Update Your Wardrobe with Fall Footwear

Posted on Sep 07 2016 Posted in  Fashion
Update Your Wardrobe with Fall Footwear

Fall is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start updating your wardrobe. It’s possible to keep up with the new runway trends for fall fashion wear without starting from scratch.  

The key to stretching your fashion budget is updating what you already own with a few key essentials. The easiest way to enhance your style this fall is with footwear. Fantastic shoes and boots are available this season that will spice up your outfits in a hurry.

1. Update your cropped trousers with some block heels. Macy's has unlimited options when you’re shopping for block heels. The block heels that are available this year have narrower toes and a little rounding for a chic look. In this style shoe or boot you can opt for a sandal, open toe bootie, straps going high or low up your leg, multiple small buckles, or one larger metal buckle to show off exactly how put together you are. Adding some shoes or boots with block heels along with a belt and jacket could be just the wardrobe addition you are looking for this fall.

2. Keep those summer skirts and jeans out. The strappy sandal look means you don't have to bail on the earlier season looks completely. The good news is this: flared, fringed, cropped and distressed jeans and denim skirts will still be around this fall. 2016 allows for an upgrade on the summer looks with pumps in every style.  Also, in keeping with last year's runway trend, you can expect to see even more socks and sandals. Neiman Marcus has a wondrous selection of sandals to choose from.

3. Don’t forget about the pumps! Bergdorf Goodman is a great place to check out the pumps that are going to be in style this season. Bring your current wardrobe up to speed by adding fierce new pumps and a jacket this fall! Pumps are the perfect addition to just about any piece of your wardrobe this fall.

4. The fall fashion forecast for 2016 is still calling for leggings and tunics. For the boot lovers this is great news and  Lord & Taylor is a one-stop boot shop! You can find short, mid and tall boots for the picking. This season’s hottest boots are available in suede, leather, and velvet. With the slouch and fringed looks available this season, the possibilities are wide open. Add layers to your current ensemble and you will be 2016 fall fashion ready!

5. This fall season there is no need to limit your options. Dresses, cropped trousers, jeans, and skirts can all be brought back with the addition of booties. Saks Fifth Avenue has a huge selection of booties. With ankle high or mid-calf options, these are available in open toe styles as well. Featuring multiple buckled straps, big buckles or the sandal style worn with socks showing or not, the possibilities for updating your current wardrobe are endless. Add a piece of jewelry and you are good to go.

Which pair of footwear do you plan on strutting in this fall season?

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