Money Habits Survey

Money Habits Survey

Good spending habits can ensure financial success. But it's hard to stay thrifty in today's world of e-commerce. Do you spend within your budget? If you came across a generous sum of money, what would you do with it? Where did you learn your money-saving skills and habits?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their financial mindsets. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Two lucky winners will be selected at random on January 2nd.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

Take our survey below!


RitaLynnDec 31 17 - 13:00Very interesting. Gives you something to think about. Good luck all n Happy New Year!
EGILADIDec 30 17 - 21:24Interesting survey. Puts a lot into perspective.
EGILADIDec 30 17 - 21:24Interesting survey. Puts a lot into perspective.
vampyressjessikaDec 30 17 - 20:23I hope to win the gift card
vampyressjessikaDec 30 17 - 20:22I hope to win the gift card.
Member1111834971553Dec 30 17 - 19:01Thank you!
stopassolaDec 30 17 - 18:01Melhor site da vida!
stopassolaDec 30 17 - 18:01Melhor site da vida!
Wishful_ThinkingDec 29 17 - 16:06It was simple enough but I always wonder who actually wins these kinds of things.
swuthrichDec 29 17 - 10:31So easy!
jbw163Dec 29 17 - 09:29Easy survey to take helping others have the Christmas they deserve
Spoofer98Dec 29 17 - 07:13Easiest survey ever!!
MOSTENG700Dec 29 17 - 07:12Ilove TopCashback very love
maggie1969Dec 29 17 - 06:14Great easy survey
maggie1969Dec 29 17 - 06:13Great easy survey!
DOBIE66Dec 28 17 - 12:04Great site
Ingridli0209Dec 27 17 - 20:35Great website to collect cash back! Love it!
ahmedzx34678Dec 27 17 - 16:22Nic
ekaterinamusokDec 26 17 - 12:39Just completed the survey. Super simple. I recently found your awesome website and started shopping through your site. Saving $ Is fantastic! Merry Christmas!
mini090523Dec 26 17 - 09:32I'm lucky. I want to win
NKosmoskiDec 24 17 - 18:50I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can save with my new found website "Top Cash Back!" I just wish I had known about it before completing my Christmas shopping, oh well there's always next year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
JackhermizDec 24 17 - 16:072018
Member1212186623441Dec 24 17 - 10:00Im lucky for using TopCashback.
gymratDec 23 17 - 16:06I have made so much extra cash using this website. I love it! I spend inside of my budget and learned my savings skills from my grandmother. Don't buy it if you don't need it!
raffyDec 23 17 - 10:33Great, quick and simple!
Victoria_HomanDec 23 17 - 10:13Was that it.
HulihuliDec 22 17 - 18:53Is the best
kaosinlaDec 22 17 - 16:26Thank you for the opportunity!
Sharonj31Dec 22 17 - 15:47I wish all surveys were this short and sweet!
KathyHoDec 21 17 - 08:29Simple and quick survey
NanneeDec 20 17 - 21:27First visit to TopCashBack...First purchase...First survey...Hoping for first win!

Member1212041343920Dec 18 17 - 16:19Because I am disabled,i would love to make money, etc. I taking these short surveys! Hoping to win!
Member1212041343920Dec 18 17 - 16:18Because I am disabled,i would love to make money, etc. I taking these short surveys! Hoping to win!
mom922Dec 17 17 - 17:09Merry christmas to all and a blessed and happy new year. And I sure hope to win.
ekirtl01Dec 16 17 - 16:48Thx
jhonn1Dec 16 17 - 10:42Thanks
jhonn1Dec 16 17 - 10:42Thanks
Member59755620532Dec 15 17 - 20:46Merry Christmas.
Member59755620532Dec 15 17 - 20:46Merry Christmas.
mseidne1Dec 13 17 - 06:11I keep meticulous records that automatically deduct from what I take home every month. I just have to. Otherwise I will sooo overspend!
LauraJ94Dec 13 17 - 01:27Like quick straight-to-the-point surveys. Thank you, TopCashBack!
Tami77TweetDec 12 17 - 23:08Easiest survey ever and entered for a chance to win an Amazon gift card. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a great prize. Awesome!!
Tami77TweetDec 12 17 - 23:08Easiest survey ever and entered for a chance to win an Amazon gift card. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a great prize. Awesome!!
daizy8701Dec 11 17 - 22:21Straight to the point
shiva22Dec 11 17 - 21:10Thank you for the chance of winning.
EmStew19Dec 11 17 - 18:38Done!
mellgbab36Dec 11 17 - 13:11I like surveys with less then 20 questions
Hamzanasser1Dec 10 17 - 10:56Nice
psoliz20320Dec 09 17 - 21:22Very easy and simple to answer!
stacyDec 09 17 - 17:39Very quick and easy. I wish more survey's were like this
lanxnDec 09 17 - 11:37Love to volunteer
KochgraphicsDec 09 17 - 06:57TopChashback has allowed me to be a good steward of the money we spend both in our personal lives and in our small business venture. It is so easy to use and has allowed me to pour money back into our finances, what a blessing!

Thanks for being awesome TopCashback =]
MamaSkiDec 08 17 - 19:27Truly a short survey
shinnaLXLDec 08 17 - 17:13Nice prize!!!
bunnytdoDec 07 17 - 16:47This would be a great gift.
krystale77Dec 06 17 - 20:24I hope I can share this year. It would be a nice change to be free to do that.
cjsyahoojunkDec 06 17 - 20:20: )
bopperwhopperDec 06 17 - 19:45Love the contests
ambroksDec 06 17 - 13:34Good.
Psalmsat51Dec 05 17 - 09:45Thank you, TopCashBack, for the opportunities to win cash & Prizes. I pray that those with the most need will win. Blessings to each! O:-) <>< ~~~~
ardyssDec 05 17 - 08:53Survey was easy
ilovesavingDec 04 17 - 22:21Thanks for the survey it was sweet and short and the opportunity to win some cash for the holidays. Merry Christmas!!!
Member97245223849Dec 04 17 - 15:55He is ruining not only our country but our relationship to all other countries.
Owenshop30 Dec 04 17 - 15:21Survey stopped at state
plumeriaDec 04 17 - 15:08I think there's something wrong w/ Your survey. It is cut off!
Member59792806717Dec 04 17 - 12:00Easy and fast!
grimm5603Dec 04 17 - 11:49I wonder where and when the winners will be posted
Member54349760653Dec 03 17 - 21:57I was only able to go to the state selection and can't go any further to enter my e-mail; my e-mail is batchild1 at cox dot net.
Member810589652313Dec 03 17 - 20:51This was a short survey and was looking for more. Thank you for allowing me to participate!
vickyc814Dec 03 17 - 20:04Would love to win
Pamjim1972Dec 03 17 - 19:29Would be nice to actually win something
Paula_BDec 03 17 - 19:17No state of ohio???
Member710303292111Dec 03 17 - 19:12Great Opportunity, I love short surveys
Sherriek1Dec 03 17 - 17:42Thanks for the opportunity!
bohanrosettiDec 03 17 - 17:41Great short survey would love to win something since I never have won anything
guesqDec 03 17 - 17:27Shortest survey.
John8765Dec 03 17 - 17:09Can't wait to win!!
Sharonj31Dec 03 17 - 13:52Short and sweet survey!
LolojoeDec 02 17 - 20:04I often do surveys to get gift cards to shop with for gifts. Thanks for the opportunity.
Laha123Dec 02 17 - 17:32Great place to shop, always at the top!!!
linberDec 02 17 - 10:18I love short surveys
DlundstromDec 02 17 - 07:17Best survey ever
msharris1991Dec 01 17 - 23:48Super excited and thankful to participate. This was a good survey, wasn't that long
Wishful_ThinkingDec 01 17 - 20:42I am always curious and tend to wonder who actually wins these types of things. I know it isn't me but I can't help but think does any real person win these prizes or just bots?
Dgraves2222Dec 01 17 - 19:42I save money so I can buy the extras in life.
jfowler08Dec 01 17 - 16:52I like these kind of quick and easy surverys. Another fun thing to do through TopCashBack!
2014beachbumDec 01 17 - 16:22I accidentally gave the wrong email. :(
candicatsDec 01 17 - 12:38Would love to win....
Tonkel82899Dec 01 17 - 12:20That was the shortest survey I have ever taken and I take surveys all the time. My mom was an accountant and she taught me about money and money saving. I use coupons and was working towards being an extreme couponer, before my medical problems hinder me running around to different stores to scope out prices. I now do most of my shopping online and use multiple money saving apps/Sites. Big purchases take much research; it is worth it to me and my family. Kelton99828@Centurylink.Net is my email address you asked for.
Tonkel82899Dec 01 17 - 12:12That was the shortest survey I have ever taken and I take surveys all the time. Kelton99828@Centurylink.Net is my email address you asked for.
hfenglandDec 01 17 - 04:37I always make sure there's money in my budget to give to Veterans organizations.