Holiday Bucket List: Christmas Movie Marathon

Holiday Bucket List: Christmas Movie Marathon

Posted on Nov 15 2021 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons
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Holiday Bucket List: Christmas Movie Marathon

Christmas movies are an integral piece to the holiday season puzzle. If at any moment you aren’t overcome by the holiday spirit and would like to be, turning on the right festive film can be the perfect way to get jolly.

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Being film fans ourselves, we have constructed a short list of holiday-time favorites that should not be missed once Thanksgiving is officially over. If you can cross them off, you are likely to ensure yourself a happy holiday.

  1.  Christmas Classic


"It’s A Wonderful Life" has proved to us time and time again, year after year, that it is indeed a wonderful life. This is a film that we believe should be watched at least once a year because its message, heart, and comedy, have yet to fade in the 75 years since its release.

For its anniversary, Frank Capra’s classic is available on special-edition Blu-ray, sporting two discs and bonus special features, including a colorized version of the film. Find it on the Best Buy website and while you’re at it get yourself up to 10% cash back when you use TopCashback. That’s a deal even George Bailey, with his trick ear, could hear.

  2. 90s Comedy:


"The Santa Clause" introduces us to the sarcastic and churlish Scott Calvin, portrayed by Tim Allen. Our protagonist only pretends to care about Christmas to contradict his ex-wife and her new boyfriend.

As we travel deeper down the chimney, through a freak accident involving a certain magical mail man and his son’s wonderment Scott is able to find the meaning of Christmas, not to mention a new line of work.  "The Santa Clause" is streaming exclusively through Disney Plus and an annual subscription of the service can give you up to $12.50 cash back.

  3.  Christmas Cartoon:


"A Charlie Brown Christmas" is a definitive member of the Holiday Movie Bucket List. If you have ever stopped to ask yourself why you are not feeling holiday cheer, we ask you to consider this flow chart.

If this sounds like you or a predicament you have once found yourself in, we understand and are here to help. As you may know, much of the Charlie Brown catalog has landed on Apple TV+ for the foreseeable future. Luckily, PBS and Apple teamed up to give us special one-time viewing privileges of the "Charlie Brown Christmas" special this year.

However, for all of you that do not have PBS or Apple TV+, we recommend purchasing a hard copy of the animated feature for future-proof viewing. DVDs and Blu-rays can be found secondhand at and if you shop using TopCashback, you can receive up to 3% cash back.

  4.  New Favorite:


"Klaus" is a Netflix original animated Christmas movie from 2019. Since its release, the movie has quickly won over the hearts and TV time of families all over during the Christmas season.

"Klaus’s" animation style is a hybrid between classic 2D illustration and 3D generated graphics. The plot follows a silver-spooned brat who is forced to make a big change in his life. With a change in circumstance, he gets a new grip on reality in the town of Smeerensburg and thanks to the aid of a new friend, "Klaus" he becomes a better person.

If you or someone in your gift-giving circle ends up liking this film as much as we think you will, check out the “Klaus: The Art of the Movie” book available at Book Depository with cash back. Showcasing the full animation process and emergence into film, this book is great for fans of animation, movies, and Christmas.

  5.  Romantic Comedy Christmas:


"Love Actually" is a special type of Christmas movie. It incorporates all the ingredients needed to make a cheesy Christmas movie: an ensemble cast, intersecting stories, gimmicks, gags, and familiar woes. But somehow the film comes out of the oven defiantly fresh and influential. With its charm, lovable characters, and poignance, "Love Actually" is actually worth watching if you have not already and Redbox can make that happen for you with cash back

  6.  Not Exactly Christmas Movies:


"Die Hard" is a great Christmas movie for people who don’t love Christmas movies. But don’t they also deserve a pick for movie night? Isn’t that what the season is all about? Join John McClane as he spreads holiday cheer defeating German terrorists and saving his family at an office Christmas party 

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The holidays are ephemerally enhanced by the films that evoke the spirited emotion we yearn for during the season and offer comfort when revisiting familiar tales and characters. This list is simply the tip of the iceberg, and we hope you expand and tailor your holiday bucket list of films to include anything that makes you fall into the Christmas spirit—as long as you are sure to save money however you do it.

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