New Year Tell-a-Friend

New Year Tell-a-Friend

The temps might be dropping, but the rewards are heating up here at TopCashback! Start off 2020 right with our New Year Tell-a-Friend event happening now. As a member of TopCashback, you can stack up your cash back earnings simply by inviting others to join and shop. Don’t drop the ball on this one—start spreading the word, stat!

With our New Year Tell-a-Friend event, you are eligible to earn cashback for any referred pal you send.

The Way it Works: Each new buddy you invite to join TopCashback who goes on to earn just $10 in cash back, earns you $20.20. It's that simple! You’ll be helping out friends with awesome ways to save on workout clothes to get those new year fitness goals in motion. And you’ll get a sparkling little present for yourself.

Just email or post your referral link on Facebook and Twitter for maximum exposure. Your buds will be thrilled to discover the benefits of cash back rewards!

Why should they join TopCashback?

When they join TopCashback, there's no longer a need to scour the web for the best deals because we've got them all! Choose from over 4,000 retailers with the highest available cash back rates and coupon codes.

Compared to other cash back sites, TopCashback has double cash back rates as our normal rates are often double what you'll find elsewhere due to our 100% cash back policy.

Unlike those other cash back companies, we have NO minimum balance to payout, offer up to 10% bonuses with select payout methods, and offer special promotions like this one to help our members boost their earnings.

Tell-a-Friend Terms & Conditions

This Tell-a-Friend promotion runs from 1 am January 2, 2020 to 2 am PST January 17, 2020.

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