Rakuten | Ebates vs TopCashback: Save up to $58.32 on Pet Supplies

Rakuten | Ebates vs TopCashback: Save up to $58.32 on Pet Supplies

Our fur babies are the best. They greet us when we walk through the door, never talk back, and they’re always up for a cuddle sesh. So, when it comes to toys, food and veterinary expenses, how could we not splurge?

We want to help you spoil your fluffy balls of love. So, we found the top pet deals. And we stacked our rates next to Rakuten’s/Ebates’ because you deserve the best cash back offers too.

Cash back from TopCashback and Ebates

But before we dig in, let’s explore some nifty shopping trends.

Average Amount Spent on Pet Goods

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average 3-person household dishes out $14.02 a week on meals, toys and health services for their four-legged pals. They cough up $60.75 a month and $729 per year. That’s a lot of scratch. Let’s move on to the offers before we chase our tails.



Petco is a one-stop-shop for all your critter’s needs. You’ll find grooming and training merchandise, vet services, yummy chow and more. Make the most of your purchases with up to 8% cash back.

The average 3-person unit spends $729 annually on pet merchandise. So, they’d get $58.32 back for the year.

If they used Rakuten/Ebates, they’d get only 4% cash back. That’s just $29.16 for twelve months.

Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet provides truly natural products based on strict ingredient standards. And this is purrrfect because you want your lil’ angel to live all nine lives and more. Use our services for 6% cash back. That’s $43.74 back if you buy a year’s worth of goodies.

Settle for Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll earn 3% cash back. That’s a measly $21.87 for the year.


Entirely Pets

EntirelyPets aims to keep tails wagging with their handy pet supplies and non-prescription medications. Get the best bang for your buck with our 6% cash back.

Shop through Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll get 3% back.



Don’t you love those fab beauty subscription boxes that magically appear in your mailbox every month? Well, now your doggy can join in on the fun with a subscription service of her own! BarkBox will deliver toys, treats and other fun gifts right to your home. Save on your order with up to $18 cash back. Go through Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll receive up to $11 cash back.



Chewy is one of the fastest-growing pet store breeds. And that’s because they have a diverse range of treats, playthings, tasty grub and more, and they carry more than 1,000 favorite brands.

Make a paw-chase through us, and you’ll get $5 cash back on a new order. Settle for Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll scrape up 5% cash back. This is only available on the first $150 of a transaction.



Petplan offers health insurance that covers hereditary & chronic conditions, illnesses, accidents, dental and more. And they lower vet bills up to 90% (wowza). Shop through us, and you’ll score $25 cash back. Make a purchase with Rakuten (Ebates) and you’ll get $12.50 cash back.

The Best in the Pack

Cash back from Petco and Only Natural Pet


Year's worth of cash back if you shop at Petco and Only Natural Pet for 6 months each.

These are just a few pet deals. If you’re not sure which retailer is for you, try one for 6 months and another for the rest of the year.

So, say you ordered from Petco for 6 months, that’s $29.16 right there. If you shopped at Only Natural Pet for the remainder of the year, you’d snag $21.87. Altogether, that’s $51.03 for all 12 months if you combined 6 months’ worth of cash back from each store.

If you did the same through Rakuten/Ebates, you’d get $14.58 at Petco and $10.94 back at Only Natural Pet. That’s $25.52 back for the whole year and about half of what we offer.

If you’re interested in the other differences between us and Rakuten/Ebates, be sure to browse our simple guide. You can learn about payout restrictions, payout options, bonuses and more.

Editor's Note: Cash back rates and promos were correct at time of publication.

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