Highest Cash Back Guarantee

Cash Back Guarantee

You’ll be pleased to know that TopCashback has a Highest Cashback Guarantee, and we are about to tell you all about it...

Did you know?

TopCashback offers its member a fantastic way to earn the same level of cash back as they would have earned shopping elsewhere. A lot of members are not aware that we offer a "Highest Cashback Guarantee", where by we will match *competitors cash back rebates subject to a few simple terms and conditions.

*Cash Back rates will be matched when offered by the following Cash Back websites; Befrugal, Ebates, Extrabux, Fat Wallet, Mr Rebates and shopathome.

We have a simple link that you can use from our customer care section on site, and from there you can simply provide us with the relevant requested information on our easy to complete form, and within a few days your cash back will be updated on each valid claim.

Why would you want to use any other cash back site with this great opportunity?

You can then move on to worrying about more important things in life, like how you with spend the cash back you have earned once you have received it through ACH or PayPal. There is also the added bonus of receiving an additional 3% top up on your cash back, when you cash out your earnings as an Amazon.com Gift Card Claim Code or American Express® Reward Card


All information correct at time of print, and may be subject to change at any time. 



Posted on May 20 2016  |  Posted in  Money Saving Tips
Can you just add savebig.Me on your list, they have 5% Cash back on GearBest and 6% Of Zaful
  Feb 16 19 - 01:38
This is a very limited vendor list to be boasting 'we match any competitors cashback' & 'Highest Cashback Guarantee'.
Please add Ticketmaster - Ebates has 5% You have 1%.
  May 13 18 - 15:10
Right now Ebates is beating you on Lowes home improvement.
  Nov 05 17 - 19:30
If it takes 6 months to find out if i'm getting any cashback at all, why would I bother making a purchase hoping you'll decide it's eligible?
  Nov 05 17 - 18:49
  Oct 20 17 - 06:28
Will you match those cash back websites not listed in your t&C? For example, Rebate Giant, Simply best coupons, etc.?
  Jun 14 16 - 13:37
Upromise has 5% For walmart and 10% If you have their cc. Tcb is my fav so would like to use them for wm more please! ;-)
  Jun 04 16 - 09:45
  Hi cashback4u,

I'm sorry to say that Upromise isn't a cashback website that we are able to match against.

We do mention in our terms and conditions the cashback websites in which we are able to match for you and if you find a higher rate from one of these, we'd be happy to look at matching this for you.

I hope this helps!
TopCashback Support
TopCashBack is fraud. It has promises but delivers nothing.
  Jun 03 16 - 17:50
  Hi there,

I can assure you that we are not fraudulent and we do pay out on genuinely made transactions.

If you have had any issues with your account then please feel free to send in a support ticket through the customer care section of your account!

TopCashback Support
I would def use you guys even more if you could beat the upromise.com website for Walmart cashback! They offer 5% Cashback for Wallyworld and 10% If you have their credit card. I prefer TopCashback because they pay out faster but would def love at least 5% Instead of the 4% They normally offer! I will promote you guys even more! Please let me know and thanks for everything, you guys are my favorite! ;-)
  Jun 03 16 - 13:50
It says you will beat their price. By how much? Thanks
  Jun 03 16 - 12:15
  Hi there!

We do pay out 100% Of what our retailers pass across to us which we usually find allows us to offer the highest rates!

If you do find a rate higher than ours, we shouldn't have a problem in matching this for you.

TopCashback Support
Do you guys match cashback from portal apps, or only from the portal's website?
  Apr 20 15 - 10:37
  We'll certainly look into it to see if we can match a rate but to be able to do this, we'll need a url link from the website/App where you have seen a better rate of cashback. If you can provide this then we should be able to approve your Highest Cashback Guarantee if it is a cashback site we are happy to match.

If you have any further questions then please feel free to send in a support ticket in the customer care section of your account.

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