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With more than 5 billion rentals to date, Redbox is America's leading source for affordable new release movie and video game rentals. Redbox offers DVD, Blu-ray Disc® and video-game rentals through the nation's largest network of more than 41,500 conveniently located, self-service entertainment kiosks, and On Demand movies and TV shows, without a subscription.

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Redbox - America's destination to watch new movies fresh from the theater.

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There has never been a better time for movie watchers. With more content being produced than ever before, the modern era has been a cinephiles fantasy. With so many apps and programs dedicated to doing nothing more than giving the best Hollywood has to offer, it can be difficult to determine which of these to spend your fistful of dollars on. With the right Redbox code, you could easily save money on your entertainment budget for movie nights. And to take your money-saving skills a step further, you can use TopCashback to earn money back on your rental with Redbox movies.

The difference between Redbox and other streaming platforms is that Redbox gives customers the opportunity to choose and pay for the media they watch. This is preferable to wasting money on a service that offers a menu filled with unappealing options viewers will never want or have the time to watch. Redbox offers its patrons simplicity and bargains while Redbox deals deliver all of this at efficient prices.

Redbox Homepage

Redbox Homepage

Kiosk Rentals

Redbox rentals began as a way to revolutionize home-video entertainment. When this media distribution company was gaining steam, what seems like a few short years ago, the Redbox kiosk was available in supermarkets and other local stores to cut out the DVD rental middleman. Back when Netflix was shipping movies to your house and Blockbuster was an entirely separate trip, Redbox’s automated retail machines were found within convenient locations you were visiting anyway. It offered new films and classics alike that could be rented on the spot and return at your leisure within the range of the expiration date.

This way of watching is still superior in some people's eyes. There are folks who like to utilize the special features and bonus material only found on DVD and Blu-ray. Another benefit of having the kiosk is having early access to the newest releases before they are found on streaming platforms. Plus, hot deals on these releases can be found and at exclusive prices.

We regret to inform you one bit of disappointing news regarding Redbox’s supply. In 2019 Redbox discontinued its wide selection of game rentals. You will have to find another way to supply yourself with video games for short bursts of time.

Redbox On Demand

Anyone that requires the cinematic world at their fingertips to stream any movie, having video on demand is non-negotiable. The On Demand rental and purchase collection from Redbox is sure to please you. Another positive to watching movies online, is the chance to use Redbox promo codes.

Broken down into Featured, New, and Free, sections and then genre and other categorical collections thereafter, perusing the mountain of Redbox entertainment could not be easier.

The featured category is filled with not only the hottest releases, but movies that may have inspired them or are part of the franchise. Also in featured, are any other type of movie Redbox feels would be relevant to you. You may find anything from bundle deals to price drops in rentals. Plus, in case you like the featured picks enough to purchase, most of the selections are to rent or buy. In February it may provide a variety of romance movies, October may spawn a gallery of horror movies, no matter the season Redbox has you covered.

The New category has all of the flicks you may have missed or want to catch again from the current year. Life gets busy and even a movie you have really wanted to see could pass you by. Rent the newest films with Redbox coupon codes to make them much cheaper than a trip to the movies. The New at Redbox assortment can save the day like your favorite superhero movie character.

Much like the bargain bin from stores, you never know what you will find amongst the free movie rentals. Talk about an online deal, 2 hours of celluloid entertainment for the price of nothing. This Redbox deal is so good you can't even get cash back from TopCashback on it. The free film collection includes motion pictures by acclaimed directors, films with award winning actors, and favorites the whole family can enjoy. Stream video for free from Redbox and find your new favorite movie.


One of our favorite things and responsibilities at TopCashback is letting our members know about all the deals at their favorite stores and sites. Redbox deals are some of the best around especially when you consider the value. Redbox coupon codes can help you enjoy a movie night on demand with plenty of money left for snacks.

When you click on the deals tab of the Redbox site you will find the daily deals, hosting a slew of Redbox discounts. This could include in-demand on-demand rentals with a provided code for just $1.99. You may also find free live Redbox TV, another avenue to watch the free movies, movie bundles for less, and ways to earn 2x the points on select titles.

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Redbox Perks

Sign up for a Redbox account and you become eligible for more perks than you will know what to do with. One of the immediate Redbox promos that comes with this is a free 1-night DVD rental. Beyond this, you rack up Redbox points to earn even more free 1-night rentals. Points will also allow you to reserve discs ahead of time, stream on demand, and add to your wish list.

There are quite a few ways to earn points through this system. Renting Blu-rays, paying for DVD rentals, buying used discs, and renting on demand are all ways to accumulate points. For incentive, there is a scaling-up aspect built into the rewards program. The more you rent you can increase your level at Redbox and add to your perks with more bonus points, more Redbox codes, extra Redbox promos. A sign in required to garner points, so make sure you stay logged in.

Redbox Unscripted

Redbox Unscripted delivers movie watchers with an irreplaceable blog for light readings, reviews, press releases, quizzes, and celebrations of movies. The people at Redbox love movies and it shines through with this section of the site. The archive of this literature goes all the way back to March of 2018 so it will be a while before you run out of articles.


Redbox is available wherever you download apps and watch your programs. Many TVs nowadays are smart enough to have the apps downloaded right to them. If you prefer the interface of a third-party system to maneuver the Redbox app, the Apple TV and Google play work exceptionally to facilitate your viewing.

Find a Kiosk

Never feel the need to Google “Redbox near me” when the Redbox site already has a map for you. Click on the "Find a Kiosk" tab at the top of the header. From here you will type in your Zip code and find the best option for you for miles.

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