Fall-tastic Tell-a-Friend

Fall-tastic Tell-a-Friend

It’s fall, ya’ll!

Like most of you, our hearts are set on candy apples, pumpkin carving and Halloween shenanigans. But we’re greeting autumn in our own, unique way this year with the new Fall-tastic Tell-a-Friend campaign.

By participating in TopCashback’s Fall-tastic Tell-a-Friend event, members will be eligible to earn EXTRA cash back for any referred pal they send.

Here’s how it works: Talk to your family, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, soul mate, bus driver – anyone who enjoys shopping as much as you do – about TopCashback. If they’re interested, email this referral link or post it on Facebook and Twitter for maximum exposure.

We'll give you a $15 bonus for each new buddy you invite who earns $10 in cash back (not to be mistaken for making a $10 purchase). That's all it takes!

This special bonus rate won’t last for long, though. Share TopCashback with your friends today!

Our Tell-a-Friend promotion runs from 1 am PST September 21, 2020 to 2 am PST October 5, 2020. 

For additional information, please read the Tell-a-Friend Terms & Conditions.

ChristinewoodsOct 02 20 - 06:58 Less probably they sign up because of no bonus 😂
Member1027894345649Oct 02 20 - 04:43 These is so legit
aminedzaOct 02 20 - 01:50 Good gift cart
sungil leeOct 01 20 - 23:31 Good choice
Member927868289419Sep 29 20 - 18:15 12345678
navycatSep 29 20 - 03:22 Not fair to the invited friend
Hi There,

Your friend will always be able to get bonuses for the people they refer as well :)

Best Wishes,

JoshrSep 24 20 - 06:09 Free moneys
Sugar_QueenSep 22 20 - 08:11 Too bad, that the invited friend gets no bonus at all :-(
Hi There,

Thank you for your comment. Your friend may not be getting a bonus, but they will stil be saving on their purchase which is nice. Also, your friend can always get a bonus later if they refer people as well! :)

Best Wishes,