Stay at Home Survey 2020

Stay at Home Survey 2020

Staying at home is the mantra in today’s world. And this new normal means working, learning, exercising, shopping and more directly from your living room.

Are you currently staying at home more than you were a month ago? Do you find yourself shopping online a lot more than you previously were? Have you downloaded any new streaming services recently?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on March 31st.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

Take our survey below! 

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LVLadyMar 28 20 - 16:51All done :-)
Member217913181834Mar 28 20 - 16:22Thank you
kimishinMar 28 20 - 15:43Done! Thank you!
Member821471402312Mar 28 20 - 15:43Thank you,keep well everyone
syndey01Mar 28 20 - 09:22Thank you.
TrulyJMar 27 20 - 23:17Done.
Thank you so much :)
And have a nice day, all of you
Moes123123Mar 27 20 - 19:52Done thank u
personalshopperjdMar 27 20 - 19:02Done! Thank you!
JAEGERMar 27 20 - 18:04Done and thank you
porkyshineMar 27 20 - 15:10Wisconsin! Stay home during this virus chaotics.
Member224673693823Mar 27 20 - 13:43Trying to purge my home of stuff I don't use or wear.
Member107497402312Mar 27 20 - 12:10Homeschooling
Turkey1215Mar 27 20 - 11:26Decided to throughly clean at least one area of the house a day. Have to limit my time as I have fibromyalgia and a spinal stenosis so pain comes on rather quickly and strong. I have already scrubbed the baseboards, entrance and 1 bathroom.
Member814929930224Mar 27 20 - 10:17Early spring cleaning.
meemaw46Mar 27 20 - 08:47Trying to catch up on housework that I have let go.
d1jab21Mar 27 20 - 08:41Stay safe!
Member1223907360633Mar 27 20 - 08:13Getting some much needed stuff done like cleaning and organizing. Plus homeschooling my son that's a task itself
Member1223685125425Mar 27 20 - 07:45Stay safe and healthy!
countrycathyMar 27 20 - 07:38Getting things done around the house & Cooking a lot.
Wishful_ThinkingMar 27 20 - 01:22Please stay home and stay safe, take care of yourself. I hope you all are healthy and happy.
hramseyMar 26 20 - 20:42Doing some spring cleaning, and playing find the hummingbird with Spring Treats!
AfosseyMar 26 20 - 18:05Let’S do our part and stay healthy and safe during these trying times in our lives so we can look back and Thank God for opening our eyes to what’S important in this world!! Prayers to all families!!
ahewesMar 26 20 - 16:51Lots of time to do the things I need to do.
dionneMar 26 20 - 12:01Lots of extra time for a good spring cleaning!
searchy4Mar 26 20 - 02:35Thank you.Love your surveys. Stay safe everyone and stay home
Member1223786754033Mar 25 20 - 17:57Everyone please stay home & Try to stay healthy
Member1223786754033Mar 25 20 - 17:50Everyone please stay home & Try to stay healthy
nilynadMar 25 20 - 17:21Wash your hands you damn dirty ape ha ha stay safe america.
ToyTopMar 25 20 - 15:52Stay safe and healthy! We are all in this together, we'll get through it.
Member224871347644Mar 25 20 - 08:22I just wish everyone stayed home and hunkered down so as not to spread Coronavirus