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SSENSE Reviews

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SSENSE is a different kind of retailer; it’s more of a curator. SSENSE has a passion for designer and luxury apparel and with such a passion comes a desire to collect and inevitably share. SSENSE sells a mindful selection of what it believes to be the best options from a number of different designer brands.

SSENSE shoppers (at least the ones who leave reviews) are a bit polarized when it comes to the company’s service. While the average store rating is 3.24,* there are almost as many 1-star reviews as there are 5’s. People that were positively pleased love browsing the website, speedy shipping, and general security they feel when making a purchase.

On the flip side, individuals who had negative experiences claim there were issues with shipping, packaging, and getting through to customer service. If you have shopped here, we and other prospective shoppers would love to know how your experience played out. Feel free to draft a review and inform more shoppers.

*True at the time of writing.

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SSENSE Reviews
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Honors cashback unlike LN-CC
Very straightforward.
  jiowh | Mar 15, 2024 Report Abuse
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Oksana Blintseva
Lovely site convenient to order many discounts fast delivery worldwide
  Oksana Blintseva | Apr 21, 2023 Report Abuse
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Good price good services
  Member1223915472351 | Jan 15, 2023 Report Abuse
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  Shelley_Hsia | Jan 12, 2022 Report Abuse
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Very good!
  Kyoungsoo | Dec 17, 2021 Report Abuse
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excellent service
  shmm101 | Mar 23, 2021 Report Abuse
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Thank you cashback but i want to get earlly time haha that s all anything is good cashback site in here.
  JeongChangWon | Feb 23, 2021 Report Abuse
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Terrible, I made a purchase for $340, specifically from them, as they were advertised on the cash back site, and then they denied my cashback. I could have gone to the Gucci store directly for my purchase instead.
  alimamkhan | Mar 18, 2021 Report Abuse