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This Tell-a-Friend promotion runs from 1:00 am PST December 13, 2017 to 2 am PST December 27, 2017.

My game play all day ki all Ricavryi Amzonn google comchoram wathsap
Face book all backup Ricavryi Karo plan😃😃😃😃😃
  Mar 12 19 - 21:36
Man I almost fell for this too, looks like the cutoff was 2am this morning... Boo!
  Dec 27 17 - 08:10
I submitted a ticket, let's see what they respond.
  Dec 27 17 - 06:42
I only get $5 for referral not $20 as advertised.
  Dec 27 17 - 04:34
@71hillman01, I got 20$ For my first three referral, then I started to earn 5$ For each referral. I opened a ticket for that and waiting for a reply.
  Dec 27 17 - 03:22
Gift for all
  Dec 24 17 - 14:40
I only get $5 for referral not $20 as advertised.
  Dec 23 17 - 14:39
I only get $5 for referral not $20 as advertised.
  Dec 23 17 - 14:39
Sounds like a little bit of fun.
  Dec 22 17 - 15:46
  Dec 21 17 - 14:40
  Dec 17 17 - 20:33
Zachary,this is a site that I go through. They pay the most out of all of the sites that i've seen. I belong to Ebates also but this one generally pays more
  Dec 17 17 - 17:35
For all those last minute gifts and you can make money!!
  Dec 15 17 - 10:03
I love you tinkes
  Dec 14 17 - 03:40

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