$200 Valentine's Day Giveaway

$200 Valentine's Day Giveaway

Cupid’s favorite holiday is more than the mushy paraphernalia at your local convenience store; It’s about creating a lovey-dovey experience. And we want to make sure you and your boo have a blast without breaking the bank. So we’re giving away a $200 Darden Restaurants eGift card to one lucky TopCashback member. Just enter before February 14, 2019.

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So these are just a few ideas. Check out our Valentine’s Day hub for even more giftspiration.

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$200 Valentine's Day Giveaway


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Posted on Feb 06 2019  |  Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests, Holidays
So cool!!!!!!!
  Mar 05 19 - 02:13
So cool!!!!!!!
  Mar 05 19 - 02:13
Spa gift card looks best!
  Feb 13 19 - 23:38
Receiving special Valentines from my 2 school aged boys as well as the joy I get putting together little gift baskets for all 3 of my beautiful munchkins.
  Feb 13 19 - 22:45
Every day is about love, not just 1 day.
  Feb 13 19 - 20:10
Every day is about love, not just 1 day.
  Feb 13 19 - 20:10
Netflix and chill.
  Feb 13 19 - 15:52
My favorite Valentine's memory was my first as a married lady. I made a fancy steak dinner and my husband bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was sweet and special :)
  Feb 13 19 - 13:22
I loved swapping Valentine's cards at school!
  Feb 13 19 - 13:05
My mom and dad used to get us candy hearts every year for Valentines Day
  Feb 13 19 - 12:25
I like the Godiva bear.
  Feb 13 19 - 10:27
My favorite valentine day is a nice dinner and then enjoy a show or a movie.
  Feb 13 19 - 09:13
My favorite valentine day was my first with my now husband. He gave me a dozen red roses. I dried the rose petals and still have them in a special container to remind me of the first Valentine's Day together.
  Feb 13 19 - 07:43
Just being together
  Feb 13 19 - 05:23
My favorite valentine day was a couple years ago whenever I was diagnosed with cancer/ My new husband at the time gave me the best day of my life and my 2 teens were involved// Special day
  Feb 13 19 - 02:42
My favorite Valentine's gift is from my kids. They serenade me with their Violin and Trumpet.
  Feb 12 19 - 22:57
My first Valentine's day after being married, my husband snuck home on lunch break and left flowers and a bowl full of dark chocolate so that when I got home from work it was waiting there for me. It was a sweet, romantic gesture.
  Feb 12 19 - 22:29
My favorite valentine cards are handmade by our granddaughters.
  Feb 12 19 - 21:42
My mom and dad used to get us candy hearts every year for Valentines Day
  Feb 12 19 - 21:32
Its a exciting offer. Would love to win it
  Feb 12 19 - 21:25
Love these giveaways from Top Cashback!
  Feb 12 19 - 21:18
Would love to win!
  Feb 12 19 - 20:27
My favorite memory is when my boyfriend surprised me with a nice picnic in our local park and brought my favorite wine to enjoy together :)
  Feb 12 19 - 20:13
Yay valentines day!
  Feb 12 19 - 19:57
I got a spa certificate once for Valentine’S Day! Nice to pamper myself
  Feb 12 19 - 18:48
I love getting my kids and wife gifts for Valentine's Day and almost every day just to show them I was thinking of you!
  Feb 12 19 - 18:30
I love when my kids make me homemade Valentine's cards or gifts.
  Feb 12 19 - 17:56
1st Valentines Day as a widow . My husband was always sending me flowers 💐 Not just on Valentine’S Day . The last delivery was 24 roses on mothers day 2018 🥰✝️💔
  Feb 12 19 - 16:01
Workout gear is always a welcome gift.
  Feb 12 19 - 15:25
Been single all my life. I'll take nice free stuff though.
  Feb 12 19 - 14:56
Good idea
Hope to win
  Feb 12 19 - 14:06
Good idea
Hope to win
  Feb 12 19 - 14:06
A beautiful Opal necklace!
  Feb 12 19 - 13:09
Dinner out with my husband when we first started dating - he borrowed his roommates convertible and brought me a single red rose
  Feb 12 19 - 12:20
When my husband baked me a beautiful cake himself and left roses, chocolate and baby clothes he picked out for our daughter who was due two months later. Oh my gosh it was my favorite day in the world and i’Ll never forget it.
  Feb 12 19 - 11:57
My husband & I have been together now 43 years. One Valentines Day when I had to work in the evening & We weren't able to go out he bought about 100 roses & Used them to make a huge sign that said "i Love You".
  Feb 12 19 - 10:47
My son made me a special card with his handprint!
  Feb 12 19 - 10:45
Handmade valentines from my son.
  Feb 12 19 - 10:30
My son giving me a handmade Valentine’S Day card by putting it in the mailbox.
  Feb 12 19 - 10:28
My favorite Valentine's Day memory was when me and my husband stayed in and cooked steak. We watched a movie and ate cheesecake hearts. It was way more romantic and personal than battling the crowds.
  Feb 12 19 - 10:26
Now that my kids are older and i've been married 23 years, my favorite valentine looking back were the cards the kids would make themselves with their little hands, especially when they were old enough to write "i love you so so so so much" and "you are the best mom ever". I miss those days.
  Feb 12 19 - 10:24
Unfortunately, I have no favorite Valentine"s memory> Maybe I can still make one.
  Feb 12 19 - 09:20
My favorite Valentine's Day was when he surprised me by cooking dinner. He never cooks... It was perfect.
  Feb 12 19 - 09:06
Probably my first with my husband, he made me a very special wooden plaque.
  Feb 12 19 - 08:49
Love this!!!!
  Feb 12 19 - 08:47
Our wedding anniversary is a week after Valentine's day, a couple years ago my husband gave me the sweetest most beautiful diamond anniversary band on Valentine's day after we ate dinner at Olive Garden
  Feb 12 19 - 08:45
Simple gestures are best. A nice romantic dinner and some flowers
  Feb 12 19 - 08:40
Simple gestures are best. A nice romantic dinner and some flowers
  Feb 12 19 - 08:40
A quiet night at home with my sweet boys
  Feb 12 19 - 08:23
I love food gifts!
  Feb 12 19 - 08:14
My favorite Valentine’S Day memory is getting surprised with roses and a night out to dinner with my husband. And I didn’T have to plan anything!
  Feb 12 19 - 08:01
My children made me the sweetest cards and took care of me. Nothing is better than that love :)
  Feb 12 19 - 07:59
Sweet treats
  Feb 12 19 - 07:57
My fondest memories of Valentine's Day was being told I was going to be a Grandmotherto my Dear Baby DeJour aka JoJo just did it for me in 2017!
  Feb 12 19 - 07:53
My fondest memories of Valentine's Day was being told I was going to be a Grandmotherto my Dear Baby DeJour aka JoJo just did it for me in 2017!
  Feb 12 19 - 07:53
I remember my best friend coming to my job and bringing me flowers and my favorite Starbucks drink because I wasn't feeling well and she knew she wouldn't see me that day since i'd be with my boyfriend. I'll never forget how sweet she's been to me and i'll never forget that Valentine's day 🖤.
  Feb 12 19 - 07:52
My favorite Valentine memory is when we were in high school and my valentine at the time (now my hubby of almost 29 years) made me a heart shaped pizza! And he served it on his mom’S fine china! 😀❤️😀❤️
  Feb 12 19 - 07:50
When my husband got me my wedding ring and proposed
  Feb 12 19 - 07:50
Thank you
  Feb 12 19 - 07:46
Getting flowers and candy from my husband, then going out to eat.
  Feb 12 19 - 07:46
Favorite memory has to be my dad coming in with this huge box of chocolates for my momma. She put them away and went to bed, woke up the next day and my dad had eaten 3/4 of the box!
  Feb 12 19 - 07:34
My favorite Valentines day was just staying home with my husband and some take out Chinese food.
  Feb 12 19 - 07:24
This would be amazing for this single mommy to win. I would love to be able to take my two little girls who are my true Valentine's out to a nice special and sweet dinner! ♥️
  Feb 12 19 - 07:24
All of them. Hubby brings me a box of cheap chocolate and I love it!😁
  Feb 12 19 - 07:21
My favorite valentines memory was in elementary and taking the time to make the perfect box for our class party.
  Feb 12 19 - 07:14
My favorite memory is being a kid and doing card exchanges at school.
  Feb 12 19 - 07:11
I love anything that comes from the 💓. My favorite is the roses bouquet he drew for me.
  Feb 12 19 - 07:11
One Valentine’S Day as the day itself was coming to an end, after having dinner with my parents on our way home my mom saw a drugstore and said she needed to get something so I stop the car, my mom ran in and I waited in the car, after a bit of time my mom comes back to the car, and she takes out a cute Valentine’S Day stuffed animal and gives it to me, even though it was a stuffed animal I really loved the spontaneous and sweet way she did it. As soon as we got home, my dog took it for herself, and made it her new fetch doll :)
  Feb 12 19 - 03:12
Flowers from my mom
  Feb 11 19 - 22:39
My favorite Valentine's Day was when my boyfriend called a local radio station and sang our song. I was in college and only got radio reception in our bathroom so had to listen to his tribute there! It was adorable.
  Feb 11 19 - 17:43
Better every year
  Feb 11 19 - 15:29
Romantic candlelit dinners!
  Feb 11 19 - 11:44
I basically only cook for her on Valentine's Day
  Feb 11 19 - 09:56
When my husband made me a mix tape.
  Feb 11 19 - 08:39
I wanna take my gf travel around the world.
  Feb 10 19 - 19:01
My boyfriend, who never cooks, basically only cooks for me on Valentine's Day, which I always look forward to.
  Feb 10 19 - 17:47
1 lucky TopCashback member will nab a $200 Darden Restaurants eGift card.
  Feb 10 19 - 17:10
Love is in the air
  Feb 10 19 - 17:09
My favorite memory is getting flowers!
  Feb 10 19 - 16:53
My birthday is the day before Valentine's so it is always 2 days of non stop celebration for me
  Feb 10 19 - 16:33
Getting a surprise bottle of Veuve Cliquot from the hotel manager to celebrate our Valentines Day Getaway.
  Feb 10 19 - 11:06
1 lucky TopCashback member will nab a $200 Darden Restaurants eGift card.

  Feb 10 19 - 10:54
Love this post. Silver wedding anniversary this year. Would be most happy to win this!
  Feb 10 19 - 10:11
Acts of Kindness
We should not have waited for the train. By the time it was canceled and we got to street level it was too late. We stood before the brass framed glass doors looking into the dimming light. The bitter cold swarmed around us as people pushed arduously through the doors beside us. The sky foreboding, the snow, normally friendly, was whipped up in fierce unrelenting winds. "That doesn't look good", I murmured. "Should we chance a cab?", Martin asked. He half smiled, his eyebrows raised slightly as they did when he wanted my agreement. I looked down at the pink thread wrapped around the white bakery box. "Well if we get stuck we won't go hungry" I answered smiling. And with that, he held out his gloved hand to me and pushed the door open. "Wait" I called anxiously, not moving with him. "Kiss me now, I might not be able to feel my lips later".He laughed lightly as he quickly swooped his arm under my coat and around my waist. He drew back slowly after delivering a long warm kiss, self-assured and grinning lovingly, "Ready?", He asked, in a low voice. Reaching down he took my hand as we stepped into the cold dark night with love filled hearts.

  Feb 10 19 - 08:16
Being surprised with flowers sent to my classroom!
  Feb 10 19 - 08:07
Oh Yeah! I would take myself out if I win.
  Feb 10 19 - 02:11
Yes, I like this post!!
  Feb 09 19 - 23:00
Yes, I like this post!
  Feb 09 19 - 21:34
My favorite Valentine's Day memory is getting engaged. We will have been married for 11 years this year!
  Feb 09 19 - 18:40
Visiting a restaurant with a co-worker for dinner after work, forgetting it was Valentine's Day until we were being seated!
  Feb 09 19 - 18:26
  Feb 09 19 - 16:57
My favorite Valentine memory is actually my dad getting me and my siblings boxes of fancy candy every year. Miss him and I get my family boxes of that fancy candy every Christmas as an homage to him. Oh that Godiva bear is the cutest thing! Sold!
  Feb 09 19 - 14:15
I would like this
  Feb 09 19 - 10:50
I would like this
  Feb 09 19 - 10:50
First Valentine's with husband
  Feb 09 19 - 10:05
I was dating a neighbor that was abt 10-15 years younger. He was adorable. For Valentine's Day he brought me 2 doz red roses, candy and wined and dined me at very nice restaurant. He was such a gentleman, opened all of the doors, pulled out my chair, etc. He was a well doll baby. One the best Valentine's Day I have ever had.
  Feb 09 19 - 09:57
Would love to win this! Would be the best one yet!
  Feb 08 19 - 23:41
Good site
  Feb 08 19 - 23:39
Good site
  Feb 08 19 - 23:39
I flew to see my now husband but had to change the flight to the day after Valentine's Day. So now we celebrate on the 15th instead since he had to propose the day after!
  Feb 08 19 - 23:29
My favorite Valentine's is going to dinner with my hubby and just relaxing & Talking!
  Feb 08 19 - 23:18
💗💗💗 Show the love to one and all 💗💗💗
  Feb 08 19 - 20:07
I would be happy to receive it as a gift.
  Feb 08 19 - 20:04
I would be happy to receive it as a gift.
  Feb 08 19 - 20:02
Surprising my wife in 2009 with homemade dinner.
  Feb 08 19 - 18:55
Oh wow...I want it.
  Feb 08 19 - 18:38
Valentine's day is the first time my girl friend fly more than 13 hours across the ocean to see me in the u.S! I would remember it for the rest of my life.
  Feb 08 19 - 18:11
Would love to win this! Would be the best one yet!
  Feb 08 19 - 17:15
Valentine’S Day is our Wedding anniversary, still in love after 11 years married.
  Feb 08 19 - 17:02
Two years ago. Me and my husband went to spa and spent half a day there and that was the most relaxing Valentines day we had.
  Feb 08 19 - 13:48
I don't really have a favorite memory. Growing up in foster care just doesn't give u the luxury to celebrate holidays
  Feb 08 19 - 11:09
I don't really have a favorite memory. Growing up in foster care just doesn't give u the luxury to celebrate holidays
  Feb 08 19 - 11:09
Yes I did
  Feb 08 19 - 09:30
I remember one time I really wanted to go to the melting pot but reservations were booked. So my husband made our living room like the melting pot place he put a table in the living room with several pots with meats cheeses and he also had strawberries with a pot of chocolate for desert and some wine. I was so overwhelmed with his valentines day gift for me..We ended up having a lot of conversation and laughs and to be honest it was better then actually going to the restaurant. And he gave me a dozen roses to end the evening with some candy.
  Feb 08 19 - 08:47
Can't recall any lol but I want to win😜
  Feb 08 19 - 08:34
Valentine’S Day is our Wedding anniversary, still in love after 32 years married.
  Feb 08 19 - 08:20
My favorite Valentine Day was when my husband drew me a picture of a flower. We didn't have much money. We were expecting our first child together and I had been in the hospital pretty much the last 3 months of the pregnancy. I had to take an early leave from work because of the issues so money was super tight. I had an older daughter and an older son from 2 previous marriages. My husband stepped into a ready made family. I treasure that picture more than any other thing i've ever gotten for Valentine's Day.
  Feb 08 19 - 05:24
I would be happy to receive it as a gift
  Feb 08 19 - 05:14
I would be happy to receive it as a gift.
  Feb 08 19 - 05:13
Special day!!
  Feb 08 19 - 04:48
I don't know if I have a favorite but I do remember elementary school parties and bringing home valentine cards and treats.
  Feb 08 19 - 04:08
I am happy to watch it.
  Feb 08 19 - 03:49
This is awesome!
  Feb 07 19 - 18:17
I remember my grade school days when the parties weren't elaborate, however, the snacks were always good and it was lots of fun to open all the classmates cards from my home made valentine box.
  Feb 07 19 - 17:47
Made some home made dinner
  Feb 07 19 - 17:29
I've never had a special Valentine's to remember.
  Feb 07 19 - 17:10
Not sure if it's my favorite, but my most memorable was when I was in 6th grade and made handmade cards for all the kids in the class and I put I love you on one without really thinking of it and then addressed them after the fact -everyone teased me that I loved the kid I gave it to and I barely knew him!! Still cringe 25 years later!
  Feb 07 19 - 17:06
My dad makes sure to get each of his girls a present each Valentine's day!
  Feb 07 19 - 16:54
We went on a romantic weekend.
  Feb 07 19 - 16:26
Thanks for the chance
  Feb 07 19 - 16:25
My husband makes me chocolate covered strawberries every year for valentines day.
  Feb 07 19 - 15:48
My favorite Valentine Memory is when my husband and I were dating and he brought a single rose to give to me when he picked me up. He was so charming and handsome and kind and wonderful!!! We were engaged 6 weeks later. We have been married 32 years!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! Xoxo
  Feb 07 19 - 13:07
My favorite was the first with my now husband of 16 years. We aimed for romantic and had an epic fail! It is so funny looking back. Now, we dont try from romance as much as something fun.
  Feb 07 19 - 11:59
Love to spend it.
  Feb 07 19 - 11:00
I love having a Valentine!
  Feb 07 19 - 09:02
When I was in 4th grade and the boy I liked wrote the word 'love' in his valentine to me. :)
  Feb 07 19 - 09:00
A special valentine.
  Feb 07 19 - 08:20
I concieved my now 11 year old on Valentine's Day after wanting another baby for so long. I now have an 11 year old and a 26 year old,lol. It's pretty awesome!
  Feb 07 19 - 04:58
Finding out I was pregnant for the first time
  Feb 07 19 - 04:13
Finding out I was pregnant for the first time
  Feb 07 19 - 04:13
Awesome giveaway. My most favorite Valentine’S Day memory is our first as husband and wife. My hubby surprised me by cooking a romantic dinner and had even bought me a new black dress and shoes to wear. Sooooo sweet
  Feb 07 19 - 03:25
Sharing a treasure with my fiance that lasted all day.
  Feb 06 19 - 22:01
My favorite v-day memory is my husband taking me around town with my coupons to get free waffles, only 2 places weren't sold out but we ended up with 25 boxes!
  Feb 06 19 - 21:56
Valentine’S Day scavenger hunt.
  Feb 06 19 - 21:14
My favorite memory is going on a Valentine’S Day treasure hunt that my girlfriend planned out throughout the house.
  Feb 06 19 - 21:13
My Mom always had a valentine for me at the kitchen table when I got up in the morning. ❤️
  Feb 06 19 - 20:45
My favorite valentines memory is going to be spending time with my fiance this year.
  Feb 06 19 - 20:23
When my son woke up at 4am to make me breakfast before I went to work. He even had the chocolate milk in the refrigerator. It was definitely a sweet gesture.
  Feb 06 19 - 19:39
My favorite Valentine's day was the first Valentine's I was able to spend with my husband while we were dating since we lived in different states. He is so romantic!
  Feb 06 19 - 17:18
I do. I like the ideas presented for Valentines.

One of my favorite Valentine's was spending the day with my Grandchildren at their school where they were allowed to make and deliver Valentines to their friends around the school. So much fun and lots of smiles. It was a great day.
  Feb 06 19 - 17:02
Homemade cards and heart shaped pizza with my family
  Feb 06 19 - 16:37
Homemade cards and heart shaped pizza with my family
  Feb 06 19 - 16:37
My husband Don, and I met on all instant and talked about absolutely everything we decided to meet in person and when we did a week later we were married .Don, and I have been married 18 yrs, we have two beautiful girls. So that was was my best Valentine's day the one that started my life together with my wonderful husband and our two girls Erin 14 and Charlotte 9.
  Feb 06 19 - 15:43
Chocolate covered strawberries from my dad!
  Feb 06 19 - 15:13
My hubby actually ordered & Had long stemmed roses delivered to work & I was able to enjoy them along with my patients for the rest of the week.
  Feb 06 19 - 15:05
She received one tote bag filled with 10 different ghirardelli chocolates.
  Feb 06 19 - 14:37
My favorite Valentine's Day memory is from decades ago in grade school. Back then, we would handout little Valentine's to everybody. One year, I made special Valentine's for everybody in my class on a full size sheet of paper and put one on everybody's desk during recess, along with candy.
  Feb 06 19 - 14:33
I love the spa.
  Feb 06 19 - 14:28
My favorite Valentine's Day memory is running a 5K with my wife!
  Feb 06 19 - 14:09
The year I got engaged
  Feb 06 19 - 14:00
The year I got engaged
  Feb 06 19 - 14:00
The year I got engaged
  Feb 06 19 - 14:00
My sons first year giving out Valentine cards for his preschool class. He is so excited!
  Feb 06 19 - 12:57
My favorite Valentine's was always from my children when they were in school. Precious gifts I have kept over the years.😍
  Feb 06 19 - 12:41
Lungu Cristina
We have 10 years of marriage with my husband ;)
  Feb 06 19 - 12:37
Husband always spoils me with a romantic dinner, and a whole day of telling me how much he adores me. Wait, that's everyday!
  Feb 06 19 - 11:52
Valentines day 2 years ago. I was very pregnant and my son and husband made the day very special as I was going to have a baby 2 days later. We spent the day with the 3 of us playing games, ate at my favorite restaurant and daddy did all the house work that day.
  Feb 06 19 - 11:51
V-day... A yearly reminder of being alone and miserable. I have no good memories of this day. Probably due to the massive amounts of alcohol I end up consuming in an attempt to forget it.
  Feb 06 19 - 11:41
Just another day for me.
  Feb 06 19 - 11:29
Would love to win!
  Feb 06 19 - 11:26
We need love...
  Feb 06 19 - 11:14
We need love...
  Feb 06 19 - 11:14
We need love...
  Feb 06 19 - 11:14
We need love...
  Feb 06 19 - 11:14
Back when I was a kid and my parents would always surprise me with a stuffed animal and chocolate hearts.
  Feb 06 19 - 11:00
Growing up, my dad, who passed away almost three years ago, always thought that Valentines Day should be celebrated more so he always gave us gifts from The Valentine's Turkey. It was usually a box of heart shaped chocolates, a fun necklace, and a sweet card. Since he's gone, I miss hearing him ask if The Valentine's Turkey brought me anything each year. :)
  Feb 06 19 - 10:51
I never had a memorable one.
  Feb 06 19 - 10:42
One year I was sick and my kids made me beautiful cards and made me all 3 meals and delivered them to me in bed it was so sweet!
  Feb 06 19 - 10:32
Memory- buying my first gift card - bought it for $5 for my mom - it was McDonalds - mom shared it with me
  Feb 06 19 - 10:21
The first year (1985) that my husband got me my first dozen red roses
  Feb 06 19 - 10:20
When my husband didn't get me anything, he never does, but last year my kids felt bad for me so they made me handmade cards at school during their free time and it read that I am pretty, awesome and nice and that they love me with their whole heart. I cried because it was so beautiful. I love those angels of mine!
  Feb 06 19 - 10:11
In 1980, I started a long-time tradition of baking and decorating assorted sizes of heart-shaped cookies for my Valentine(s) ... I include a note saying "i love you with all my hearts"
  Feb 06 19 - 09:53
My favorite Valentine's Day memory was when my boyfriend arranged for long-stemmed red roses to appear all night when we when out for dinner. He hid them in his coat I think. Plus the waiter brought me a bunch. <3
  Feb 06 19 - 09:45
When my daughter was able to draw me card and know that it was for Valentine's day from her to me.
  Feb 06 19 - 09:44
I like to leave notes around the house for my wife. Then she finds notes all day instead of just a one moment and done deal.
  Feb 06 19 - 09:20
My husband always forgets Valentine's Day. Let's hope for a better year lol
  Feb 06 19 - 09:00
One year I got a giant Valentine card...It was so sweet and funny!
  Feb 06 19 - 08:56
My favorite memory is when I through my ex-husband's gift in the trash thinking it was a box of chocolates. It was actually a necklace. He fished it out of the trash for me.
  Feb 06 19 - 08:55
Waking up to a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates from husband who was working nights.
  Feb 06 19 - 08:48
I saw flowers that had been delivered to work and thought they were beautiful. They turned out to be for me.
  Feb 06 19 - 08:45
The birth of my daughter.
  Feb 06 19 - 08:43
My favorite memory is when my mom would make us homemade cards with funny, corny sayings in them. She had them at our seat at the breakfast table when we would come down in the morning. She would also have small chocolap, fun themed candy hearts, a small Valentine's themed you and sometimes is to wear that day. Sometimes it was a pair of love themed socks, a tshirt, hair clips etc. Our breakfast would be cereal with pink surf !Ilk, or a heart shaped piece of toast with cinnamon and pink sugar or a heart shaped pastrty. She always made us feel special and lovrd. It was wonderful.
  Feb 06 19 - 08:38
I don’T really celebrate Valentines Day cause to me it’S just a regular day.
  Feb 06 19 - 08:25
No favorite Valentine's memories
  Feb 06 19 - 08:24
I got engaged one year a week before Valentine’S Day. It made he 14th so special because I still was in those early engagement jitters and it was my first VDay with my man.
  Feb 06 19 - 08:15
My favorite valentines day was my first being married.Me and my husband made each other really sweet gifts
  Feb 06 19 - 08:05
My favorite Valentine's memory is getting handmade cards from my daughters when they were little.
  Feb 06 19 - 08:00
I would have to say my favorite Valentine's Day was when my sons were little and used to make me homemade presents!
  Feb 06 19 - 07:58
I am a Hallmark vendor so I will be working Valentines Day.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:50
Sad to say I don't have any favorite memories.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:50
I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day but I used to like making hand made cards for my mom as a kid and it was always fun to exchange valentines with friends at school.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:49
My favorite Valentine's Day memory is making handmade valentines with my kids.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:43
Each year my children make something special for me and my husband makes breakfast.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:43
My first Valentine's day with my twin daughters was memorable because we had a special mom and daughters photo shoot.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:34
My first Valentine's Day with my husband is probably my most memorable... Now we have two kids so we also get to do fun activities with the kids!
  Feb 06 19 - 07:31
I think my favorite Valentine's day so far was when I was pregnant and feeling frumpy, my husband bought me a comfy and pretty sweater I had wanted for so long! I still wear it three years later.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:31
My favorite memory was my hubby opened bank account for me on valentine day......Lots of Love, Laughter and sweet memories... A day well spent... Happy Valentines Day... !!!! <3
  Feb 06 19 - 07:30
My favorite Valentine’S day memory is yet to come as I didn’T celebrated Valentine’S day before, never got a present, flowers or dinner date. Hope to get this year if I am lucky enough to win Darden restaurants gift card. Fingers crossed.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:28
My favorite Valentine’S day memory is still to come because I never celebrated Valentines day , never got any present or flower or dinner date. Hope to get this year if I win Darden restaurants gift card. Fingers crossed.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:25
Thanks for the opportunity
  Feb 06 19 - 07:18
My favorite Valentine's memory is when I was at work, and all the other girls had gotten their flowers and treats from their significant others, and I hadn't gotten anything. I was feeling pretty upset, and then right before we closed, my husband walked in with three dozen roses for me. It was phenomenal. I was surprised that he remembered, but grateful that he did!
  Feb 06 19 - 07:16
Last year we had a babysitter for the first time since we had the lil' one and went on a dinner and saw Gabriel Iglesias. Great night that we needed in a long long time
  Feb 06 19 - 07:14
White Castle?
  Feb 06 19 - 07:14
My 1st Valentine's Day as a mommy I received a heart necklace with his birthstone in it a dozen pink roses and a memory card to remind me what a great mom I am
  Feb 06 19 - 07:12
This is my first valentines after divorce. I am hopeful its a good one.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:11
Last year my boyfriend had me to a scavenger hunt around the house and the last gift was a promise ring !
  Feb 06 19 - 07:09
I loved the first year my girls were in school, and we got to make Valentine's cards for the class, just like my sisters and I did with our mom when we were young.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:09
My favorite memory is when my son connor made me a card last year in Kindergarten it was the cutest!
  Feb 06 19 - 07:09
My favorite memory is when my son connor made me a card last year in Kindergarten it was the cutest!
  Feb 06 19 - 07:09
Thanks for all the suggestions for ways to celebrate Valentine's Day!
  Feb 06 19 - 07:08
We got married on February 15th so I love that we get two full days in a row to celebrate our love.
  Feb 06 19 - 07:08
My kids putting hearts all over my bed before I woke up
  Feb 06 19 - 07:08
Valentines day is also my wedding anniversary, this year marks 21 years!
  Feb 06 19 - 07:08
My husband and I like to throw parties for any of our friends who want to come. Our first "Palentines" party was my favorite.
  Feb 06 19 - 06:38

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