Autumn Adventures Await

Autumn Adventures Await

Summer is quickly making its departure. Days are becoming shorter, temperatures are continuing to drop, and kiddos are returning to their schools’ playgrounds. But none of these signs mean the end of adventure.

In fact, we’ve put together a bucket list of things that will help anybody make the most out of autumn. With delightful deals and cash back offers in store, you’ll be kicking off the new season in utter contentment.

Apple & Pumpkin Picking

Lehman's Product Image

Old-Time poplar half bushel baskets

If you’re not at the apple orchard or pumpkin patch at least every weekend, you’re not doing fall right. It’s an easy favorite for the children…or a getaway from the children. Go with a few close friends or alone at your leisure. However you decide to enjoy the activity, be sure to tote around a bushel basket from Lehman's for housing your fresh picks! Scoop a 2-pack up today with 10% cash back.

Making Homemade Pies & Candy Apples

The Lakeside Collection

Crispy Crust Pie Pan and Pie Keeper

Why not be artful with your selections from the farm? Follow a traditional recipe or bake your own delicious creation. Your lucky guests or recipients will be quick to dig in.

To get the perfect crispy crust and freshness for your pie, check out The Lakeside Collection's pie baking accessories. They are currently being sold for $7.99 each and can be neatly paired with our 2% cash back offer.


Sportsman's Guide

Guide Gear canvas hunter sleeping bag with pillow pocket

Experience the change in season right at its heart by camping out in the woods. You can take in the sights, go hunting or fishing, recite ghost stories, and get as cozy as possible inside a tent. But before you take off on your exciting adventure, supply yourself with Guide Gear’s canvas hunter sleeping bag from Sportsman's Guide and score 3% cash back on your purchase.

Outdoor Fireside Chats


Fire Sense 30" Portsmouth weathered bronze fire pit

Appreciate the cooler weather that autumn brings, but also keep warm and toasty before a fire pit with friends and family. You can snag a 30-inch Portsmouth fire pit online at Hayneedle for $79.99, and earn cash back on your purchase through us.



True Temper 26" dual tine leaf rake

How did this manage to sneak in? Well, a fall bucket list can’t go entirely without fall chores. And unfortunately, the beautiful, multi-colored leaves don’t remain on their branches. Sweep them into large, clean piles with a dual tine leaf rake you’ll find on Tractor Supply Company's site for as low as $19.99. Factor in our 3% cash back offer, and raking doesn't seem so bad anymore.

If there’s more you want to add to your to-dos this fall, then go ahead! But in case we weren’t clear enough, make sure to save on your expenses by shopping through TopCashback.

Editor's Note: Promos were correct at time of publication.

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mt2xeOct 05 19 - 15:26I love apple picking!! Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Maine. My fav season! <3
Member1022081617609Oct 03 19 - 21:23Thanks for the info!