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SSENSE is a digital fashion platform recognized for its innovative approach to modern luxury. Founded in 2003, the Montreal-based retailer has established itself as an international e-commerce pioneer for its of-the-moment product curation, original editorial content, cutting-edge styling, and streamlined e-commerce interface. SSENSE’s diverse offering of over 500 designer brands for men, women and Everything Else™ paces the vanguard of online luxury, advancing a directional mix of luxury houses, streetwear, and avant-garde designers.

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SSENSE - Luxury tech leader and cultural resource.


Elevate your ssenses, specifically your sense of fashion with the one and only SSENSE collection. Carrying only the top maestros in designer clothing and streetwear, SSENSE's set of selected styles come from the collaborative effort of the three Atallah brothers that started the brand in 2003. When shopping in the lap of luxury, rest assured that the prices are not completely fixed. Through SSENSE discounts and promotions these prices can fall at a moment's notice. The best way to make sure you never pay full price is to utilize TopCashback. Retail stores are outdated, and you cannot get cash back in person, use TopCashback and get cash back on all of your SSENSE purchases.

A large part of the business of fashion is centered around rarity and the SSENSE founders discovered this in practice when the trio found fortune selling a limited edition pair of Diesel jeans that due to the scarcity became an exclusive on their website. The intent of the company was and is to offer the modern and luxury fashion pieces that customers want, without any of the pretension generally associated with the brands. The high-fashion retailer has come a long way since selling its first pair of jeans and has since been featured in the famed Conde Nast fashion magazine Vogue on more than one occasion.

SSENSE will carry many of the established brands that people cannot get enough of such as Gucci, Bape, Marc Jacobs Alexander Mcqueen and Versace, along with more accessible brands like Levis, Nike, and Dr. Martens. The SSENSE team has also always made it a priority to highlight and partner with up-and-coming designers which gives the website a well-rounded and diverse volume of product.

If you don't happen to be reading this from Montreal then it may be difficult for you to find a physical SSENSE retail space seeing as how the sole property is the Montreal store. However, that's perfectly okay because the only way to get the very best SSENSE cash back rates is shopping SSENSE online through TopCashback anyway.

SEENSE Women's Sales Page

SSENSE Women's Sales Page


Unlike most brands, SSENSE starts its site's shopping excursion with the men's department. This could be due to the fact that the founders are men themselves or maybe they just decided to go alphabetically. Once you do find your way to the menswear page you will immediately be projected a barrage of fashion-forward options. We can assume that most anyone who has found their way to SSENSE already has a penchant for this type of chic.

With SSENSE you will never find just a bland t-shirt, soulless slacks, or a jaded jacket. Each piece of clothing serves a purpose in one way or another, either the bold fit, the brand's logo being embroidered across the chest, or the colors that are sure to influence the larger fashion world in no time. You can even sort your scroll by color, choose from grey, navy, brown, blue, or any of the other colors you learned in your formative years from the sidebar on the right.

Even people that would not consider themselves as style savvy as the rest can find plenty from SSENSE to elevate their wardrobe without making too much of a statement. There are simplified shirts with cool logos you may be unaware of. Denim in cuts that are slicker than what you might typically find at H&M or the GAP. And brand-new patterns in jackets and button ups that you have never had the pleasure of acquainting with.

Being a high-fashion brand, you know SSENSE is also going to carry some of those outlandish/eccentric garments most people don't have the guts or inclination to even consider wearing. One of these pieces that comes to mind is the By Walid Black Tatum T-Shirt. A semi-sheer cotton, mesh t-shirt with a knit floral pattern which is sure to help you enjoy a refreshing breeze in the summer. Another daring slice of ensemble pie would be the brown polyester vest by Kidill, a baggy, harness-style vest in a tartan pattern. Outside of a Scottish sewer, I would find difficulty in finding an appropriate venue to wear such a bold piece, but perhaps I just lack the imagination and fashionable fortitude. The garment also comes in red and green tartan for that classic kilt look.

SSENSE For Women

Moving on to women's fashion, visitors will be greeted with some of the same striking images they were welcomed with at the men's pages. Sullen, neo-human models with stories written all over them in the language of fashion. SSENSE is probably not the first place you would look for closet essentials like plain t-shirts, workout sneakers, or basic lounge attire. However, if you are the type of person who is always looking to ELEVATE their attire no matter the occasion, SSENSE essentials are a valid option, just as long as you know they still come with the designer price tag.

Collaborations are a great place to start when it comes to getting show-stopping looks from your workout gear. The Adidas by Stella McCartney Sport performance Leggings come to mind as a blend between essential and designer, something SSENSE is so great at spotting and selling. Another collaboration is the Rick Owens x Champion black Champion Edition Organic Cotton Lounge Pants. Leaving leisure, it does not get more essential than a pair of blue denim shorts by Moschino that are fashionably up to the minute and have the cut everyone will be pining for this summer.

Take a step outside of essentials and into the office. The green, polyester-powered blazer from Low Classic is certain to give you equal confidence in your work as well as your style.

One of the most daring spectacles that would have difficulty finding acceptance outside of the fashion industry is the 1XBlue SSENSE exclusive white cotton jumpsuit. In case you were wondering, currently the most expensive piece of clothing for women on the site is a Versace Python Print evening dress. Good fashion is a project, and you should always use your own personal original, creative, vision when it comes to shopping and maybe the missing piece to a puzzle is an eccentric top from SSENSE matched with more understated fillers you currently have.

SSENSE Fear of God, by designer Jerry Lorenzo is known for its sophisticated streetwear that combines earth-tones and beige with form fitting looseness to create a signature style that can be referred to as dustbowl-chic. The constant collaborations with Nike and Vans make them a mainstay in modernity.


Shoes can really be the crux of a perfect ensemble, if the shoes don't work the entire outfit falls to pieces. SSESNE's shoe collection is every bit as beautiful, luxurious, and awe-inspiring as the rest of its apparel. With 81 pages for men and 78 pages for women's which means you are a shoe in to find the shoe to shoo your old shoes away. SSENSE Converse range from the classic Chucks to designer collaborations from Comme Des Garcon. Platform shoes are extremely popular right now and you better believe SSENSE has them in styles you wouldn’t dream of (which is why the designers make the big bucks). Your favorite shoe may just be a click away on the international retailer SSENSE.


Some of the SSENSE accessories are valued for more than the garments which marks another incentive to shop here during a Cyber Monday sale. Gucci sunglasses, Versace keychains, and Saint Laurent wallets are some of the beautiful collectibles SSENSE has to offer.

Bags & Purses

With over 1,000 unique ones to choose from, bags and purses needed their own section independent of accessories. For outdoors people, a Moncler backpack would suit you well in the wild. For pop culture and fashion fanatics the Balenciaga x The Simpsons tote bag is sure to get some looks, and for those of you that reserve yourself for the tasteful classics, a Burberry camera bag is a lovely pick.

Everything Else

SSENSE decided to spread its wings and get into the home and appliance aspect of fashion. SSENSE carries its taste over from the clothing industry to homewares and if you liked what you saw on the mannequins, you will like what you see in these digital model homes. While the Handmade MUSIC CD Rugs, SMEG toasters, and Dog raincoats, Love Handles vases are well and good, SSENSE goes beyond decor with sporting goods such as inline skates and snowboarding equipment. It's in the home space have landed it more features with another Conde Nast publication, Architectural Digest.

It is in the Everything Else section of SSENSE that you will also find the children's department. All the best designers have continued their efforts and decided to equip children with a luxury fashion sense all their own. Thom Brown, Off-White, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs are just some of the names doing their part to couture into cuter.


Without a SSENSE clearance section, frugal shoppers need choosy when it comes to determining the right time to buy their designer clothes. In November 2021 during the SSENSE Cyber Monday Sale, the Montreal-base brand treated its clientele to a SSENSE Sale where designer products were up to 60% off. If you ever felt the need to culture yourself in high-end fashion it seems that winter is the time with from SSENSE's picks. It only makes good sense to buy retail from SSENSE when the deals are this steep, but you just never know when another SSENSE sale will find you.

A SSENSE Sale does not even have to be seasonal although the season of giving is always a good time to check. At the time of writing this there is a SSENSE promotion where for a limited time patrons can receive 15% off of their next purchase with a code SS2022. On occassion SSENSE VIP sale will occur which is a private sale for those with an account so it would behoove you to sign up so you never miss out on an event and a chance to save money.

It does not seem as though there will be many opportunities throughout the year you can find a SSENSE discount, however you can always be sure to save money with SSENSE when you use TopCashback.

Bassel Atallah, Rami Atallah, and Firas Atallah would be honored if you would put their efforts to good use, find yourself a shirt, a belt, pants, anything from their masterfully crafted collection at a price that is comfortable to you.

SSENSE Features


SSENSE could simply be a proprietor of fancy clothing and call it a day, but that is not its modus operandi. SSENSE cares about fashion, incoming trends, hairstyles, and culture. If these topics align with your interests as well, the SSENSE homepage will have your head spin with an enormity of opinion pieces, lifestyle guides, and even cartoons from independent artists. With this magazine-like structure, SSENSE defines itself as being so much more than a purveyor of designer clothes, but a paragon for fashion culture.


SSENSE users with an account can go to their wishlist at the top of the SSENSE page and add items that they are not ready to purchase yet or ones that have since gone out of stock in the hopes that if it ever does return to the site, SSENSE will notify its members and they will have the opportunity to purchase then.

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