Autumn Treats Game 2020

Autumn Treats Game 2020

*Our Autumn Treats $500 grand prize winner is Jeff P. Thank you all for playing!*

Surprise! Harry the Hummingbird has returned for another treats game in honor of the coziest season of the year. Collect the fall icons for instant cash rewards and chances to win the mega prize.

As you browse our site for the greatest cash back deals on everything you'll need this autumn, you might just find a buzzing hummingbird waiting for you. Each hummingbird you find may contain a fall treat or an entry to win the $500 grand prize.

Starting Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 6:00am PST until Friday, October 23, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST, you'll encounter hummingbirds around our site that you can collect to win cash prizes. Studies prove that hummingbirds can remember every flower they've visited. We will give you clues to solve so that you can follow them on their "migration route" around

How to Play:

How to enter: Entering the sweepstakes is easy. All you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account any time during the promotion run date and look around for clues that lead you to find the hummingbirds. Each hummingbird you collect (by clicking on the hummingbird) may contain a fall treat which will be counted toward your instant wins for the day.

Instant wins: When you collect a certain number of fall treats to equal an instant win, the prize will be automatically added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours. Return each day to increase your chances for instant wins and gain more entries to the grand prize. There are thousands of instant wins in the form of some of our favorite fall icons, which range in value from $0.25 to $100 each.

Mega prize: The grand prize, valued at $500, will be deposited into the winning TopCashback member’s account to spend anywhere they want.

Refer to the terms and conditions page for more prize details. At the conclusion of the game, we will select one winner at random for the mega prize. Upon confirmation, the $500 prize will be deposited into the winner's account. The winner of the grand prize will also be announced on our social media.

Get others to join in on the fun to increase your chances to win! Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain more entries to the big prize draw. At any time, you can check your account to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize.

Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily clues. You can also visit and click on the Autumn Treats banner found on the bottom of the screen to review your prize board and daily clues.


Don't miss a single hummingbird! We will post a round-up of the previous daily clues right here, so be sure to bookmark this blog post.

JC Penney

Missguided US

International Open Academy





Saks Off 5TH



OshKosh B'gosh


Office Depot






Old Navy


Physicians Formula

Wet N Wild


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Full terms of the Sweepstakes


Have you been playing our #TreatsGame, but not having much luck? Here are some of our best practices:

  • The daily clues are a great place to start and keep your eyes peeled for Harry the Hummingbird at all times. Yes, he likes to fly around and visit all of his friends (the stores) at different times of the day. So if you don’t see him at first, try again later.
  • Visit all different retailer pages. Keep in mind that the daily clues are a great place to start but you may find Harry the Hummingbird somewhere else first.
  • Try different devices and browsers. Did you know you can play our Treats Game on your mobile device? Well, you can! And if you aren’t having much luck, try a different browser and/or clear your cookies. Please keep in mind that you cannot play the Treats Game on our app. 
Jmf3449Nov 02 20 - 08:32 Who won the 500.00 ?
cscooper2000Oct 29 20 - 14:52 What are the results of the Hummingbird game drawing?
SwannettaOct 24 20 - 07:42 Anyone else having difficulty getting the daily clue to load? Mine just locks and spins and spins...
SavidOct 23 20 - 03:19 Found a random one on Belk and Macy's.
cheapsakeOct 23 20 - 01:06 Today's daily clue is Lorac
cheapsakeOct 22 20 - 21:57 Found a random one @ Walgreens
SooniiaOct 22 20 - 14:54 @Member10280.... You don’T need a specific amount you are already in for the $500 drawing, that amount you have (140) just depends on your personal participation.
KLAVA1905Oct 22 20 - 11:48 Please explain how many points you need to score to participate in the $ 500 drawing. I have 140 now, what does that mean?
plantgnome1Oct 22 20 - 04:20 If the hummingbirds are random, how come the daily one is there for everyone? Because its planted there. They are controlled by something or someone. At this point with only $900 left, and $500 is for the grand prize, don't expect too many things other than pde's.
sivanaviOct 22 20 - 01:18 Wet n wild
Member1217028653731Oct 22 20 - 00:27 Physician formula
SquenOct 21 20 - 15:09 Found a flutter at bjs!
Member413643569230Oct 21 20 - 13:02 Physician's Formula ❤
DotCOct 21 20 - 00:54 Todays answer is Physicians Formula
SquenOct 20 20 - 10:43 Plantgnome, I know what you mean and I agree with what you're saying. There are lots of things I have interest in, but it usually involves getting on Facebook, which I consider to be nothing but gossip. But you're ahead of me, i've won absolutely nothing but a little fun from finding these hummingbirds.
Hi There,

Thank you for participating in the game! That's all we really want for our members, for them to have a little fun with the chance of winning some extra cash :)

Best Wishes,

plantgnome1Oct 20 20 - 06:03 Squen-This was fun, but very frustrating as it is not an equal playing field. Just like single entry sweepstakes with only one entry allowed ie: equal chances for everyone, but allowing sharing for extra entries thru social media, is not equal, thus defeating the meaning of single entry. I have played this TCB game numerous times, my total winnings have been $2.00.
Member1217028653731Oct 20 20 - 01:10 Old navy was yesterday's clue today's is enfamil
Member726838924945Oct 19 20 - 22:29 Hello everyone! I don't think is rigged. This is my first year using topcash and I played in the spring. I got a couple of dollars then and on this one too. I think is just luck! Just play for the fun of it and maybe you'll end up being the lucky one. Good luck everyone!!🤗🤗🤗
sidesixOct 19 20 - 10:49 Yeah I don't use Facebook either! It kinda sucks coz i've spent thousands through TCB - but over the years never won anything more than the $0.50 or $0.25 prize!!!! -___-
It's rigged
Hi There,
I can assure you this isn't rigged and i'm very sorry you haven't had much luck so far. I hope you will continue to play and have as much fun as you can. We create these games for our members to enjoy and win some extra cash. Most members seem to like the idea. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email them to promotions@Topcashback.Com.

Best Wishes,

akiva599Oct 19 20 - 10:30 Old navy is today clue
SquenOct 19 20 - 08:02 Plantgnome, play for the fun. I'm not a Facebook fan either, and there will always be people out there with unfair advantages. That's life. Look at it as a little fun in your day when theres not much fun elsewhere due to the kung flu.
plantgnome1Oct 18 20 - 21:55 This is clearly leaning towards facebook, some of them have over 300 entries because they share and get extra entries. So unfair to those of us that aren't a fan of facebook. Don't know why I am bothering with this.
Member1217028653731Oct 18 20 - 10:09 Skiphop is todays
Dolores91Oct 17 20 - 23:05 Macy’S ..
Dolores91Oct 17 20 - 22:58 Macy’S ...
CommandoBrando13Oct 16 20 - 12:51 Found an extra bird at Express Clothing.
Member12621192145Oct 15 20 - 14:14 Mobibodi
Mewzme2Oct 15 20 - 09:35 You have won $0.25 cash!
toppshelffOct 15 20 - 06:58 Sorry, final question. Do hummingbirds show up on any vendor page, or just to a limited number of "sponsors"?
toppshelffOct 15 20 - 04:56 Questions for TopCashback:
1) Do hummingbirds show up completely randomly, or does the probability decrease depending on how many birds you already got that day. I find the first comes quickly, the 2nd more slowly, then the 3rd is quite difficult.
2) When you get the hummingbird, is the prize random, or is are there a limited number of "winners". That is, if I have 3 out of 4 of a category, is it much less likely to get the final, based on your overall number available? I have achieved 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4 in all categories in the past, and never find the last one. This would make sense for you to do, but just asking.
Hi There,

Thank you so much for reaching out. To answer all of your questions, the hummingbirds and prizes are all randomized and hummingbirds can appear on any merchant page.

Best wishes and Good Luck!

coquiOct 15 20 - 00:29 Modibodi
DpsomosOct 14 20 - 17:58 I agree that's all i'm getting too cannot get anything but entries
plantgnome1Oct 14 20 - 15:00 Like everyone else at facebook is saying only getting pde's, barely any extras, this autumn treats sucks as compared to previous years. Getting wrist pains for nothing
eonekorinOct 14 20 - 06:13 Calzedonia
Member1217028653731Oct 13 20 - 12:50 Office depot
Member1027985274404Oct 13 20 - 06:35 Office Depot
lindsey_ryanOct 13 20 - 06:22 Went to today’S clue but there was no Hummingbird 🧐
Sagibb09Oct 12 20 - 21:32 Yeah 😎 $0.50
DpsomosOct 12 20 - 12:10 Got 50 cents once but that was it mostly entries when I just need one more
teresavntrinhOct 12 20 - 12:00 American Eagles outfitters
Member1028006070446Oct 12 20 - 10:34 Did anyone actually get anything other than $0.25?
Sagibb09Oct 12 20 - 00:52 Clue-
raman1Oct 11 20 - 23:12 I found one on aliexpress.
Michal1989Oct 11 20 - 14:49 Only Draw :(
raman1Oct 11 20 - 12:19 I found one on aliexpress.
jamika03Oct 11 20 - 06:55 Osh Kosh b’Gosh
lindsey_ryanOct 11 20 - 05:10 Seriously. What. What kind of weird pattern is this?
Jmf3449Oct 11 20 - 03:27 What the heck is today’S clue answer i’M stumped
TweetymamaOct 11 20 - 00:18 I just won $2 yay
anshuabinashOct 10 20 - 20:10 Need 1 Pumpkin Team.
Bamboo05Oct 10 20 - 15:19 Found one in Levis
Member614059275056Oct 10 20 - 11:47 Love the hummingbirds ❤️ In past have won anything from .25 to 1.00. Maybe this time will be more🤞 Thank you for the chance though🤗
Member124176936731Oct 10 20 - 06:03 I found one on qvc!
Member620228114430Oct 09 20 - 14:49 Saks off 5th
linhongjunOct 09 20 - 03:00 Todays's Saks Off 5TH
plantgnome1Oct 09 20 - 02:10 All I keep getting are pde's, I think they are making sure the cash lasts until the end of the month. :{
Hi There,

I can assure you we aren't holding any cash as many members have been winning cash daily. It's all just randomized. We hope you keep playing and good luck! :)


cheapsakeOct 08 20 - 20:10 Saks off 5th
mymarlaOct 07 20 - 01:24 Love playing the treats game!! I won 25 cents last year on the Christmas one
plantgnome1Oct 07 20 - 00:25 Todays daily clue lumens
Julias44Oct 06 20 - 20:35 Love this game its so fun and to get rewarded is so exciting.
TimberellaOct 06 20 - 15:10 Skin store.Nice.
Member1027907286152Oct 06 20 - 08:53 Skin store today
Member1217028653731Oct 06 20 - 08:13 Skin store found a daily entry today
jessica1956Oct 06 20 - 07:06 Skin Store
The good lifeOct 06 20 - 05:24 Today is skin store
DemonatOct 06 20 - 01:29 I understand this is a hoax? 8 transitions to shops and everywhere a chance for $ 500
Hi There,

I can assure you this is legit. When you get a prize entry or a "chance for $500" this simply means you're entered in the drawing for the $500 grand prize at the end. So in reality, the more prize entries you receive, the higher your chance is for the grand prize. I hope tis makes more sense :)

Best Wishes,

DpsomosOct 05 20 - 16:32 Yah the most i've won is 50 cents I don't know who is winning either because once I need only one more I get all entries into drawing that I know I won't win ??
Hi There,

If you would like to take a look at our Facebook Page, you will see tons of comments of members who are winning cash daily. Also, the more prize entries you get, the greater your chance is for winning the grand prize at the end of $500. I hope you understand, and Good Luck :)


KingerOct 05 20 - 13:53 Adidas now
MikaiOct 05 20 - 10:14 Today’S adidas
rudyp629Oct 05 20 - 05:33 Hola espero ganar este sorteo! Muchas gracias ! Un saludos coordial
plantgnome1Oct 05 20 - 04:32 I don't know who is winning over $2,000 as other than 2 all I get are entries into the $500 draw. This one is worse than last time. No longer fun.
Hi There,

I'm sorry you haven't had much luck so far, but it's still worth trying every day as you never know what you're going to get :)

Best Wishes,

DpsomosOct 04 20 - 21:11 Thanks !
plantgnome1Oct 04 20 - 17:33 Dpsomos
DpsomosOct 04 20 - 16:21 Anyone figure out yesterday's clue ?
plantgnome1Oct 04 20 - 08:53 Just an entry with chewy nothing to add to my needing 2 and 3 items to get cash
HaoWangOct 04 20 - 08:24 Chewy
Member720532361506Oct 03 20 - 14:22 Have fun with the game.
Hotwheelette63Oct 03 20 - 10:35 I love this site and have saved a lot of money....Thanks!
Bamboo05Oct 03 20 - 07:57 Yay so excited it's back
leahimodeOct 03 20 - 06:03 Love to earn cash back by Topcashback!
johnchanOct 03 20 - 02:05 Topcashback is the the best cash back app ever!
shirleyliushOct 02 20 - 20:42 Best cash back app ever!
Member217973624945Oct 02 20 - 20:35 Do you ever get extra birds?
Hi There,

Yes, you can definitely find extra birds as they will appear randomly on site throughout the day :)

Best Wishes,

Member324988370727Oct 02 20 - 16:56 What a great game to play in Autumn!
u154325Oct 02 20 - 15:09 TopCashback is the goto site for great deals. Save a ton of $$$$.
sweetrach83Oct 02 20 - 14:05 Topcashback is the the best cash back app ever!
Member714617434628Oct 02 20 - 08:17 Luv hummingbirds and winning money$$$$$$
cheapsakeOct 02 20 - 01:28 International Open Academy
CrazyhorseOct 02 20 - 00:24 Hsn. Com-pumpkin
CrazyhorseOct 02 20 - 00:14 Hsn. Com-pumpkin
made0909Oct 01 20 - 20:16 Very cool
mahmoudpohaOct 01 20 - 13:12 Very Good
JimoeOct 01 20 - 10:42 I love hummingbirds!
topcashback52Oct 01 20 - 08:21 Missguided us for today
smoothieSep 30 20 - 12:58 Jc Penny confimred worked for me!
Hi There,

Yay! Congrats. We really hope you continue to enjoy the game :)

Best Wishes,