Summer Treats Game

Summer Treats Game

Posted on May 21 2018 Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests, Member Rewards
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Summer Treats Game

Summer Treats Cash Back Giveaway ("Sweepstakes") Sponsored by

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The popular hummingbird hunt has returned! Collect the summer icons for instant cash rewards and chances to win the mega prize. As you browse our site for the greatest cash back deals on everything you'll need this season, you might just find a buzzing hummingbird waiting for you. Each hummingbird you find may contain a summer treat or an entry to win the grand prize of $500.

Starting Thursday, May 24th, 2018 at 06:00am PST until June 15th, 2018 at 11:59pm PST you'll encounter hummingbirds around our site to collect for cash prizes. Studies prove that hummingbirds can remember every flower they've visited. We will give you clues to solve so that you can follow them on their "migration route" around

How to Play:

How to enter: Entering the sweepstakes is easy. All you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account any time during the promotion run date and look around for clues that lead you to find the hummingbirds. Each hummingbird you collect (by clicking on the hummingbird) may contain a summer treat which will be counted toward your instant wins for the day.

Instant wins: When you collect a certain number of summer treats to equal an instant win, the prize will be automatically added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours. Return each day to increase your chances for instant wins and gain more entries to the grand prize. There are thousands of instant wins in the form of some of our favorite summer icons that range in value from $0.25 to $100 each.

Mega prize: The grand prize, valued at $500 will be deposited into the winning TopCashback member’s account to spend at or anywhere they want.

Refer to the terms page for more prize details. At the conclusion of the game, we will select one winner at random for the mega prize. Upon confirmation, the $500 prize will be deposited into the winner's account. The winner of the grand prize will also be announced on our Winners Page.

Get others to join in the fun to increase your chances to win! Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain more entries to the big prize draw. At any time, you can check your account to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries gives you a better chance of winning the final prize.

Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily clues. You can also visit and click on the Summer Treats banner found on the bottom of the screen to review your prizeboard and daily clues.

Don't miss a single hummingbird! We will post a round-up of the previous daily clues right here, so be sure to bookmark this blog post.

Nine West
Michael Kors
L.L. Bean
Barnes & Noble
Home Depot
Bare Minerals
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Full terms of the Sweepstakes

Member614158891856Aug 13 18 - 10:24 Still posting though this ended in june?
jakeslikescakesJun 16 18 - 06:30 Played every day, gained every clue, won nothing. Mostly "Extra entry" nonsense. They trick you, giving you a couple of pairs of sunglasses early on, making you think you have a chance to win something cool, buy you don't. It is all a lie.
jakeslikescakesJun 16 18 - 06:30 Played every day, gained every clue, won nothing. Mostly "Extra entry" nonsense. They trick you, giving you a couple of pairs of sunglasses early on, making you think you have a chance to win something cool, buy you don't. It is all a lie.
dealiojJun 15 18 - 21:18 Ive tried from early morning til past midnight now and havent found a thing. I obviously need it. I promised my son id take him on an overnight for his bd next week and I just dont have it. Hes a teen dad
cwashi3324Jun 15 18 - 07:31 I didn't get the notification email like I usually do for the game, but i've caught up some. I haven't won any money, but i'm close. I need an ice cream or sunglasses. Thanks Topcashback!
phawkyoutooJun 15 18 - 05:40 Sounds like clarkokpisz is nothing but a big crybaby! Spoon fed with the golden spoon much?
clarkokpiszJun 14 18 - 14:35 I have been playing every day and have gotten two treats per day by checking out various retailers on the site plus the daily clues, and I have won nothing the entire time, but of course I have 1 of 2 or 2 of 3 or 3 of 4 of every single possible prize so I have the maximum amount of items (besides the worthless +1 red entries) without winning a single thing!!! These promotions are rigged from the start so you get all of the items possible for each prize without ever winning anything even $.25 or $.50!! What a rip off and scam!!! Shame on you TopCashback for running such a lying cheating rigged time wasting bs contest!!!
bhjusticeJun 13 18 - 12:10 Facebook is having technical difficulties. Does anyone have the clue for today, please?
Member413692672024Jun 12 18 - 20:08 I've been clicking on the %%% Cash back percentage on several hoping to find a birdie, but it's just saying if there cash back it'll be in my account and it'll give me credit for visiting the link! I have won like $1.50 I think so far, and not sure how to redeem what ever else cash I would win still or how to find anymore chances to find the bird from weeks ago. Could you help me out please?😣
merrieazJun 08 18 - 19:12 I'm logged in to my account but the pink banner that should be at the bottom isn't there and no matter what page I go to I don't get any hummingbirds. I just found out the game was back a week ago and I have not been able to access it at all. I have all ready logged out and back in several times and i'm using Chrome, which is what i've always used in the past. Why am I not getting access to the game??
Snikers1Jun 05 18 - 02:36 I you guys are great keep up the great work
MouhssineJun 01 18 - 09:30 Ght
Member1111467058151May 29 18 - 07:47 I would like to enter How can i?
PCPhilMay 25 18 - 20:17 Macys game me a starfish