12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Little Ones

12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Little Ones

Posted on Dec 01 2022 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons
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12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Little Ones

The holiday season is built around making children happy. With this being the case, it isn’t really that challenging to find a great gift for a great kid. However, there are all sorts of kids out there, and with this acknowledgement, we have prepared a list that caters to quite a few of them.

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope – Staples (4% cash back)

Do you have a kid that is currently crawling around the backyard with a magnifying glass, looking for bugs? It’s good to know your young one has a curious mind, but we can help tidy up his methods.

Children with a scientific proclivity will love this talking microscope. This educational toy includes over 60 individual images to inspect and an educational narration with fun facts and a quiz mode to put newfound knowledge to the test.

Crazy Forts – Belk (up to 15% cash back)

You remember how fun and important making a fort inside of your home used to seem. Toy manufacturers sure haven’t forgotten. Thanks to their ingenuity, constructing a living room fort has only become an easier and cleaner endeavor for future architects.

Crazy Forts uses a stick and ball system to allow for an infinity of productions. Tent shapes, replica trains, and even a Mars station can be created using these junior-engineering tools.

Coding Robot – QVC (10% cash back)

Artie, the artistic robot, is sure to hit it off with your child. Through the magic of coding, the pair of them can work together to create beautiful works of art. 

Artie comes with an instructional booklet to help beginner coders get started to learn a skill that will stay with them for life. With his own WiFi connection, markers, and programming software, Artie just needs your little one to offer their imagination. 


KidiZoom Creator Cam – Bed Bath & Beyond ( cash back)

With influencers being paid wild sums of money to be themselves and talk about their passions, it’s no wonder that so many youths are interested in a career in social media.

If your child wants to step in front of the camera and practice their presence or filmmaking skills, we recommend the KidiZoom creator cam. With this camera, kids can make movies to entertain themselves and you can control how it is distributed, if at all. 

Studio Creator Video Maker 2 – Bloomingdale’s (up to 12% cash back)

This kit is for older kids interested in making higher quality content who have their own phones and freer reign over their internet usage.

It contains a tripod that doubles as an LED ring light with color modes to offer a unique presentation style, as well as a green screen to turn a bedroom into an exotic location of your choosing in post production. 

PlayShifu Augmented Reality Globe – Best Buy (up to 20% cash back)

Little explorers can learn everything they need to know about their next destination without even leaving the house. Thanks to this augmented reality globe from PlayShifu, kids can travel the world and see what life is like outside of their corner.

Using an iPad, all kids need to do is hover over the area of the map they wish to explore and they can become experts in the ecosystem, world cuisine, inventions, and monuments.  

Kids’ Cookbook – BookOutlet (5.05% cash back)

There are a plethora of cookbooks with recipes that are not only easy for kids to prepare, but also agreeable to young palettes. 

If you think the kitchen gets messy after you cook, be forewarned of the potential mess left by these young chefs. 

Sleuth & Solve – AbeBooks (2.02% cash back)

There is nothing quite like solving a good mystery. However, everyday life doesn’t have quite enough of these to satisfy the cravings. This is why you would do well to purchase a book like Sleuth & Solve.

With this book, the whole family can compete to see who can solve the most mysteries, or detectives in solitude can tackle the cases alone.  

Meditation Mouse – buybuyBABY ( cash back)

No two toddlers are the same. Each one has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Some tykes are prone to higher levels of agitation and benefit from sessions of soothing. If this reminds you of a little one you know, you could try the Meditation Mouse. 

This little pal of theirs is designed to relax the distressed boy or girl. It featues three calming modes that make the plush accessible for daytime, nighttime, and bedtime.  

LEGO Holiday Main Street – LEGO (3.03% cash back)

LEGOs have been an easy choice for parents and present buyers since 1949. The LEGO Holiday Main Street is an example of a pricier option from the brand, but for all the right reasons.

Not only will this set make for a great present and addition to their collection, it can also be used to decorate the home in which it resides. Add some kitschy cuteness to your seasonal decor with a holiday LEGO set. 

Nintendo Switch – GameStop ( cash back)

Of all the impressive gaming consoles out there, this one makes the most sense as a holiday gift. Nintendo makes games for families first and foremost.

Give this interactive system to a group of siblings to keep them entertained with rewarding games that will keep them moving and teach them about healthy competition and sharing.

Tobi Robot Smartwatch – Walmart (up to 3% cash back)

Do your kids see you with your highly intelligent watch and wish they had one of their own? The smartwatches we know and love don’t really make sense for a kid, which has left a hole in the market for Tobi to fill.

Tobi is a wrist-dwelling companion that doesn’t just tell kids the time, but plays games, records video, tracks fitness, and more. Introduce your kids to their first watch this Christmas. 

Volt Battery Powered Bumper Car - Dan and Darci Blue Ride On – Zulily ( cash back)

If you want a gift that will make the kids love you until the wheels fall off, we have a good feeling about this option.

Having their very own bumper car has been a dream for a lot of kids throughout the ages. This vehicle has two speeds, a safety harness, built-in music, and, of course, the 360 spin.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids – Amazon (up to 8% cash back)

If you have a fervent reader on your hands, there are few gifts they will like more or get more use out of than a Kindle. This e-reader, specifically designed for kids, is waterproof and comes with a protective cover.

In addition to the kid-friendly features, the Kindle boasts 10 weeks of battery life, access to thousands of books for a variety of different reading levels, and no ability to download games or apps to keep the focus on reading.

Air Hunters Z-Curve Bow – Scheels ( cash back)

It has been a few years since The Lord of the Rings, Brave, and The Hunger Games have popularized the bow and arrow for kids to want to imitate in their imagination time. Hawkeye alone may be the only contemporary hero using the antiquated weapon to slay bad guys.  

However, the Air Hunters Z-Curve Bow should be able to stimulate interest all on its own. This incredibly cool and safe toy weapon is a fun way for them to play as their favorite movie characters or invent their own bow-wielding persona. 

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

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