So charming.
  Mar 27 16 - 02:03
I would love to stay in New York!!!
  Mar 27 16 - 00:13
I'll go to the Eternal City!
  Mar 26 16 - 21:45
I would love to go to Oia, Greece!!
  Mar 26 16 - 19:27
I would like to see the city
  Mar 26 16 - 19:05
I would love to stay at the Ritz in San Francisco! Looks gorgeous!
  Mar 26 16 - 17:56
Would love to go to Moab Utah to ride our rzr
  Mar 26 16 - 17:51
I want to go to Parknasilla Hotel in Ireland
  Mar 26 16 - 16:30
I'd take the grandkids to visit my parents and stay at the Riverside Inn in Grants Pass, or
  Mar 26 16 - 15:28
We would love to visit San Francisco!!
  Mar 26 16 - 14:43
I'd love to stay at The Inn Above Tide @ Sausalito ca
  Mar 26 16 - 13:21
I would pick Monaco and the French Riviera
  Mar 26 16 - 12:47
I'd love to go to Sanibel Island!!!!
  Mar 26 16 - 12:28
I'd like to go to Thessaloniki, Greece to see all the ancient sites in the area!
  Mar 26 16 - 12:11
It would be awesome to stay in aprthotel in london~ ;P Haven't been there for many years now
  Mar 26 16 - 11:13
I would Love to go to Bora Bora, the Bahamas, or even Florida. I want to experience blue water and beaches. And thank you for the opportunity!
  Mar 26 16 - 10:44
Sunriver Resort, Bend Oregon ! To find relaxation, rejuvenation, reflection and inspiration with friends!
  Mar 26 16 - 10:24
I would love to visit Sanibel Island! It looks beautiful.
  Mar 26 16 - 10:13
I just want to island hop around all the islàNds in the Keys an enjoy nature and her sunsets. Also enjoying the awesome food helps to make this a wonderful break from my normal life.
  Mar 26 16 - 09:39
I would like to go Taipei, Taiwan!
  Mar 26 16 - 08:15
I would go to nyc!
  Mar 26 16 - 07:54
I would stay in the Big Apple, Times Square!
  Mar 26 16 - 07:23
I would love to stay in nyc, all the shows, Light, stars & Stores
  Mar 26 16 - 06:10
I would love to treat my two kids to a Disney Vacation before the new baby arrives in a few months!
  Mar 26 16 - 03:07
Would love to visit Europe again!
  Mar 26 16 - 02:06
I would love to have a chance to go to Tokyo, a very inspiring city.
  Mar 26 16 - 01:26
My husband && I would love to stay @ Holiday Club Puerto Calma in Puerto Rico ... We've never been ..But would so love to go!!
  Mar 25 16 - 23:37
I really wish to go to New York, haven't been there since I move to us!
  Mar 25 16 - 23:05
Barcelona is beautiful and would love to go.
  Mar 25 16 - 18:53
arlene mccurdy
I would like to go to paris
  Mar 25 16 - 17:46
Would love to take a trip to Maine soon!
  Mar 25 16 - 16:53
I just discovered Isla, Spain. It looks gorgeous!
  Mar 25 16 - 16:10
Would love to take my kids to the happiest place on earth and be able to stay at the castle.
  Mar 25 16 - 16:04
Want to visit ny,ny. Been to other states in us, but not there.
  Mar 25 16 - 15:15
I cannot wait to travel to Paris. I've dreamed of it my whole life!
  Mar 25 16 - 14:56
Would enjoy Vienna, Austria.
  Mar 25 16 - 14:38
I would like to go to Bahamas!
  Mar 25 16 - 14:31
I have always wanted to go to Ireland, having heard of how green and beautiful it is, so I am intrigued to learn of this particular spot which benefits from sunshine and nature. I would love the chance to explore it in person with my kids please! :) I have a toddler with special needs and this would be such a lovely and serene place to take him.
  Mar 25 16 - 14:23
I wanna go to Barcelona :d please help me go ;)
  Mar 25 16 - 14:06
We would love to visit Morocco!
  Mar 25 16 - 13:32
Would like to visit Melbourne Australia and surrounding areas. Never Been and would love to take my parents.
  Mar 25 16 - 13:04
We would like to go back to Vegas soon!
  Mar 25 16 - 12:51
Would love to stay at Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa
Hilton Head Island, sc .
  Mar 25 16 - 11:14
I would like to stay in Menlo Park , Ca ...Weather is great.
  Mar 25 16 - 11:12
Every year since college, my best friend and I go on a summer trip. This year we are hoping for Orlando, Florida so that we can go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It would really be great to stay in the Crowne Plaza Hotel because it is close to the park and there is a free shuttle service. Plus, it is close to a lot of other entertainment while we are down there. We can only stay for a few days, so our stay will be around $283.50 but it would mean so much to us as money is pretty tight this year!! Thank you for the contest.
  Mar 25 16 - 10:33
Hotel Les Ondines Sure La Plage in Gustavia, Saint Barts looks splendid! With an Exceptional 9.8 rating, I am pretty sure this would be a fantastic place to get warm and relax from shoveling snow! ;)
  Mar 25 16 - 10:16
I would love to go to Pensacola, Fl.
  Mar 25 16 - 10:08
We plan to visit New York this summer. Especially to visit the museums.
  Mar 25 16 - 10:05
I entered my wish list of "likes" into the Destination Finder and received Sedona as my destination. Funny thing is we leave for Sedona in just 2 days! So, if we win we'll take the Destination Finder's 2nd pick and head to Pigeon Forge, tn!
  Mar 25 16 - 09:39
StacyG had two really nice resorts near Table Rock Lake in Missouri. One is The Cliffs at Table Rock Lake and the other is Bluegreen Wilderness Club at Big Cedar.
  Mar 25 16 - 09:35
Love to go to Miami beach
  Mar 25 16 - 09:28
Would love to see anywhere and everywhere of this beautiful country!
  Mar 25 16 - 09:22
I'd like to stay at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
  Mar 25 16 - 09:19
I would love a stay at Hilton Head, sc at the Marriot Resort and Spa! Thanks
  Mar 25 16 - 09:13
I would love to take my beautiful better half to Yosemite National Park and renew my vows there to her. You see almost nine years ago, we stopped living in sin in Sin City, where I had proposed to her. For almost as long, she has complained that in stead of Vegas, I should have asked for her hand while we were at the Grand Canyon. This would be my second chance to do it right. The Ahwahneechee tribe believe that inhaling the mist of Bridalveil Fall would improve one's chances of marriage. If selected and we go, I will be inhaling like an emphysema patient.
  Mar 25 16 - 08:36
Would love to check out the mountains in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
  Mar 25 16 - 08:31
I would love to go to Las Vegas for my first time!
  Mar 25 16 - 08:11
I would love a beach vacation in Clearwater, Florida!
  Mar 25 16 - 07:43
I would love to go to Nashville. We love music and it looks like there are many family friendly activities so my whole family would have a great time!
  Mar 25 16 - 07:27
I would love to vacation in Red River, nm. Sit by the fire and take in the snow covered mountains. Ahhhh peace & Serenity!!
  Mar 25 16 - 07:03
Sanibel Island, fl for me please!
  Mar 25 16 - 06:58
Cities rise and fall, but Rome stands forever.
  Mar 25 16 - 05:54
Would love a relaxing weekend on Cape Cod. Eastham would be a blast.
  Mar 25 16 - 05:46
I'd go to ReykjavíK and drive around the ring road! Geothermal hot springs, volcanos, hipster neighborhoods, amazing vistas and friendly people? Yes please!
  Mar 25 16 - 05:37
Puerto Rico would be a blast!
  Mar 25 16 - 05:12
I hear its a blast!
  Mar 25 16 - 04:52
Gold coast australia!
  Mar 25 16 - 03:48
I like to go iceland
  Mar 25 16 - 03:38
"Bearleen" what else is there to say!
  Mar 25 16 - 02:50

We'd love to go to Greece ...
  Mar 25 16 - 00:56
We are going to Italy
  Mar 25 16 - 00:35
I'd love to go to Kona Village resort in Hawaii, where we honeymooned, for our 10yr anniversary, but we'll probably have to stay closer to home in which case it would be a Vegas vacation!
  Mar 24 16 - 23:49
I would love to go to Greece! Athens, Santorini, and more!
  Mar 24 16 - 23:21
I would love to visit the theme parks in Orlando, fl.
  Mar 24 16 - 23:20
I would love to go to see Glacier National Park in Montana.
  Mar 24 16 - 22:25
Would like to go to Vegas.
  Mar 24 16 - 20:44
The raffles in singapore sounds great!
  Mar 24 16 - 20:15
It recommended the Gold Coast in Australia for me! I second that opinion :)
  Mar 24 16 - 19:41
Would love to go Banff National Park
  Mar 24 16 - 19:04
I would love to go to Iceland with my husband (no kids). I have friends who went there last year and I was so jealous
  Mar 24 16 - 18:59
The "destination finder" suggested I visit Miami Beach. Sounds good to me!
  Mar 24 16 - 18:40
I would love to tour Italy
  Mar 24 16 - 18:38
Need to get some family time in the Happiest Place on Earth!
  Mar 24 16 - 18:34
That's a pretty nifty tool, Booking.Com! My searching led me to the majestic Macchu Picchu in Peru. I can't wait to go!! Thanks for the opportunity!
  Mar 24 16 - 18:27
Vacation and family wedding!
  Mar 24 16 - 18:14
I would love to visit Athens
  Mar 24 16 - 18:12
I would like to go to Bahamas!
  Mar 24 16 - 18:09
I would love to go hiking in Sedona, Arizona.
  Mar 24 16 - 18:08
I would love to go to Hawaii
  Mar 24 16 - 17:56
Honeymooned there 24 years ago. About time for a return visit eh?
  Mar 24 16 - 17:41
It selected Chicago for me
  Mar 24 16 - 17:28
I'd love to visit Alaska and stay at Hotel Alyeska.
  Mar 24 16 - 17:11
I want go to Hawaii with my family, for this summer, enjoy sunshine on the beach
  Mar 24 16 - 16:29
I would love to visit Saturnia, Italy!!!
  Mar 24 16 - 16:03
I think heading north of the boarder would be such a fun and unique trip with the fam!
  Mar 24 16 - 15:56
Would, love, love, love to go to the Resort Kurumba Maldives. It looks amazing.
  Mar 24 16 - 15:52
Thank you for introducing this site to me. I hadn't visited it before.
We would love to go to Manly (South Wales area) of Australia! My aunt has lived there all her life, and I have never met her. My father who is in his senior years really needs to visit her. She needs some cheer and friendship. It would be a big trip, and not sure if we can afford it, but would so much like to.
  Mar 24 16 - 15:50
I'd like to go to San Francisco, Napa, Chicago, Washington, dc, New York, Paris, London, and Maldives.
  Mar 24 16 - 15:47
I'd like to visit Patagonia with one of my friends
  Mar 24 16 - 15:46
The Orchard Hotel in San Francisco
  Mar 24 16 - 15:46
Want to experience the music, the food, the whole experience! Would be an awesome trip we've been wanting to make!
  Mar 24 16 - 15:46
I haven't taken a vacation in 5 years due to financial hardship after my battle with cancer. I'm cancer free now but still in debt. I would love to win this giveaway and take my daughter to a nice vacation at Disneyland. Good luck everybody!
  Mar 24 16 - 15:45
Would love to go to South Beach!!
  Mar 24 16 - 15:28
I would love to go to Florida, Disney World on December with my boyfriend. Good luck with us!
  Mar 24 16 - 15:26
The bf has never been!!! Would totally need and love a short vacation :)
  Mar 24 16 - 15:12
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl for some fun in the sun
  Mar 24 16 - 15:09
I'd love to visit New York, to meet up with a friend i've known for quite a while.
  Mar 24 16 - 15:06
Would love to visit Ireland!
  Mar 24 16 - 15:01
I'd go to San Francisco to visit my daughter.
  Mar 24 16 - 15:01
Would like to stay at Carolina Dunes Apartment in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  Mar 24 16 - 14:59
Need a relaxing vacation May 9 - May 13 at b Resort and Spa in Lake Buena Vista, florida. Need a break from work.
  Mar 24 16 - 14:57
I would love to visit Florida.
  Mar 24 16 - 14:53
I would love go to Miami Beach Fl, I see two hotels I love, Ocean front contemporary suites or Room Mate waldorf hotels. I really need a getaway its been too long, 7 yrs to be exact . Would be nice for me and hubby , I want to be apart of disney world too! Would be so exciting :)
  Mar 24 16 - 14:46
I would love to go to beautiful alaska and stay at the Alaska Golden Gate b&B. The views looked amazing
  Mar 24 16 - 14:46
I would love to take my two boys to Disneyland! Aneheim, ca would be my go-to destination for now!
  Mar 24 16 - 14:43
I'd love to visit New York City and take in the cultural side - museums, Ground Zero, Central Park, Time Square!
  Mar 24 16 - 14:41
One of the best cities in the world with very friendly people and amazing scenery
  Mar 24 16 - 14:34
My fiance' is from the sate of Washington and is always telling me how wonderful it is there. So i'd love to go stay in Portland Oregon so he could show me everything he's told me about. I want to see the mountains and the ocean!!
  Mar 24 16 - 14:26
I would like to shopping at New York City
  Mar 24 16 - 14:24
I would love to go to Disney every chance possible
  Mar 24 16 - 14:23
Would love to go to Iceland to witness the amazing phenomenon of the Northern Lights
  Mar 24 16 - 14:23
I would love to visit Italy.
  Mar 24 16 - 14:21
It is a hard discussion, I would love to go to Scotland, but I would also love to go to the East Coast. I love the history in both places.
  Mar 24 16 - 14:16
Love to go to iceland
  Mar 24 16 - 14:15
I want to go to Hong Kong.
  Mar 24 16 - 13:36
Disneyland of course. My daughter would love to go see Mickey Mouse, Pluto and all the disney princesses.
  Mar 24 16 - 13:09
Love the Embassy Suites Downtown overlooking Discovery Park a wonderfully planned urban green space with many entertainment options. I really like that the hotel has so many free amenities, free shuttle to downtown theater venues, and a rooftop pool!
  Mar 24 16 - 12:14
I'd love to stay at the Hotel The Serras in Barcelona!!
  Mar 24 16 - 11:01
I would love to take my son to Orlando, Florida so that he could have his first experience at Disney.
  Mar 24 16 - 10:49
?? ?????? ?? ????? ?
? ? ???? --?? ????? ???????!!!
  Mar 24 16 - 10:13
Would love to take a relaxing and fun filled vacation to Orlando, fl and of course take the kids to Disney, they have never been and have been asking to go for years. :-)
  Mar 24 16 - 09:40
I would love to take my kids to Orlando to see the mouse!
  Mar 24 16 - 09:12
Would love to go to Barbados!!
  Mar 24 16 - 08:09
I would love to go sightseeing in Sorrento, Italy. Looks like a beautiful place.
  Mar 24 16 - 07:11
Would love to see Yellowstone national park!
  Mar 24 16 - 06:32
Would love to take a weekend trip to Charleston! Now I just need to start planning!
  Mar 24 16 - 06:05
Palace Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, San Francisco
  Mar 24 16 - 05:52
Ko Lanta! Had never even heard of it. Pimalai resort and spa.
  Mar 24 16 - 05:12
I'd love to stay at the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken, Switzerland!
  Mar 24 16 - 04:46
In Jordan
  Mar 24 16 - 04:13
Of all the books and guides I have ever read, the beaches in the Philippines seem to be jumping out of the books telling me that I need to go after them!
A trip to the beach would be fantastic
  Mar 24 16 - 03:29
A trip to Victoria, bc to visit friends & Family...Maybe one of the nice Bed & Breakfasts just outside of the city :-)
  Mar 24 16 - 02:24
Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, ca because I had my prom there but have never had a chance to stay there
  Mar 24 16 - 01:13
Design Suites Bariloche, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina
  Mar 24 16 - 01:03
Yangon, Myanmar
  Mar 24 16 - 00:52
I would love to stay at Accra Beach Hotel 4-star hotel
Value Deal
An outstanding value on these dates.
Rockley, BB15139 Rockley, Barbados
  Mar 23 16 - 22:13
I want to go to Palm Springs, California for some rest and relaxation! :)
  Mar 23 16 - 21:20
Visit Amsterdam in Spring to see great flower fair
  Mar 23 16 - 20:22
I would love to visit were my parents came form, Cape Verde.
  Mar 23 16 - 20:11
Hawaii i've always dreamed one day in my life I would be able to see all the sights. Here's my findings
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort 4 stars This property has agreed to be part of our Preferred Property Program, which groups together properties that stand out because of their excellent service and quality/Price ratio with competitive prices. Participation in the program requires meeting a specific set of criteria and takes feedback from previous guests into account.
Waikiki, Honolulu, hi
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There are 44 people looking at this resort.
$778 $718
  Mar 23 16 - 19:51
I would love to stay at Hall Place Bed & Breakfast. It is only about an hour from home but it is so beautiful.
  Mar 23 16 - 19:51
Would love to go to Disney world for my daughters birthday in oct.
  Mar 23 16 - 19:50
Planning to head to Louisiana for their world famous Crayfish Festival in May. Wyndham Garden Baton Rouge came up as a good-rated and affordable hotel to stay at.
  Mar 23 16 - 19:42
I'd love to visit Charleston,sc.
  Mar 23 16 - 19:39
California is homeland of Asian food. Did you try Pho? You should. San Jose will be my destination. I can visit my Uncle family too.
  Mar 23 16 - 19:15
Hey, a girl can dream right?!?!?
  Mar 23 16 - 18:54
I would like to take my soon-to-be huby and parents to Anchorage, Alaska.
  Mar 23 16 - 18:26
Outdoor adventure in Summit Lake, Alaska!
  Mar 23 16 - 18:26
Sunny Sand Beaches Seafood Sunsets
Tortuga Bay, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  Mar 23 16 - 18:20
So want to take my husband to Punaauia in French Polynesia!
  Mar 23 16 - 18:19
I would absolutely love to take my family to Disneyland - they would be thrilled!!
  Mar 23 16 - 17:29
I'd love to win this prize and would use it towards an anniversary trip to Kihei, Hawaii. Looks like a beautiful and relaxing place to spend our 20th anniversary. :-) Good luck to all.
  Mar 23 16 - 16:43
I would love to be able to take my family to Hanalei, Kauai :)
My family has been through a whirlwind of things including cancer :(
A much needed vacation would be great to heal the soul.
  Mar 23 16 - 16:31
I'd love to use the $ Toward an anniversary trip with my husband in Paris
  Mar 23 16 - 16:20
Florida anywhere in Florida really but if I had to pick a spot id say South Beach Florida!!
  Mar 23 16 - 16:18
Japan, it is
  Mar 23 16 - 16:17
I'd love to go to Phoenix Arizona to go visit my grandson and daughter
  Mar 23 16 - 16:16
My dad grew up there, so I love to go back in his memory!
  Mar 23 16 - 16:12
I would love love love to go skiing in Red River, New Mexico. Sooooo beautiful and peaceful.
  Mar 23 16 - 15:56
I want to go to Istanbul !
  Mar 23 16 - 15:47
Barcelona my dream!
  Mar 23 16 - 15:34
I'd like to take my kids to Disneyland
  Mar 23 16 - 15:18
I would like to go to Seychelles
  Mar 23 16 - 14:57
I would to go Bangkok, a interesting city
  Mar 23 16 - 14:57
I really want to go to Copenhagen!
  Mar 23 16 - 14:56
I would like to go on a culinary adventure in Copenhagen Denmark.
  Mar 23 16 - 14:46
I would love to have a vacation in pricey Mykonos, Greece where already offers competitive prices yet the rates for holiday season are insane!
  Mar 23 16 - 14:46
I'd like to go to the Isrotel at the Dead Sea
  Mar 23 16 - 14:45
I'd like to head back to Hawaii for some fun in the sun.
  Mar 23 16 - 14:33
I would love to go to California, to Disneyland, for my daughter to enjoy her time after an open heart surgury.
  Mar 23 16 - 14:30
I would go to Volcano, Hawaii
  Mar 23 16 - 14:26
Want to visit Dubai, uae some day. Heard its awesome!
  Mar 23 16 - 14:09
I'd like to go to Ibiza, Spain
  Mar 23 16 - 13:56
I would love to go back to any of the Hawaiian Islands to just relax and soak up some of their nice warm sun!
  Mar 23 16 - 13:46
I would love to go to Modesto, ca to visit my family on the west coast.
  Mar 23 16 - 13:33
I would like to stay at the Hassler Roma. It looks amazing!
  Mar 23 16 - 13:27
Tampa/St Pete area, would love to go back again!
  Mar 23 16 - 13:15
I love going to Brazil
  Mar 23 16 - 13:15
We love going to Reno and nearby Virginia City
  Mar 23 16 - 13:04
L'd love to visit my friend in Corpus Christi tx before it gets so hot there. All
I need is help with airfare, I have a place to stay. This would be great!
  Mar 23 16 - 12:53
The hardest part about traveling on a holiday weekend is finding accommodations that is not only affordable but close to the city center where all of the main attractions are. It would be great to get assistance on our hotel booking and be able to experience Chicago right at the heart of the city! Thanks for the opportunity!
  Mar 23 16 - 12:42
Cumberland Tennesse
  Mar 23 16 - 12:39
I would like to go to Chile. The landscapes look so dramatic and beautiful that i'd like to see it in person.
  Mar 23 16 - 12:35
I would love to recreate my honeymoon. My husband and I had a baby shortly after getting married, and when he turned 5 months old, he was moved onto second shift. So for the last year we have barely seen each other. I would love to go to Napa Valley and stay at the Carneros Inn and spend the week touring the vineyards.
  Mar 23 16 - 12:31
I would Love, I mean love a nice long vacation at Myrtle Beach, sc. I need it really bad, work is killing me and I need some relaxation please!! :)
  Mar 23 16 - 12:08
Would love to go to Orlando, Florida.Thank you
  Mar 23 16 - 11:56
My top destination finder result was Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Perfect--sounds amazing!!
  Mar 23 16 - 11:49
I'd like to go to Miami fl
  Mar 23 16 - 11:46
Gold Coast, Australia
  Mar 23 16 - 11:42
I've always wanted to go to Vienna.
  Mar 23 16 - 11:41
Hotel in orlando/Kissimmee
  Mar 23 16 - 11:41
Before I die, I would want to take one trip. To galapagos islands, to view the wildlife and appreciate nature in its raw form. As an animal rescuer and photographer I would cherish this trip more then anyone could ever imagine.
  Mar 23 16 - 11:41
I would like to visit Queenstown, nz.
  Mar 23 16 - 11:37
I would like to go to Hanmer Springs in New Zealand
  Mar 23 16 - 11:33
I would like to go to Bahamas to enjoy the peace and relax on the great beaches.
  Mar 23 16 - 11:28
Would like to stay at the The Tremont House, a Wyndham Grand Hotel in Galveston, tx so that I an go fishing.
  Mar 23 16 - 11:23
I'd love to wander around the riverways of Venice
  Mar 23 16 - 11:18
Wow! I would love to visit the beach in Buzios, Brazil! It looks so calm and quiet, and close to nature. This is just the place I need to go for my vacation!
  Mar 23 16 - 11:15
Would love to spend some time at the beach in southern california with my kids
  Mar 23 16 - 11:12
We love the Outer Banks! Go every year. Thanks!
  Mar 23 16 - 10:52
Hubby and I have been wanting a vacation in the Caribbean for so long!!! Planning one this summer and the credit would come in so handy especially while trying to save up to buy a house. Punta Cana looks so beautiful!
  Mar 23 16 - 10:47
I would love to go to Vegas with my husband and some friends! I've never been before. The Bellagio or the Venetian look good to me!!!
  Mar 23 16 - 10:41
We are going. We are saving up. We want to go there.
  Mar 23 16 - 10:31
4/23/2016 to 4/30/2016 at Travelodge Valencia Aeropuerto for $253/Night.
  Mar 23 16 - 10:30
I would love to go to Spain on 4/23/2016 to 4/30/2016 stay at Ciutat del Prat for the price $793/Night
  Mar 23 16 - 10:28
I would really love to go back Las Vegas! It has been years since I have been there and could really use a getaway! May Lady Luck be on my side! :D
  Mar 23 16 - 10:18
Would love to go to Orange County, California to see my family.
  Mar 23 16 - 10:07
My better half and I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas! The mgm Grand loos beautiful!
  Mar 23 16 - 10:05
I would love to go on a snorkeling trip to Key West!
  Mar 23 16 - 09:46
Please send me to Paris, the Hotel Madison by mh in the heart of Paris sounds like just the place I would like to bring my mom. I've studied French and always wanted the opportunity to visit Paris to speak the language, eat the food, see the fashion, see the sights, and so much more!! Yes, all around, yes to Paris. Thanks TopCashBack ;)
  Mar 23 16 - 09:39
I would love to go to Mackinaw Island and spend a few days just walking around and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
  Mar 23 16 - 09:36
Our family favorite is the Hampton Inn & Suites, South Lake Buena Vista! Amazing service, amazing breakfast, and amazing people! And such a short drive to Disney!
  Mar 23 16 - 09:34
A trip to San Diego to take in family fun adventures would be fun!
  Mar 23 16 - 09:15
I would love to go to Chicago. My daughter will be 4 in July and has yet to meet my mom or any of my family that lives in Illinois. Thank you so much for the chance as this would be a true blessing.
  Mar 23 16 - 09:14
Three nights in Vegas staying at the Bellagio!
  Mar 23 16 - 09:13
Relaxing, comfortable, and walking...Visit family, and of course beach time...
  Mar 23 16 - 09:13
Rome... The great empire
  Mar 23 16 - 09:12
I have only got to see my Granddaughter once and have not been able to afford to go back to Florida. Would just love to be able to take her to DisneyWorld!!!
  Mar 23 16 - 09:07
I would love to go to Italy or Greece! They're both beautiful locations! Would love to save up enough to go there someday.
  Mar 23 16 - 09:05
Who wouldn't like to eat at all the great places in Rome!
  Mar 23 16 - 09:04
I wouldn't mind going back to Orlando. I used to work at the the theme parks and would love to take my kids there.
  Mar 23 16 - 09:02
Choice 1- Orlando fl or Choice 2- Shakopee/Bloomington
  Mar 23 16 - 09:00
If I could go anywhere I would love to go to Castello, Venice, Italy. After using booking.Com's destination search...I found a fabulous place I would love to stay at with my daughter... Hotel Ai Cavalieri Castello, Venice, Italy!!! Pictures n reviews it just looks gorgeous!! It is definitely a dream!!! We've never taken a vacation... Ever.. So this would be amazing to win!!!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:56
San francisco because I have never been there!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:55
I would buy a honeymoon suite at The Bellagio in Vegas in June! Thanks for the chance- this would blow their mind!!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:48
Would really love to stay in Orlando where Walt Disney World is located. One of the happiest place on earth all the time
  Mar 23 16 - 08:47
I would love to travel to Hawaii.
  Mar 23 16 - 08:46
Las Vegas
  Mar 23 16 - 08:46
My friends and I are planning a trip to Chicago, il this May! Would be awesome if we can have some of the hotel expenses covered! :) Thanks for the opportunity, @Topcashback !
  Mar 23 16 - 08:46
I would love to take my family to Puerto Rico!!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:45
Would love to take my Dad back to Priorat!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:45
Would love a honeymoon in Hawaii!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:37
I would go to Washington, dc to go sightseeing! Thanks for the amazing chance!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:32
It should be at the most famous opera house in the world, La Scala in Milan!!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:31
Would love to go to San Francisco with my husband. Going to Chinatown for shopping and eating is on my bucket list. Would love to visit Japantown too!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:31
My husband and I have always wanted to go to Vegas!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:28
Would love to take trip to outer banks nc hilton gardon hotel with my family
  Mar 23 16 - 08:28
Caribbean sounds amazing...
  Mar 23 16 - 08:28
I would love to go to budapest with my family!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:23
Somewhere else
  Mar 23 16 - 08:18
10 years ago I met my husband in Alaska. I'd love to go back and celebrate with him again. Fairbanks in June would be perfect!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:17
I would go to the cottages!!!! Very homey for pleasure and will be our first vacay as a family! Me my hunny and our son.
  Mar 23 16 - 08:15
Charleston sc is on my bucket list and they just recommended it to me! It's a sign I need to go and soon :)
  Mar 23 16 - 08:13
Hotel Opera, in a historic building in the center of the Czech capital Prague, seems to be a nice place to stay.
  Mar 23 16 - 08:13
We're planning a trip to Thailand over Thanksgiving!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:13
I would love to go to mrytle beach and enjoy the weather and ocean!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:12
I'd love to visit Key West, Florida
  Mar 23 16 - 08:12
My wife and I just booked a trip to Oslo, and we still need a place to stay. $750 towards would be a dream to help us plan our vacation!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:11
Nyc please, I love the city!
  Mar 23 16 - 08:08
Would love to go yo vegas
  Mar 23 16 - 08:08
What a relaxing vacation at The Inn in Sea Island, Georgia
  Mar 22 16 - 16:54
We used to find a hotel on the Eastern shore!
  Mar 22 16 - 14:25

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