Holiday Bucket List: Stocking Stuffers

Holiday Bucket List: Stocking Stuffers

Posted on Nov 10 2021 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons
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Holiday Bucket List: Stocking Stuffers

Defining a great stocking stuffer is difficult because it can be so many things.

In theory they are supposed to be just a little something extra on top of the surplus of presents. However, since this is the expectation, it can be nice to also put a compactable “big” present inside of a stocking to really wow your kids.

Below, we hope you find a list of stocking stuffers as well as ones you may not have considered to make your Christmas, merry, bright, and filled with cash back savings.

Phase One: The Simple Go-tos

Phone Charger Cord and Organizer Twist:

These things are not built to last, at least not under the tyranny of children who bend, drop, and rip the power cords, free from the notion that without a charger, there can be no phone.

However, accidents do happen and unfortunately the cords are typically made from a thin, flimsy rubber protecting the sacred cable. When bought off-brand these chargers are fairly inexpensive and it may be a good idea to stock up on them for your phone user who runs through them like Santa runs through red lights.

Reliable, third-party chargers can be found at eBay and to better help your children organize and travel with their cord for enhanced preservation, be sure to check out the Unlace Twistable Laces by Unplugged Goods also available at eBay.


Chocolates, candy canes, mints, gum, and snacks. In addition to the ample desserts that will have already been ingested throughout the season, candies put the stuffer in stocking stuffer.

Give their stocking some weight at very little cost to your wallets. Zolli makes the candy that you will be happy to give your kids. With no sugar, allergies, GMO’s, while being 100% natural and vegan, this good-for-your-teeth candy is sure to keep your kids and their dentists happy.


Although it doesn’t scream Merry Christmas, the first brush with a new toothbrush always feels like Christmas in your mouth and like your teeth are being taken care of.

Help your children wipe away all that Christmas plaque with a new brush. They are going to feel like they need it after the hardships their chompers have been through this holiday season. Give them the best tooth cleaner on the market with the Burst Kids Sonic Toothbrush and earn 4.04% cash back when you buy it through TopCashback.

Reusable Straws:

Those poor turtles indeed, but what about us people who like sipping drinks without paper straws disintegrating in our beverages? Reusable plastic or metallic straws are great for an eco-friendly friend who wants to cut down on their single-use plastic. They’re so convenient to carry, they can fit right in a bag as an easy take-along.

Simply Straws has every type of straw you could need depending on the beverage. It is also a Certified B Corporation and a 1% For the Planet member. Get your kids some straws that will fit easily into their stockings and remind them how easy it is to do their part to help the environment.

Phase Two: Mid-Tier Stuffing

Golf Balls:

Let’s face it, most amateur golfers are bad, but that’s okay. It’s a very difficult game to play and comes at the expense of losing quite a few balls along the way.

Good golfers and wealthy golfers like using high quality balls, everyone else is fine with the cheap or refurbished stuff. With Budget Golf you can shop a wide selection of new and used golf balls for the beginner in your life and score cash back.


This is the precise time of year where cracked skin should be attended to and not ignored. Show your kids how to deal with skincare during the harsh seasons by getting them Kiehl's.

Kiehl’s is one of the leading lotion brands around and just one of its small bottles can go such a long way. Pair Kiehl’s with TopCashback to maximize your skin-saving savings.


We understand the desire to want to have a nice couch that doesn’t have cupholders, while also having the convenience of a cupholder wherever you are sitting. The good people over at CouchCoaster have solved the problem for everyone who lives at this intersection.

CouchCoaster is a great gift for guests and household members who place drinks on the floor, leave water rings on your tables, or like to stay well-hydrated while sitting. Help people put their beverages down responsibly with CouchCoaster, available at Bed Bath & Beyond, and nab cash back.

Bombs (Bath & Hot Chocolate):

The beauty of these types of gifts is their bomb-like nature. They burst open in their designated environments, rendering anyone left in its wake astounded.

Bath bombs are kid-friendly fun that can transform an ordinary tub of water into a nautical wonderland. In the bath they emit a trail of beautiful colors, relaxing salts, and other skin purifying properties that are sure to optimize the spa-like treatment.

The hot chocolate bombs are much more straight forward but no less exciting. The chocolate ball plops into the milk and dissolves on impact releasing marshmallows, sprinkles, and of course chocolaty goodness.

Both of these beneficial bombs can be found at 1800 Flowers through TopCashback and make for great stocking stuffers that can be used later on Christmas Day.

Tiny Baking:

This may be the cutest thing we have ever seen. Not only to do you get an edible miniature baked dish, but you get the process of baking a human sized dish as a giant.

Each Tiny Baking set comes with all the tools you need to make cookies, cakes, muffins, and more. Find this adorable and fun activity at Kohl's and shop using TopCashback for cash back on your purchase.

Croc Charms:

Crocs are alive and kicking and even though they come with so many unique prints, you can personalize them even more with Croc charms or Jibbitz. Each Jibbit is only $4.99 and you can fit a handful of your favorites into the oversized sock. Crocs and TopCashack have teamed up to get you cash back on purchases made through the Crocs website.

Phase Three: The Big One


What’s this? An envelope with a trip, concert, sporting event, or any kind of activity inside? It’s a Groupon! This is a great surprise to hide inside of a stocking and the best way to put together a group activity for your loved ones and do so economically. Adding new offers every day, with all kinds of things to do, restaurants, travel, and spas, Groupon has the gift for you at a price for you.



Congratulations, after completing this list you have finished the first part of the Holiday Bucket list.  Just a few more to go until you can kick back and relax with cocoa and a Christmas movie without the lingering dread of last-minute shopping.

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

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