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Many travelers and vacation-goers were thrilled with their experience. Finding the company “easy and reliable,” they view it as a great platform for scheduling reservations. One TopCashback member appreciated the “wide array of lodging choices” available and complimented’s quality customer service. Another echoed that sentiment, referring to an emergency that was alleviated by an “outstanding” agent.

Other reviews pointed to the company’s affordable prices, simple search features, and accessible cash back. In fact, one user received cash back a few weeks after booking a hotel stay. The overall consensus was positive, and people would recommend the site to fellow travelers. Review this merchant Reviews
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Cashback is almost always refused for no reason at all
  hiderek | Oct 01, 2015 Report Abuse
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got no cashback for four bookings
  medvedarium | Jul 10, 2015 Report Abuse
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no cashback at all
  nicky2015 | Jul 02, 2015 Report Abuse
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