Holiday Bonus Payouts

Holiday Bonus Payouts

The holiday season is almost upon us! While we’re stuffing our bellies with festive feasts, we think our members could be fattening their wallets. That’s why we’re increasing our bonus payout rates on earnout methods from November 1st - November 15th.

So quickly cash out your funds to take advantage of the bonus money. It will come in handy during the holiday shopping frenzy.

Check your account balance here for bonus opportunities!

Increased Rates


AMex rate is suppose to be 5% Through today but only reflects 3%. Planning to redeem today. How will I get the extra 2%?
  Nov 15 17 - 12:56
  Hi Tobster,

Would you like to send in a support ticket? We'd be happy to make sure you don't miss out here.

I hope this helps,
I looked at my payout, $230 ach and only $237 Amazon, so even though it is saying increased rates, they are not actually providing them, kind of a scam.
  Nov 15 17 - 11:52
  Hi szaban,

We've been able to sort this for you now but please let us know if this isn't the case. We'd be happy to take a further look and make sure you don't miss out.

I hope this helps,
I think there is some confusion over the difference between cashback percentages and payout bonus percentages.

Cashback is what you get when you shop at one of their stores through their link and get cash back on your purchase.

A payout bonus is when you are ready to collect all the cash you have earned from shopping at various places; you click on "payout" and you can either have them put the exact amount of cash into your bank account or paypal account or you can get a bonus of up to 15% By choosing a gift card from one of their listed vendors. It will tell you exactly how much you will get from each vendor on their gift card. That's your payout bonus -- a bigger gift card than you would have gotten if you'd chosen a cash payout.

  Nov 14 17 - 22:06
Topcashback is the better than ebates
  Nov 11 17 - 22:58
How does this work? If I shop @Amazon, I get 5% If I pay using my Amazon gc or amex that was stored on Amazon payment method??

  Nov 11 17 - 15:48
  Hi eopoj168,

If you were to make a purchase using your Gift Card on Amazon then this shouldn't be a problem. We should see your cashback track within 7 days.

I hope this helps,
They take amex almost everywhere so if your favorite retailer is not listed go the amex way (Nike my third choice - the kids you know...)
  Nov 04 17 - 12:44
"Learn more"button is not working when wanting to get information on the payout methods.
  Nov 03 17 - 12:42
  Hi Member910869366304,

I think that the 'Learn more' button was only meant for the homepage banner we have up. The button on this blog post should be removed very shortly! I'm sorry for the confusion there.

I hope this helps,
I just shopped at Sephora through your site, but it only states 5.5% Instead of 7% As listed above?
  Nov 03 17 - 10:51
  Hi simplykimikins,

I am sorry that you had this trouble. However, this appears to be showing the correct payout bonus now. Would you mind checking and letting us know if you still have an issue seeing this?


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