How to Achieve Your Home Workout Goals

Posted on Mar 24 2020 Posted in  Money Saving Tips
How to Achieve Your Home Workout Goals

5,6,7,8! While your current workout studio or gym may be closed, you might find yourself leaning up against a kitchen counter for barre stretches or using a pineapple as a weight. But it doesn’t need to remain that way!

Whether you’re looking to start a new fitness adventure or want to keep up with your routine, there’s plenty of options to keep you moving right from your home.

Let’s get started


It’s important to make sure you know what kind of program you’re looking to start or continue.

If you’re someone who typically works with a personal trainer but needs to practice social distancing, Find Your Trainer is a great resource. Sessions start at $49/each and you can earn $15 cashback with your online purchase.

Or if you’re someone who thrives on the energy of a group class or workout plan, look into a Beachbody plan. Plus you can score $2.50 cashback!

Looking for something more calming during this hectic time? Try and create your own personal yoga studio. Nab 12% cashback and access audio/video yoga and meditation classes.

Make sure you have the proper equipment


Now that you’ve established your fitness plan, it’s important to make sure you have the proper equipment so you can achieve your goals. Of course, canned soup and a wall can be helpful in times of desperation, but you can still shop for your gear online.

Shop for strength training equipment, yoga and pilates gear, or even small machines (see if your store offers curbside pickup!) at Dick’s Sporting Goods (No Cashback cashback) and BJs Wholesale Club (1% cashback).

Look good, feel good


Your workout #OOTD (outfit of the day) may vary based on what activity you’re doing.

Whether you’re looking for new leggings, running shorts, colorful sports bras and tanks, or new sneakers, these stores have you covered:


Keep your goals moving


And while you’re keeping up your fitness goals, we hope you continue to feel your best during this unprecedented time. If you’re looking for additional resources, check out our travel blog, skincare blog and more.


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