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Amazon Reviews

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Everyone knows about Amazon by now. What started as an online bookstore has become the place to buy everything. It’s clear to us that people are generally happy with the state of shopping at Amazon because of how successful the brand is. Thanks to Prime, regular savings, and the sheer quantity and variety of goods, Amazon is a lot of people’s first place to look when shopping.

We were surprised to see such a high volume of negative Amazon reviews. Most people online in recent reviews have become quite aggravated over long delivery times even though they pay for the Prime, 2-day delivery service.

Although the 1-star reviews are the majority, the 5-star Amazon reviews are filled with people countering and sometimes disproving negative experiences. This could be a case of the company having so many orders that thousands of bad reviews may seem like a lot, it is a drop in the bucket compared to millions of orders.

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Amazon Reviews
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The cash back offers are very few and far between and always changing.
  hrsose | Jun 17, 2016 Report Abuse
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Cashback on Amazon is almost always rejected.
  samlee | Jun 08, 2016 Report Abuse
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Shopped through several cash back sites on amazon and not once have I received the cash back I earned. I even made sure it was in the specific category. The worst part is that I am not able to make a claim because that is stated as one of their conditions and this must be why.
  ahermes | Mar 31, 2016 Report Abuse
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If could have given Amazon zero stars I would have. Amazon sucks at paying any cash back. My advice to those who maybe enticed to make a purchase because they see Amazon is offering cash back is to shop around and if you find another retailer where the total out of pocket will be close to what the price is on Amazon then purchase from them instead. I have used multiple cash back sites for a few years and Amazon ALWAYS sucks at paying cash back; it’s not just me read the detailed review out there. I have never been paid the cash back for purchases I have made from Amazon AND worse you CAN'T dispute the transaction; they don't allow any disputes. Don’t get me wrong I love the competitive pricing and convenience Amazon offers but I don’t like their customer service.
  Roxane | Mar 04, 2016 Report Abuse
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I go to Amazon from Topcashback, but after order an adidas shoes, i don't receive money cashback
  duyld2108 | Jan 10, 2016 Report Abuse
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I've never had Amazon track despite making purchases from the targeted categories...and conveniently, TCB and other portals cannot follow up on untracked orders.
  mentsmin | Dec 07, 2015 Report Abuse
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Cheating. Payment does not. With other merchants no such problem.
  vlad | Nov 15, 2015 Report Abuse
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it is horrible doesn't track and never does a payout.
  heon01 | Aug 01, 2015 Report Abuse
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The Amazon transactions are never recorded properly.
  blissjoylove | Jul 28, 2015 Report Abuse
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  | Jun 05, 2015 Report Abuse
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