Member Appreciation Month Giveaway

Member Appreciation Month Giveaway

This time last year, the world was met with an unexpected global pandemic that affected our daily lives and routines. Although we’re still not completely out of the woods, we’re making positive strides towards living a “normal” life again.

Which is why this year, we’ve decided to once more declare the month of April “Member Appreciation Month” at TopCashback and reward you for being a smart, savvy shopper! If it weren’t for our spectacular members, we wouldn’t be able to do this. So, from the bottom of our heart, thank you for being part of the TopCashback family.

Every Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 am EST during the month of April, visit our Facebook page for a chance to win $20. We’ll randomly select and notify one lucky winner within 48 hours of the prize draw close date.

Be on the lookout for a direct Facebook message from TopCashbackUSA letting you know you’ve won! The prize ($20 USD) will be deposited directly into the member’s TopCashback account, where you can cash it out through a variety of payout methods.

TopCashback giveaways are open to members only, so if you're not already a member, take a moment and sign up today. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

dreamtsoi24Jun 21 21 - 13:26 I love TopCashback help me save money.
fifi43Apr 28 21 - 09:18 I like Christmas because I get to see my sons & Grandchildren.I love getting gift cards with my points.
Johnluke1Apr 27 21 - 02:16 I love this site after my Christmas shopping. It was so nice get 158.00 cash back. All for doing nothing different then Using this site. What's not to love.
kclwApr 26 21 - 17:54 Thanks so much forthe $10,sure helps,every $ Counts.
KaigaiFashionApr 25 21 - 11:59 Thank you. I enjoy shopping more. And I also don't use much of facebook.
kcbaby91Apr 24 21 - 20:28 I do not have a Facebook, I hate Facebook
Member1217028653731Apr 18 21 - 22:31 This is so awesome
ExecutorApr 12 21 - 10:16 Interesting man hope for best..😎😎💚💚
Member430332226619Apr 09 21 - 23:17 Thx for this service I likey
DiannaleecApr 07 21 - 22:21 I check Topcashback before I buy anything online! ❤️
Oxana20Apr 07 21 - 08:12 Thanks to TopCashBack I was able to save and take advantage of this money in my future purchases. And the most interesting thing that I am looking forward to, is the contest where you have to catch a hummingbird.
fifi43Apr 05 21 - 12:23 I love getting enough points to get a gift card,maybe I will get one to celebrate my 60th wedding anniversary & My 78 th birthday this month.
raffyApr 05 21 - 07:49 Everyday is “TopCashBack Appreciation Day” In my book :)