Summer Treats Game 2020

Summer Treats Game 2020

*Our Summer Treats $500 grand prize winner is Andrey M. Thank you all for playing!* 

The popular hummingbird hunt has returned! Collect the summer icons for instant cash rewards and chances to win the mega prize.

As you browse our site for the greatest cash back deals on everything you'll need this season, you might just find a buzzing hummingbird waiting for you. Each hummingbird you find may contain a summer treat or an entry to win the $500 grand prize.

Starting Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 06:00am PST until Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST, you'll encounter hummingbirds around our site that you can collect to win cash prizes. Studies prove that hummingbirds can remember every flower they've visited. We will give you clues to solve so that you can follow them on their "migration route" around

How to Play:

How to enter: Entering the sweepstakes is easy. All you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account any time during the promotion run date and look around for clues that lead you to find the hummingbirds. Each hummingbird you collect (by clicking on the hummingbird) may contain a summer treat which will be counted toward your instant wins for the day.

Instant wins: When you collect a certain number of summer treats to equal an instant win, the prize will be automatically added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours. Return each day to increase your chances for instant wins and gain more entries to the grand prize. There are thousands of instant wins in the form of some of our favorite summer icons, which range in value from $0.25 to $100 each.

Mega prize: The grand prize, valued at $500, will be deposited into the winning TopCashback member’s account to spend anywhere they want.

Refer to the terms and conditions page for more prize details. At the conclusion of the game, we will select one winner at random for the mega prize. Upon confirmation, the $500 prize will be deposited into the winner's account. The winner of the grand prize will also be announced on our social media.

Get others to join in on the fun to increase your chances to win! Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain more entries to the big prize draw. At any time, you can check your account to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize.

Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily clues. You can also visit and click on the Summer Treats banner found on the bottom of the screen to review your prize board and daily clues.


Don't miss a single hummingbird! We will post a round-up of the previous daily clues right here, so be sure to bookmark this blog post.






Pool Zone

Fenty Beauty

Titan Great Outdoors

Camping World

Dollar Tree


Mattress Firm



Finish Line

Apple Store

In the Swim


Lands' End




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Full terms of the Sweepstakes


Have you been playing our #TreatsGame, but not having much luck? Here are some of our best practices:

  • The daily clues are a great place to start and keep your eyes peeled for Harry the Hummingbird at all times. Yes, he likes to fly around and visit all of his friends (the stores) at different times of the day. So if you don’t see him at first, try again later.
  • Visit all different retailer pages. Keep in mind that the daily clues are a great place to start but you may find Harry the Hummingbird somewhere else first.
  • Try different devices and browsers. Did you know you can play our Treats Game on your mobile device? Well, you can! And if you aren’t having much luck, try a different browser and/or clear your cookies. Please keep in mind that you cannot play the Treats Game on our app.
mommaJul 25 20 - 18:44 So no announcement of who won?Thats odd.
HermeslyreJul 24 20 - 22:53 Yeah who won!
KorkisJul 24 20 - 16:30 Who won!
Member1212207158450Jul 22 20 - 09:59 Dp5728 it's over, ended at 11:59 last night
Rykell7Jul 22 20 - 08:07 Well the game is over and I won $.75. It's better than nothing. I just wished all of the clues/Birds were showing up more consistently... I answered the clue right but when I checked there was no bird at that store for two days in a row
syagerJul 22 20 - 03:30 3 suns 2 starfish 1 of each of everything else and no beachball.... So close yet again never win anything cept few cents. Sad face.
dp5728Jul 22 20 - 00:24 It seems that the contest must be over even though there is time left. I got birds on eBay, Staples, and Sam's Club, but all gave the error "oops! Something went wrong. Try again later."
I can't even get today's clue to load to know which store to check.
Hi There,

Yes the contest ended today so if you saw there was still time left, that was just an error. Sorry for the confusion.


Member720875196759Jul 22 20 - 00:10 Jack Rabbit does not bring a Humming bird. Have tried over several days, on different browsers, after clearing cache.
mungbean21stJul 21 20 - 20:09 Ebay today
Member425629224755Jul 21 20 - 16:41 Staples today too
Rykell7Jul 21 20 - 16:08 I didn't get anything at bbqguys
plantgnome1Jul 21 20 - 12:02 I need one more of everything as usual, won a total of 25 cents. The rest are entries. Big Fail as it has been in the past.
ronjon53Jul 21 20 - 07:43 EBay today! Another prize entry. Yay??
Member727018962412Jul 20 20 - 19:15 Bbqguys is my guess
Mlwilson198264Jul 20 20 - 13:48 I just got a hummingbird at Ann Taylor.
msbuitragoJul 20 20 - 00:57 Today’S bbqguys
EmmaL71Jul 20 20 - 00:56 Bbq Guys (today's answer)
plantgnome1Jul 19 20 - 16:46 Now is when the amount of birds is reduced because whatever money is left has to last two more days including the $500 grand prize. Not expecting to find anything much except entries if i'm lucky.
Hi There,

The more entries you get, the greater your chance is to receive the big $500 prize, so that is very lucky!! :)

Best Wishes,

Vicrod12 Jul 19 20 - 04:34 Lands' End
Member727007849547Jul 18 20 - 22:16 There is an issue with the hummingbird in h&M, Old Navy and Banana Republic. I keep getting same response "Oops something went wrong. Try again later".

Tried clearing my cache and cookies and log back in without any luck.

Hi There,

When this happens we recommend giving it some time, use a different browser, and then check back again. Please let me know if you still had issues.


Member727007849547Jul 18 20 - 22:04 There are some it issues with the hummingbird in h&M, Old Navy and Banana Republic.
Keep being told to try again later.
Member727007849547Jul 18 20 - 21:53 There are some it issues with the hummingbird in h&M, Old Navy and Banana Republic.

Keep being told to try again later.
Mlwilson198264Jul 18 20 - 20:14 I found one at the Gap.
Member727007849547Jul 18 20 - 18:38 Found one in Cushnie
Member727007849547Jul 18 20 - 18:24 Found one at qvc
christiansarahiJul 18 20 - 17:35 Found one at kohl’S.
jamika03Jul 18 20 - 16:59 Just found one at gnc
Rykell7Jul 18 20 - 06:20 Or maybe they do lol
dp5728Jul 18 20 - 05:06 Today’S clue is 1800Flowers
Mlwilson198264Jul 17 20 - 21:05 Try Adidas.
EmmaL71Jul 17 20 - 13:58 EBay - Sunshine (i won one a moment ago)
Mlwilson198264Jul 17 20 - 06:59 In the Swim is today's clue.
Rykell7Jul 17 20 - 06:17 TUKI54 I dont think they actually respond here. You're probably better off contacting their support
plantgnome1Jul 17 20 - 05:13 Website is lagging and times out a lot.
Decolace1920Jul 17 20 - 04:39 In the Swim is today's clue.
Tuki54Jul 16 20 - 13:16 I understand u cannot give away everything too fast & Everyone cannot win everything but if I go on when the clue 1st pops up, I should get a symbol, not an entry. I get 90% Of them b4 anyone blogs or posts. Everyone gets entries. Is there a certain amt of ppl that get the symbols 1st & Then everyone else gets a symbol? And if so, how is this measured/Processed? I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I actually stay up to go on 1st thing. I love the game & Your site & I want to figure them out on my own w/O help. I used to use ebates/Rakuten for years but imo, your site is more fun & More afluent. It's also a bit easier. So how does a fan get a better chance to win. Any hints of suggestions?
Hi There,

Thank you for your comment. We are so happy to hear how much you love TopCashback, we love catering to our members just as much! :) The game is completely randomized, the only real tip we can offer is to keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates, clues, and hints from other members. It's all about chance and luck really with these games. I hope this helps.


Mlwilson198264Jul 16 20 - 07:53 Apple Store is today's clue.
SquenJul 16 20 - 05:11 It means you've been entered into the mega prize drawing at the end of the game. One person will win $500.
SquenJul 16 20 - 04:39 It means you've been entered into the mega prize drawing at the end of the game. One person will win $500.
Member626471459136Jul 16 20 - 01:21 What does it mean when you get the “Mega Prize Draw Worth $500!”? I’Ve gotten a couple of those but don’T know what it means or what it does!!! Help please!! Thank you
Hi There.

This means you already have a couple of entries to win the mega prize drawing at the end of the game. One person will win $500! Good Luck :)


SquenJul 15 20 - 15:47 Hummingbird at ebay
SquenJul 15 20 - 04:49 Finishline
SquenJul 15 20 - 04:23 Finish line
Member313361666713Jul 14 20 - 19:43 There's 1 at lowes
Rykell7Jul 14 20 - 18:26 Jack rabbit
EmmaL71Jul 14 20 - 00:08 Levis (i won.A starfish)
Rykell7Jul 13 20 - 17:29 Jack rabbit
OAK225Jul 13 20 - 14:05 Hi.

My name is Mr. Johnny Edward Wellons, ii.

I am the winner of the Publishers Clearing House
Win "$5,000 a week for life!" Sweepstakes!!!


I am the winner of the Publishers Clearing House
Win "$7,000 a week for life!" Sweepstakes!!!


I am the winner of the Publishers Clearing House
Win "$25,000 a month for life!" Sweepstakes!!!
Member626622873051Jul 13 20 - 10:03 Old navy
ZerotransJul 13 20 - 05:05 JackRabbit
Vicrod12 Jul 13 20 - 04:10 Jackrabbit
SquenJul 12 20 - 06:54 Mattress Firm
Member425569261624Jul 12 20 - 05:22 Bird-banana republic,fiftflop
ronjon53Jul 11 20 - 08:16 Victorinox
Judy1234Jul 11 20 - 04:32 I won an umbrella this morning!🙂
teresavntrinhJul 10 20 - 21:30 Dollar Tree
mungbean21stJul 10 20 - 21:28 Dollar Tree
jamika03Jul 10 20 - 15:04 Under Armour
jamika03Jul 10 20 - 14:53 Under Armour
Rykell7Jul 10 20 - 14:03 Check saks fifth ave
babegirl88Jul 10 20 - 05:09 You have won $0.50 cash!
topcashback52Jul 10 20 - 03:45 Dollar Tree
Rykell7Jul 09 20 - 19:22 Check saks fifth ave
Rykell7Jul 09 20 - 13:03 Found one in qvc
Member425569261624Jul 09 20 - 07:10 Daily clue-camping world
akiva599Jul 09 20 - 06:23 Today clue is Camping World
Judy1234Jul 09 20 - 05:37 Finding these hummingbirds are such fun!
Member526221088118Jul 09 20 - 04:50 😳🧐Cash back
molly3Jul 09 20 - 03:14 I love these hummingbird games…
Hi There,

Very happy to hear that you love these games, enjoy and good luck! :)


MaleighJul 08 20 - 21:25 Hi TopCashback...Is this only for u.S. Residents?Thanks
MaleighJul 08 20 - 21:15 Hi TopCashback...Is this only for us residents?Thanks
Hi There,

The Treats game is not exclusive to us particpants, and is open internationally :)


Member720804363703Jul 08 20 - 18:33 Bird at topps
Member1122998330938Jul 08 20 - 17:30 👍 Enjoy but did not see my treat
pope1960Jul 08 20 - 17:10 Wao. Humming come in me
batat89Jul 08 20 - 02:52 Today's task is: Titan Great Outdoors
mungbean21stJul 07 20 - 21:42 Fenty Beauty and qvc have birdies
Member526326223445Jul 07 20 - 05:51 Gnc find
nadir111Jul 07 20 - 05:44 Michael kors,fenty beauty,chewy
Member28819423748Jul 07 20 - 02:48 Today is Fenty Beauty
Kjncntry82Jul 06 20 - 20:24 Do a search for zone, click on see all search results. That's the only way i've been able to find Pool Zone.
Hi There,

We apologize as there was a minor glitch in the system yesterday, but all is fixed now :)
mungbean21stJul 06 20 - 14:56 I found the bird on Macy and Ebay
Member1122561743314Jul 06 20 - 13:29 Pool zone? No such place listed
Hi There,

We apologize for the confusion. There was a minor glitch in our system yesterday, but all is fixed now and you will still be able to get it if you try now :)
Member910806792916Jul 05 20 - 17:28 I hope it's Puma
Member910806792916Jul 05 20 - 14:39 Macy's
vpendamJul 04 20 - 19:20 Hello TopCashback,

By mistake I clicked on Hiding Humming for 30 days.. Please let me know how can show the banner.

Hi There,

Thank you for reaching out. Luckily, this is a simple and easy fix. If you just clear your cookies and cache, the banner will pop right back up for you :)

Best Wishes,

Gulbakyt Jul 04 20 - 14:11 👍🏻Ehuuuuuu
nadir111Jul 04 20 - 06:14 Macys,Crocos,Disney+,Puma
vsreeJul 03 20 - 14:16 Today's 7/3/20 :: Crocs
taxweezieJul 03 20 - 13:06 It is Crocs
ampmplus2Jul 03 20 - 10:54 Help! What is the 3 alligators logo store!
akiva599Jul 02 20 - 08:15 Today is puma
bobjoyoJul 02 20 - 08:07 Thank you
MawMawHugs3Jul 02 20 - 07:46 Thank you. How many treats can you get in one day?
Hi There,

There's no limit on how many birds you'll see, as they do appear randomly :)

Best of Luck!
BrenbraesmommyJul 02 20 - 07:21 Thank you
bobjoyoJul 01 20 - 23:49 Thank you !
KITSOSJul 01 20 - 22:50 The best ever cashback site!!
aloespJul 01 20 - 21:13 How many birds per day?
Hi There,

There's no limit on how many birds you'll see, as they will appear randomly throughout the day :)

Good Luck!!
bg001Jul 01 20 - 20:01 Yay!!! He's back!!!
Damequa09_Jul 01 20 - 19:54 The best cash back app!
Fan PingJul 01 20 - 18:58 Love Topcashback
tonywtJul 01 20 - 18:42 Thank you !
AGDGJul 01 20 - 18:25 Find the hummingbird when you click on the correct retailer, (still on TopCashback site). Click on the banner at the bottom for a pop-up of your game board & Daily clue!
Natalia Boston Jul 01 20 - 17:55 Thanks. Like TopCashback!
realloveboaJul 01 20 - 16:10 Like events very much!
Member526067747619Jul 01 20 - 10:52 Wow. Would like to know if the hidden items are on the website of the merchant or on the TopCashback website when we choose it.
Hi There,

These would all be on the TopCashback website :)

Best of Luck!
trinajaneJul 01 20 - 10:48 I am so glad you have these contests
RosaYJul 01 20 - 10:31 This is exciting!