5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

For many, the holiday season isn’t just about hanging tinsel and wrapping presents but a great time to spread love and cheer. And according to TopCashback.com, 84 percent of Americans feel the most generous around this time of year.

So, whether giving back is already a family tradition or this is your first time, here are 5 ways you can support your community this holiday from TopCashback’s Consumer Expert Rebecca Gramuglia.


1.  Donate.

If you are looking to donate to an organization, it’s essential to do your research. Use a site like Charity Navigator, which focuses on educating donors about specific charities, to help you decide where your money should go. And if you’re looking to combine donating with shopping, you can contribute any payable cash back to Direct Relief through TopCashback.com.


2. Shop at stores that give.

Around the holidays you’ll find lots of stores that give back—whether it’s locally, nationally or internationally, there will likely be a chance for you to pay it forward simply by shopping. Retailers like Olivela, Pura Vida Bracelets, TOMS and DIFF Eyewear combine giving back with their brand.

Whether it’s donating a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization or supplying products to those in need, you can easily shop and help out at the same time.


3. Volunteer.

As we know, this holiday looks and feels different but volunteers are still needed. If you want to safely pledge your time in-person, check with your local organization to make sure they’re accepting volunteers.


4. Set up a food drive.

Picking the right organization to donate to can be a tough decision. So if you’re struggling with where to begin, a good rule of thumb is to start locally. This season, safely connect with your neighbors and organize either an in-person or virtual food drive to help your local food bank.

Food drives are a helpful way to stock the shelves for those in need and bring attention to hunger in your community. Pro-tip: Reach out to your local food bank ahead of time to see if they’re accepting donations and noting what they’re in need of.


5. Give a gift that gives back.

Whether it’s gifts or donating, the holiday season is all about giving. This year, spread the love and cheer twice as far and consider donating to your preferred charity in honor of your friends and family instead of giving them a physical gift.


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