Stay at Home Survey: Part II 2021

Stay at Home Survey: Part II 2021

It’s been a little over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world and changed all our lives. Our “new normal” suddenly consisted of mask-wearing, social distancing, remote learning and working in our ratty old sweatpants at home!

With restrictions loosening and vaccines becoming more accessible, how different is your life now compared to one year ago? Are you trying to save money on all expenses during this time? How are you occupying your time at home?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on April 12th.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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Member330074808356May 15 21 - 22:57 Imi place sa primesc inapoi
RumLeeApr 11 21 - 17:53 Love TopCashback so much!!!!
DimbusTCBApr 10 21 - 18:53 Love to have a cash back with TopCashback
KeepeeApr 10 21 - 14:23 We are still hanging out at home. We have a kiddo that can't be vaccinated yet, so we are just being cautious and avoiding people!
kalhpApr 08 21 - 15:21 I think TopCashback is very useful site
Member330199210542Apr 06 21 - 21:57 I love TopCashback.
WillznanaApr 06 21 - 21:37 We are beginning to feel normal again, although we still don't go out unless it's necessary. I've always tried to be a frugal shopper with coupons, sales, etc. Top Cashback has helped me continue with my crafting hobby during covid because a friend sent me a tc gift card early in the pandemic. I didn't feel guilty in spending the money on myself. Thank you, Top Cashback, for helping my family save some money.
Member1229082780317Apr 06 21 - 20:58 I am trying to get me a new trailer to put on my land and get rid of this one that is falling down around me
MichiDim10Apr 06 21 - 19:48 I’M definitely trying to keep saving. Purchasing a home is my next big step! Trying to get out a bit more even for a brief walk.
KeepeeApr 06 21 - 18:29 We're still trying to save money. My hours were greatly reduced. We're still not getting out and about too much.
гульданаApr 06 21 - 01:38 Спасибо Вам за возможность выгодно покупать онлайн!
Vof4ikApr 06 21 - 01:37 Nothing changed for me and family
GTWDApr 06 21 - 01:23 Not working well with PayPal.
jeeje001Apr 05 21 - 23:03 I love TopCashback!!
Member330056143547Apr 05 21 - 20:04 Love the app
JapanesqueApr 05 21 - 19:29 I love TopCashback.
Member325015124723Apr 05 21 - 19:09 My life is a little different but not much different this time of year we stayed home for a little bit but I work out of the home as an essential worker so we just didn't take trips for several months during the pandemic and as things started to loosen up we've taken trips a little further from home but still focused on outdoors adventures primarily. My work life remains the same as as an essential worker I continue to work my normal hours out of the home.
Mara2322Apr 05 21 - 18:59 Love it
HyunjoolimApr 05 21 - 17:39 I love it.
Ewan TharumalApr 05 21 - 17:27 I love TopCashback.
Member626529353428Apr 05 21 - 15:19 Love it.
AneesahApr 05 21 - 14:41 Hi my name us aneesah sills I like tall Stores yall got alot if stuff u also got low prices that I like so
AneesahApr 05 21 - 14:36 I like yall cloths
JennyCLeeApr 05 21 - 14:22 Cashback is super good ! I am grateful to survive Covid 19.
Member330017993453Apr 05 21 - 13:16 I think that the majority of the people have adjusted very well to the Covid-19 situation.
ItsTanyaaGApr 05 21 - 12:39 I live in Vegas which used to be considered a 24/7 city. Since covid, id Say about 90% Of businesses close extremely early (assuming due to lack of business since they've been forced to to operate at 25-50% Capacity. I'm a night owl..So seldom have enough hours (at night) to go to the mall or any other shipping trip. So I absolutely still go out if I can find a place open late but if not, I spend hours and hours online shopping or attempting to find good deals online
Member526276538602Apr 05 21 - 11:59 I am grateful to survive Covid 19. I am a single mom of twins I have done all of my shopping online without being stressed out.
Katerina KrychunApr 05 21 - 11:50 I love your site! Cashback is super!
Member330074808356Apr 05 21 - 11:49 Imi petrec timpul in fata calculatorului..
supbro_123Apr 05 21 - 11:35 Less active, and more snacking at home
GAgirl45Apr 05 21 - 11:06 Prior to the pandemic most of my shopping was done in person. Now my online shopping has increased and I will probably continue with that trend of purchasing everything I can online. I am actually spending more money with the kids constantly being out of school. Before covid I was stressed out, Now my stress has eased some since my job has allowed us to work from home. Kids, work , cleaning and crafts fill my day.
legendshonor2013Apr 05 21 - 10:58 Enter for a chance to win $50
RapperApr 05 21 - 10:58 Wish me luck
Neutral9Apr 05 21 - 10:53 Go to win $50
jakeinsungApr 05 21 - 10:19 As I mostly stay home and not go out unless for the essential purpose (Grocery shop) I noticed that I spend way less money on clothes or shoes than my usual. But instead, I started to pick up new hobbies and spend money on them. For example, I started learning guitar, and recently bought two guitars, both acoustic and electric.
Member1223548248636Apr 05 21 - 10:09 This situation helped to understand that the most important I our life- is the health of of those whom we love, that to drink a coffee somewhere is also a little holiday, that when you can meet with your friends it’S a wonderful time.
859697490Apr 05 21 - 10:08 A chance to win $50.
Member224741221108Apr 05 21 - 10:08 Go to win $50
Rubenx77Apr 05 21 - 10:06 Enter for a chance to win $50
YiziwinnieApr 05 21 - 09:26 I saved some money on expenses of not buying new clothes and makeup products since working remotely for almost one year. I almost cook every day to save some time and have a healthy life.

It is a work and life balance style like working in the office, keep working out at home follow up with a couple of Youtubers even though could not go to the gym.
Member526016160515Apr 05 21 - 09:21 Go to win $50
Niksergey Apr 05 21 - 08:57 Enter for a chance to win $50
Irina Aleksieieva Apr 05 21 - 08:49 I spend more time with my family and my little children) moved to work on-line, of course, the income is not very high as I wanted, but there is a big plus in the fact that our family has become more united, friendly, and began to appreciate the time we spend together ! I love my loved ones 💗
Member1027997902930Apr 05 21 - 08:47 I started waking out on trails a lot more and learning to play guitar... Also learnt to food from scratch :) Above all started talking to friends and family more frequently!!!!
yunaohApr 05 21 - 08:42 I spend all my time playing with my dog❤️