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Disney+ brings all the best stories, all in one place. Stream classics, new releases and originals from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. All with unlimited, ad-free viewing.

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Disney+ - Celebrate the stories you love.

Disney+ Logo

Disney+ is home to so many of the movies, shows, and shorts that you and your family have been reveling in for generations. The once long-awaited streaming service has come and surpassed expectations by delivering on old favorites while creating new stories for Disney fans to share and remember. What's more, those of you who are new to Disney plus can save on your Disney yearly or monthly subscription when you purchase with TopCashback.

Just like any other major streaming service, Disney Plus offers its services via the app format through Smart TVs, smart phones, tablets, a Roku, and other supported devices. If you simply want to watch Disney Plus online on your laptop you can do that as well, no app necessary. With all of this convenience, Disney plus begins wherever you are, whenever you want.

There is more than one way to save and have unlimited access to your favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films. When you get the Disney bundle deal you will save even more when you get the package that includes Disney, Hulu, and ESPN. The bundle subscription gives you access to all of the Disney plus offerings you wish to see while also giving you all ESPN plus has to offer like live sports, 30 for 30 documentaries, and exclusive ESPN plus programming.

Disney plus prices are some of the lowest in the streaming sphere right now. One of the best Disney Plus deals is the ad-free Hulu. With Hulu, your viewing pleasure would include hit TV shows like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Bob's Burgers, as well as Hulu originals. Not to mention all of the movies the service carries as well. Start streaming with a Disney+ discount thanks to the very best rates in cash back from TopCashback.

Disney+ homepage

Disney+ homepage

Disney / Pixar:

When Disney launched its own streaming service, it created a place where its vault of classic films would be able to live in perpetuity and on demand for viewers. Whether you have enjoyed these movies since you were a kid or have children of your own and want to see the looks on their faces when Pinocchio and Geppetto escape Monstro. Or perhaps how Buzz Lightyear traversed an entire town to rescue his best friend Woody in Toy Story 2. Watch Disney Plus to see timeless stories you can watch again and again.

The wealth of quality, family-friendly films that have continued to innovate filmmaking and storytelling produced by both the Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar are all available for your enjoyment at any time. Non-animated features such as Hocus Pocus, Jungle Cruise, Avatar and other films by 20th Century Fox are popular streaming options for no extra charge. The Disney movie umbrella is so large now, you never know what you will find. With all of the content guaranteed to make you smile and new installments always on the way, it is difficult to see the Disney Plus signup price of $7.99 a month as anything other than a Disney Plus discount.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken the world by storm. Fans that have been on board since the beginning with Iron Man and those who are just getting settled now with Black Widow and Ms. Marvel can keep up at their own pace or have their own super-marathon. Certain films in the Spider-Man franchise are unavailable due to issues with rights, but you can still see the web-slinger in plenty of Marvel's other meet-up movies and tv cartoons.

You may think to yourself that many of these Marvel movies are destined to be seen in a theater, but with televisions the sizes the way they are, movie tickets being as priced so highly, Disney+ deals giving you thousands of hours of content for low subscription costs, plus showing some selections in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. It is safe to say that it being the home of the biggest movies in the world and exclusive originals makes signing up for Disney plus worth it.

Star Wars:

Since its original release in 1977, Star Wars has never released its grip on the attention of the public. With classic characters, dreamy worlds, and a familial bond, the Star Wars movies and universe are as powerful as ever and Disney Plus has the ticket to take you there at light speed.

New stories featuring familiar characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Book of Boba Fett have breathed new life into characters that have been gone for some time. While other programs such as The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian have introduced us to new faces while maintaining everything that made the original film such a worthwhile commodity in the first place. Many Star Wars fans would pay a lot of republic credits for access to more original content. Secure your Disney Plus discount by signing up with TopCashback and getting cash back on your annual subscription.

National Geographic:

When floating houses, explosions in distant galaxies, and multiverses of madness have stimulated you beyond belief and you are ready to succumb to Earth's gravity, there is nothing like learning about the world we have right in front of us. With National Geographic you can watch documentaries about the planet, man-made structures, and in-depth studies on individual animals will engorge your sense of wonderment just as much as a trip to Neverland would. When you consider this animal kingdom has integrated its way amongst the Disney Plus deals and you don’t have to go out of your way to buy another animal-based streaming service, the Disney Plus cost is a steal.

Disney+ Features

Kids Profile/Kid-Proof Experience:

One of the very best things about the Disney streaming service is that almost all of the content is family-friendly. However, there are certain pictures and shows available to stream that are not suitable for eyes under a certain age. With parental control features available for toggling on profiles, you can rest assured that kids will not be browsing for anything unsuitable for their eyes.


For people on the go who aren’t sure where their next WiFi connection will come from the download button is for you. Here you can completely download whatever movie or show you would like to watch at a later date. Once completed you will not need an internet connection to watch this program. simply enter your Disney Plus log in credentials, select your profile, find the Downloads tab and there you are. Your next adventure awaits you.

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  • Commission not available for free trials
  • Cash Back is a one-time reward and does not recur month-to-month or year-to-year.
  • Purchase made on other sites than Disney+'s US site.
  • Proper Duo Bundle Upgrade, Disney+ Premium Upgrade are not eligible for cash back.
  • Cash Back is not available on Premier Access.
  • Offers valid only for 18+ residents of U.S. and Canada who are new subscribers or eligible current subscribers (for Disney Bundle upgrades and gift subscription purchases).
  • Combining promotions from another site and/or using a coupon code not posted and approved by TopCashback
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  • Please note that cashback for this advertiser may take up to 21 days to appear in your account
  • Cash Back rates are subject to change, both up and down.
  • Cash Back amounts are generally based on your final purchase amount and does not include taxes, shipping and the actual discount amount saved through coupons.
  • You must start with an empty basket before clicking through to the retailer.
  • Purchases must be completed immediately and fully online.
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  • Cash Back is one-time only, in the amount set forth below that applies to your specific purchase, and does not recur on monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • Savings compared to reg. monthly price for each service. Incl. Hulu (ad-supported) or Hulu (No Ads) plan.
  • Access content from each service separately, and select ESPN+ content via Hulu.
  • You will only be eligible for Cash Back after merchant has confirmed your order payment has been processed. Limit one per member.
  • Location data required to watch certain content. Subject to Disney+ and ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement.
  • Cash Back amounts are shown in U.S. Dollars.
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  • A "Missing Cash Back" query must be submitted within 100 days of the transaction.

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