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Travel-goers are spreading the love for on Trustpilot. Many applaud the company’s quick and simple services, as well as its reasonable pricing. In fact, several claim the prices are cheaper than other rental sites. And customers are enjoying the convenience of the app. “There’s no need for paperwork,” says a user. “You can access everything you need in the app.”

More reviews discuss the customer service reps who are swift when resolving issues and great with assistance. One renter claims the agent “was extraordinarily patient and helpful in searching out the best car and deal for me.”

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Very fast, recommended
  ClaudioP | Nov 03, 2022 Report Abuse
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No issues observed
  brdaniel12 | Aug 17, 2019 Report Abuse
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flawless cashbacks
  brdaniel12 | Jun 07, 2019 Report Abuse
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Better rates than other sites and easy to use
  Member513693789205 | May 04, 2018 Report Abuse
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Extremely slow cashback
  auc132 | Sep 20, 2021 Report Abuse
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I did not receive any cashback although I was meant to at the time of booking.
  sairamnatarajan | Sep 06, 2019 Report Abuse
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zero return
  asusyak | Jun 19, 2019 Report Abuse
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sometimes I get the cashback amont is 0, which i dont understand why
  laidumb | May 15, 2019 Report Abuse
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i spent 266usd on car rental, but there's no cashback?
  laidumb | Jun 18, 2018 Report Abuse