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Walmart Reviews

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Walmart has been serving Americans since the early 1960s – first when it was a small discount store, and now as one of the nation’s leading retail giants. It helps shoppers like you save on groceries, appliances, electronics, toys, games, clothes, shoes, beauty, pets, party decor, office supplies, books, music, movies and so much more.

It’s no surprise that Walmart reviews are overwhelmingly positive from TopCashback members. Many report receiving quick and easy cash back, with one customer writing she earned 100% cash back after ordering a beach chair. Several customers discuss Walmart’s quality products and affordable prices.

There are Walmart reviews that also applaud the helpful support team that’s always ready to resolve any issues that arise. Others say they’ve experienced hassle-free shopping on, including a buyer who claims the delivery service is above par.

If you’d like to leave a review for Walmart, log into TopCashback and add your thoughts below. You could help your fellow members with their future purchases.

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Walmart Reviews
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Compared to similar sites, I found the process to be labor intensive.
  | Mar 22, 2017 Report Abuse
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It takes forever! I made my purchase in is the middle of March and still nothing.
  | Mar 16, 2017 Report Abuse
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Earning at Walmart was so easy and I already redeemed my cash back on my transaction. I can't say the same for dealing with Walmart when you have to wait over 30 min for someone to respond to your pickup request.
  bwalter76 | Mar 06, 2017 Report Abuse
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About 20% of the time, I dont get cashback from walmart and TCB customer service is worthless.
  monski676 | Feb 20, 2017 Report Abuse
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WalMart can be extremely slow to pay, if at all. Make notes of time of checkout exc. Just to cover your self.
  walkingeagle420 | Jan 29, 2017 Report Abuse
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About half the time, walmart rejects my cashback for no valid reason. And its just too bad. Customer service cant or wont help.
  monski676 | Jan 13, 2017 Report Abuse
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Had to go 3 times to pick up the item
  | Jan 04, 2017 Report Abuse
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Spending money with Walmart - EASY! Getting your rebates back - entirely TOO LONG!!! It is end of Dec, and I have rebates from September still pending. Very annoying.
  blueb | Dec 28, 2016 Report Abuse
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Took 5 months for cashback to verify.
  Cfetting | Dec 23, 2016 Report Abuse
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Extremely slow
  Member46443407253 | Dec 22, 2016 Report Abuse
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Cash back payout took much longer than usual this time!
  poikar | Aug 03, 2016 Report Abuse
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I tried to place several orders with Walmart the middle of December 2015, but every time I placed it, I got a cancellation. After talking to several Walmart associates and two supervisors, I still could not get the orders processed. So, I ordered from Amazon and will not shop at much in the future.
  kwhitw | Jan 24, 2016 Report Abuse
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As I use itunes for my music needs i'm very satisfied. And I was able to get the cash back notification quickly.
  mohameddgeghboub | Dec 25, 2015 Report Abuse
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They did not have my order on record and it took three people to figure out how to give me a receipt since they could not get the transaction to run through. Despite the fact that I had all my information and it was paid for.
  billiejbrewer | Oct 22, 2015 Report Abuse
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Could be better, Walmart miss ships product quite often. Once they miss ship they do not take responsibility and denied the cash back which you are entitled to while it is Walmarts fault.
  echiang88 | Oct 07, 2015 Report Abuse
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Why is the payout so late with walmart? It takes 14 weeks approx.!! Can you do something about it? Thanks.
  Marinaki | Jul 21, 2015 Report Abuse
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it takes too long for cashback to be payable
  | Jul 18, 2015 Report Abuse
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I purchased the Thomas the Tank engine movie for my son with $4.50 cash back and my cash back was declined. I got the item stated purchased nothing else with the order. Paid for it and picked it up so I do not understand why it would've been declined.
  faith3254 | Oct 14, 2013 Report Abuse
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I went through the cash back site to purchase the boys starte crew socks for the $5.50 cash back. Completd the purchase and then after the purchase went through I got an error pop up box from topcash back saying error could not complete and gave me some number after the error message of 22022. So I guess I will not get my $5.50 back.
  Kim_Graham | Sep 25, 2013 Report Abuse
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Cashback pending for 3 months
They are terrible. I have more than one Cashback pending from them from 3 months ago.
  Member329998903526 | Mar 30, 2024 Report Abuse
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  Leykis101grad | Jan 07, 2024 Report Abuse
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TopCashBack does not pay their cashback. Scammers
TopCashBack is a Scam, they never pay their cashback. Bunch of scammers. Will use Rakuten for now on.
  Member436923254804 | Aug 12, 2023 Report Abuse
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Cashback Paid Did Not Match Cashback Percentage Advertised
I did not receive the cashback that was advertised at the time I made this purchase. I received a miniscule amount of what was advertised. When I questioned the amount, I was told I purchased through a different channel. The explanation made no sense. Either I clicked through TopCashBack or I did not. If I did, then I should receive the advertised percentage.
  TidalZone | Mar 29, 2023 Report Abuse
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Don't bother if you shop for groceries
I shop online at Walmart quite a bit, and always try to use TopCashback. I rarely get a payout. I guess it's because I mainly shop for groceries for curbside pickup or delivery. It might be good for other things.
  allwikked | Feb 21, 2023 Report Abuse
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very poor,always seems to be a technicality, and i am quite cant be wrong all the time!
  Dd27yahoo | Jan 07, 2023 Report Abuse
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