Mother's Day Survey 2020

Mother's Day Survey 2020

It may be a little hard to remember what day it is right now, but if there’s one day you don’t want to forget, it’s Mother’s Day.

Are you celebrating or doing something special for Mother’s Day? Will the gifts be homemade this year? Will you be visiting mom virtually?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their holiday habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on April 27th.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

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Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

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Lindsay1212Apr 27 20 - 11:03 My mom passed when I was 8 so Mothers Day has always just been sad.
mizzdee16Apr 26 20 - 18:56 My mom passed away 7 years ago but we still have my mom-in-law who is 91 years old.
She is one special lady and deserves her special day!
babegirl88Apr 26 20 - 07:10 My mom will be 86 in May and i'm so blessed to still have her around. She loves putting puzzles together and i'll most likely be giving her some for Mothers Day and her birthday. Will have to drive by and hang it on her door.
scorpio3elevenApr 25 20 - 23:03 My mother and grandmother have both passed away a few years ago. But my siblings and I will celebrate for them with special memories and new experiences together. They would be proud of our accomplishments and how we are still celebrating with them in our hearts....
scorpio3elevenApr 25 20 - 22:54 Happy Mother's day to all of the mothers and single fathers taking care of their children. Have a blessed day!
Btleague01Apr 25 20 - 17:34 I'm thinking of something sentimental. I am so blessed to have my mother. God and her have been the lifeline for my household during this pandemic.
Member425811529356Apr 25 20 - 16:22 I plan to get her a gift card
Member720477907642Apr 25 20 - 15:23 Happy Mother’S Day to all Mothers ❤️🙏💕
AuntebookApr 25 20 - 13:38 In the list of the items to give, you should have had an "other' category... My mom loves puzzles and books and that sort of thing... There wasn't a category for that!
mila7Apr 25 20 - 12:45 Good luck
Niya123Apr 25 20 - 11:49 Happy Mother’S Day
Member519781877009Apr 25 20 - 11:04 Happy Mothers day
walddacApr 25 20 - 10:53 I need this money ..
pamgard531Apr 25 20 - 10:29 Happy Mother's Day
Member821424890930Apr 24 20 - 17:52 Thank you for this giveaway. It’S my anniversary too.
Member28626299922Apr 24 20 - 15:16 Happy Mother’S Day
fifi43Apr 24 20 - 13:02 Hi,i usually get flowers to plant outside.
Member218000690354Apr 24 20 - 11:27 My mom is 31 and she has with me 8 kids she is the best mom ever she takes care of us 24/7 and she never thinks about her self she deserves so much. She never let nobody take care of us she is with us and takes us out and loves to cook for us and we love her food that's y hope she wins.
Member105352822346Apr 24 20 - 10:59 Thanks for this giveaway
yolandar77Apr 24 20 - 10:48 Thanks for this giveaway
Member325411456526Apr 24 20 - 09:42 I love my mom and am so thankful for her and the time we have together.
msbeckieApr 24 20 - 08:55 This year is definitely going to be different since this social distancing is taking place which I truly respect for the safety of others but on a good note my family and I are safe and are able to drop off my Mothers Day gift to my special mom on this special day. Happy Mother’S Day to all and please stay safe & Healthy ❤️💐
janharrisApr 24 20 - 07:37 My mom is the best!
Member810547788243Apr 24 20 - 07:35 Hope everyone finds some way to show their mothers how great they are.
SweetiePie62Apr 24 20 - 07:11 I ❤ All the mom's out there!
aprilahullApr 24 20 - 07:11 It’S been really hard on both my parents this year. I used to see them weekly, now all I can do is call them. Once the weather gets nice we will sit outside to visit! Until then I will drop flowers off for my mom on Mother’S Day! And celebrate with my son who is graduating from college the next day virtually!
Member425803976821Apr 24 20 - 04:41 I love my mom so much
dionneApr 23 20 - 20:49 Make sure to appreciate your mom everyday and let her know how much you love her every chance you get!
Member425782111043Apr 22 20 - 20:46 I always told my son, “You will never know how much I love you until you have a child of your own. Only then can you know.
JANGBACK CHOIApr 22 20 - 10:43 Thanks Mother! I'm happy with you
Why NotApr 22 20 - 08:37 How about other for which tv mom is your real-life mom lost like!!!

I usually travel home for Mother's Day to visit mom and grandma. First one without Grandma (passed Christmas Day). With covid-19 i'm not traveling to ny state to see Mom.

Love you Mom!!!
Hello There,

Very sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. I really do hope you're still able to celebrate Mother's day and see your mom virtually :)
MMJTXApr 22 20 - 05:42 Our big family always gathers in a nice restaurant to thank, honor and celebrate our generations of mothers who have passed and the generations of mothers they enabled. This year, we will be gathering virtually with Zoom, FaceTime and good old-fashioned phone calls. It’S all good.
Hello There,

I love your positive attitude! I really do hope you have an amazing Mother's Day celebration! :)
Scadet4Apr 21 20 - 15:14 Love my mom!
LisalduffyApr 21 20 - 14:44 Finally going to finish that generational photo...5 generations of the women in our family!! Plenty of time to finish during the shutdown...
Hello Lisa,

What a wonderful way to spend the time in quarantine. I love it! :)
Member325259546400Apr 21 20 - 12:36 I love mother’S day!!
tailormApr 21 20 - 12:19 I typically paint something for my mother in addition to flowers and a small gift. It's not very expensive but it never fails to make her smile.
Member122562583216Apr 21 20 - 11:53 I think it will be good to focus on family and not presents
amber116Apr 20 20 - 22:04 Keeping safe is the greatest gift for my mother!!!
mariahogainsApr 20 20 - 13:00 I’M a bit sad that we will all not be able to get together this Mother’S Day. However, we will probably send mom some flowers and candy this year. My kids usually come out but that is not happening. So, I imagine we’Ll all FaceTime to make the best of it .
Hello There,

I'm so glad you are still finding alternatives to make this day special. That's so great to hear :)
sruffinoApr 20 20 - 09:50 I take my Mom out of her living facility and take her out for her favorite food -Fried Clams for her! I also make a card with a special memory to share with her! I make a basket and put items that I know she can use- Socks,a new hair brush, tooth brush/Paste, a favorite drink, snack and of course a Chocolate candy. I also get her a cross for her neck- She tends to ?Lose? Them and I know how much it means to her! If I can't take her out then I will drop off a basket with the above items and say I love you thru the window! Bittersweet
Hello There,

Thank you so much for your message. This is very sweet! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! :)
Hwinters02Apr 18 20 - 08:43 Simply conversation and time with me is all she wants. Love this woman with all my heart!!
Member1122561743314Apr 18 20 - 08:16 My Mother is in an assisted living facility And I suspect they will still be locked down. Will just have to send a card and talk on the phone this year.
Hello There,

I'm glad you'll still be able to make this day special. You two have next year to look forward to as well :)
Member425701644420Apr 17 20 - 22:18 What do you give the women who has given you everything? I tend to act as if Mother’S Day is every day. I call, text, and visit my mother regularly even if it’S to have a cup of coffee. I would always shower my mother with gifts but i’Ve come to realize that she appreciates the quality time spent with her children, especially those that have moved out so now I take her on road trips for fun. It’S my turn to show my mother the world, since she worked so hard to show me the world was mine for the taking (:
Harry12379Apr 17 20 - 14:41 Mom is a word that her no exert explain in the world. Further then, we want to some special for our mother. Mom may be pleased see it that also pleases us. That day some special routine for mom cannot explain properly. So everyone lo ves her mom frangely.
Member425689121514Apr 17 20 - 07:11 We usually get together to have a big family dinner for all the moms in our family but we can't this year unfortunately. But the good thing is that we all have great technology these days to where we can still communicate to each other through facetime! My thoughts and condolences are with those who may not have their mothers in their lives. It's so nice that TopCashback has a special survey just for Mother's day.
Hello There,

What a nice family tradition that is. Hopefully next year you will be able to celebrate as normal. :)
Member910905923418Apr 17 20 - 07:01 Thank you for the chance to win
Member325413759040Apr 17 20 - 02:46 Good to see these type of survey specially on Mother's day. Thanxx a lot..
Cora_WongApr 16 20 - 23:08 Happy Mother’S Day
KotovaApr 16 20 - 13:29 Happy Mother’S Day
Member1223903473535Apr 16 20 - 07:28 My mother has passed away, but I will be going through pictures w/ My sibling and talking about memories and having a few good laughs. To those of you that still have your mother, cherish every day with mom every shopping trip with your mother every phone call, and take plenty of pictures . Most of all make memories of a lifetime.
Hello There,

Thank you so much for your beautiful message. That is a wonderful tradition you have with your siblings to honor you mother and reminisce on all the good times.
falison75Apr 16 20 - 06:48 No Mother’S Day dinner out this year!
Hello There,

That's a nice tradition. Very sorry you can't celebrate how you normally would this year but I sure do hope you make the best of it :)
Member318494187639Apr 16 20 - 06:32 This year we are giving ready-to-make dinners from Home Chef. Next best thing to cooking a nice dinner for mom.
Hello There,

Thank you for your message! That still sounds very nice. I hope you enjoy :)
Member1116442529653Apr 16 20 - 05:55 Don't know about going out to dinner yet but definitely some kind of gift. I guess I will have to order online.
Hello There,

Thank you for your message. Whatever you decide to do, i'm sure it will be special :)
hldonnelliApr 16 20 - 05:38 Hope all of the other moms gave a very Happy Mother’S Day this May!
TziporahtApr 15 20 - 19:44 Happy Mother’S Day
Lindsay1212Apr 15 20 - 16:15 Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing Mamas!!
Lana_NYCApr 14 20 - 13:11 Moms are the best! Wishing health and happiness to all!
pladsonApr 13 20 - 17:28 Activity this year will be at or close to home with no outside contact with strangers. Refreshing for a change.
Hello There,

Thank you for your message. It really can be very refreshing to be home with just your loved ones. Pure relaxation :)
glutenfreebieApr 13 20 - 12:52 We stan moms.
Jacquie127Apr 13 20 - 09:30 We go all out for mom