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The LEGO Group is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company is still owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family who founded it in 1932. The LEGO Group is engaged in the development of children's creativity through playing and learning. Based on the world-famous LEGO® brick, the company today provides toys, experiences and teaching materials for children in more than 130 countries. The LEGO Group has approximately 10,000 employees, and it is the world's third largest manufacturer of play materials

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Lego is the type of brand that needs no introduction. Since the company began production in 1949 it (and the bold Lego logo) has been a cultural mainstay and has managed to only increase its popularity through a unique concept, media productions, and carefully crafted licensing agreements.

Everyone wants their hands on some Legos, but it being such a popular product, the company has found a price point it is comfortable with and has not been met with too much resistance. However, this does not mean that you should not try to seek Lego sales or apply coupons at checkout when you have them. The most consistent Lego sale one can rely on is using TopCashback to earn money back on their online Lego purchases.

For those of you that are not familiar with the worldwide phenomenon, and want to join the Lego party, Lego is a construction toy whereby users stack and click blocks together to create whatever their imagination asks of them. It could be something as simple as a Lego house all the way to your very own Legoland parks and cities. This toy has been proven to enhance cognitive development in youths as well as stimulate creativity, all while being fun!

There are Lego architecture kits for people that want to make models of existing man-made feats. These sets very well could inspire the architects and Lego city planners of tomorrow.

There are other incredibly popular Lego toys that incorporate popular cultural iconography. With Sets, games, and movies dedicated to Lego Marvel superheroes, Lego Jurassic park, Lego Disney princesses, Lego Minecraft, Super Mario, and so much more. With so many familiar and appealing builds to acquire, we recommend shopping Lego stores through TopCashback so you can always save at Lego by earning money back after your purchase.

Lego Homepage

Lego Homepage


If you are a fan of Lego, you probably find yourself wondering what is new to release and what the brilliant minds at the brick factory have churning. There are always new official partnerships as well as new additions to old partnerships being created from the Lego group.

Here is where you will find the latest collaborations with top-grossing films as well as original sets and designs Lego has crafted for the season. Lego Avatar sets and Lego Christmas Tree. Another new set Lego is incredibly proud of is a new member of its Icons collection. The Lego Eiffel Tower is over 10,000 pieces, reaches almost 60 inches in height, and isa truly distinguished piece.

Gift Finder

Lego makes for great gift ideas, even if you did not want to spend more than $600 on an Eiffel Tower for someone, you may be more interested in Eiffel's Apartment. You could go even smaller with Lego key chains or in a completely different direction with sets that are made to act as home decor.

While the gift finder tab is not based on a complex algorithm that is sure to find the perfect gift not matter the recipient, it does offer some strong recommendations. Whether they are seasonal, based on your past clicks, or sets that have served others well, this is a great collection of toys making it easy to gift with Lego.


In the exclusive section of the Lego website you will find sets that can only be purchased in a Lego store or on the Lego site. These make particularly great gifts because you are sure to buy a set that is not run of the mill.

Typically, more of the high-profile sets are reserved for the exclusive section. The Lego Titanic, a Lion Kight's Castle, and the Lego Star Wars Razor Crest are some of the most notable entries. However, they aren't all this mammoth. You can also find smaller selections like entries from the Brickheadz collection. It is also not uncommon for these to reach sale prices either.

Lego Batman, Harry Potter, Jurassic World, and plenty of others have had their intellectual property immortalized in a Lego sets.

Little Ones

Choking hazards have always been a serious problem for children. But what to do when such a great developmental toy is also hazardous for the demographic? You create Lego Duplo of course. These Lego bricks are much larger and lighter than the standard building blocks and make it easier for those with tiny hands to build a Lego house.

You can expect to see many of the same popular collaborations with beloved characters from Disney as well as Duplo originals that are meant to stimulate creativity, and education. The number train, Wild Animals of the Ocean, and the Alphabet Trucks are some examples of toys that are committed to helping young ones discover a love of learning.

Adults Welcome

Lego merchandise has a far-spanning reach and has never been a company to prohibit certain clientele from enjoying their products. While the brand is certainly geared towards children, there is a present and vocal adult community who grew up Lego building and have not lost the Lego creator spirit. Here you can find some of the largest Lego sets ever constructed and builds from the Lego Icons series. Another bonus to being a Lego adult is having the savvy to use a Lego promo code when you see one.

Recognizing the open market share, Lego has leant into this demographic and designed a line more aligned with its capabilities and generational ties. Here you are sure to find much more complex building instructions and expensive designs from the Lego group. The biggest Lego Star Wars sets including 7,541 piece Millenium Falcon. The magnificent Lego Harry Potter set of the Hogwarts Express - Collector’s Edition. While a set as robust as this does not come cheap, shopping with TopCashback makes every purchase a deal at Lego.


Speaking of sales events, visiting the offers section of the Lego website to find special deals is a surefire way to get the most brick for your buck on orders. Find all of the Lego deals here with a featured promotion every week on a select Lego set. There is always a reason to return and determine if the current Lego sale is right for you plus, with cash back earnings from TopCashback, you extract even more value from your purchase.

The latest VIP Promotions are available to shop here. Becoming a member of the free VIP Rewards Program grants you access to earn points when shopping as well as unlock members-only Lego discounts and experiences through Lego shop emails. One of the main reasons people like to sign up for this program are the monthly promotions that come in the form of Lego coupon codes, Lego discount codes, and often times Lego will include a special gift with purchases (such as throw blankets) made on site. Become a Lego VIP today! You can also click the "Sale" tab to get a list of current savings opportunities for Lego discounts on site. It is great to think of Legos as investments because as long as you keep them in the house, there will always be another little one to come along and fall in love with your bricks.

LEGO Features

The Play Zone

Lego knows how to develop a brand. Not only has it produced arguably the best toy ever created, but it has expanded its reach into critically acclaimed movies, family friendly video games, and more. The Lego website is no different. Not only is it a place to purchase the ingenious Lego architecture, but with the Play Zone, customers and kids can stick around to play games, watch videos, and enjoy more Lego educational content.

With games like Play Your Story, kids can engage in Lego art by creating their own Lego Friends stories. There are also matching games where kids can test their short-term memory and become speed champions.


Intrepid followers of Lego that like to be in the know regarding all of the latest and greatest events in Lego City would be keen to sign up for and download this reading material.

There are Lego and catalogs that come out on a quarterly basis that include the newest products the company is excited to share with its fans and builders. Christmas catalogs, fall catalogs, as well as anniversary celebration catalogs are all issues you can be excited for and flip through digitally.

Then there is the free Lego Life Magazine. The brand recommends this read for children between the ages of 5 and 9. It gets delivered to your home five times per year and everything about it is free.

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