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friend icon is great. Found Much lower rate in Las Vegas at the Aria in March and another stay at the Wynn in June. Plus cashback!!!
  | Mar 01, 2018 Report Abuse
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Saved over 75$ per night at Aria Las Vegas and $50 per night at the Hilton Midtown New York. Easy to use and friendly customer service. My rate included all taxes and fees except Aria Hotel Resort fee. Thanks
  | Feb 27, 2018 Report Abuse
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They ruined my honeymoon and embezzled $1300! We booked our dream room June 21st, and found out july 24th that our reservation was canceled. Of course the room we reserved was no longer available. Do NOT trust them with your vacation plans.
  Member720851178118 | Jul 25, 2019 Report Abuse
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DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THIS SITE!! HORRIBLE customer service, and if you call to speak with a manager you will not ever speak to one, and I am convinced this is a fraudulent website. I booked a reservation in error ONE DAY ago (March 1), and literally called within minutes to cancel. The rep I called to assist with cancellation was very helpful (side note: the morning or day reps seem to be much more knowledgeable, and professional), patient and sent an escalated email to the hotel and Hotel Power's escalation team. Initially, that seemed to be ok, but when I called in the evening the same day of the erroneous booking (to follow up on the status of the cancellation and speak with a manager), the initial rep had no idea what he was doing and I waited over 30 minutes to speak with a manager whom I was told would call me back, and never did. When I called back 3-4 times last night to speak with a manager, every representative either picked up and said NOTHING, or immediately disconnected the call when I asked to speak with a manager. I tried again this morning and got a decent rep who listened to my situation, and even apologized for the representatives who disconnected the calls last night. He offered to call the hotel and his escalation department to see if he can get the reservation cancelled, free of charge, and even gave me his direct call center number and extension. Fine. It's now 1 hour later, and I'm calling back...I had to call several times, because the call kept getting disconnected. I am now on hold for the rep who gave me his extension. He seems to genuinely want to see that this matter is rectified and ensure I am refunded for the reservation, but this has truly been a nightmare working with this website and though I booked in error, I will NEVER come refer nor come back to this site again for any travel / hotel needs.
  | Mar 02, 2019 Report Abuse
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booked the hotel yesterday from but only found out they charged a higher tax and fees than booking directly through the hotel website. that surcharge completely offset any discount they claimed. my lesson is shared here for any future victims.
  li77wei | Dec 11, 2017 Report Abuse