Need For Speed: How Fast Do Our Merchants Pay Out?

Need For Speed: How Fast Do Our Merchants Pay Out?

Posted on Jan 01 2024 Posted in  Customer Service
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Need For Speed: How Fast Do Our Merchants Pay Out?

If you’re a member of TopCashback, you already know about our amazing deals at the best rates. However, while shopping, you might wonder: “How long will it take to get my cash back?”

Well, good news! We have compiled a nifty list of our top merchants and their “Estimated Payout Speeds.” This way, when you shop, you’ll know what estimated timeframe to expect to see that cash back become payable in your account.


Did you know?

At any given time, you can quickly view the “Estimated Payout Speed” of most merchants on site. TopCashback offers this for members to view on each merchant page (ex: Macy’s). It can always be found on the right-hand side of the merchant page near the bottom under “Tracking Stats.”

If you click on “See more statistics,” you will then be able to view the tracking speed and payment speed for the merchant.

For your convenience, please review the list below for the “Estimated Payout Speeds” of our top merchants.


  1. eBay: 6 wks 6 days
  2. Sephora: 9 wks 4 days
  3. Walmart:14 wks
  4. Macy’s: 14 wks
  5. AliExpress: 11 wks 1 day
  6. Amazon: Varies
  7. (currently unavailable on site): Varies
  8. Nike: 11 wks 2 days
  9. GameStop: 10 wks 4 days
  10. Michael Kors: 11 wks 2days
  11. lookfantastic US: 6 wks
  12. adidas: 13 wks
  13. Marriott International: 10 wks
  14. iHerb: 9 wks
  15. Old Navy: 9 wks 2 days
  16. Estée Lauder: 9 wks 4 days
  17. Best Buy: 12 wks
  18. Bed Bath & Beyond: 8 wks 2 days
  19. Lowe’s: 8 wks
  20. Carter’s: 11 wks
  21. PUMA: 9 wks 4 days
  22. Belk: 8 wks
  23. GNC: 13 wks 3 days
  24. Sephora Canada: 9 wks 4 days
  25. Groupon: 12 wks 6 days
  26. 11 wks 4 days
  27. 10 wks 3 days
  28. Home Depot: 10 wks 4 days
  29. H&M: 10 wks 1 day
  30. 8 wks 5 days
  31. Raise: 10 wks
  32. Gap Factory: 10 wks
  33. Kohl’s: 23 wks 5 days
  34. Office Depot® and OfficeMax®: 15 wks 5 days
  35. JCPenney: 11 wks
  36. Banggood: 8 wks
  37. Gap: 8 wks 6 days
  38. 4 wks 3 days
  39. Converse: 11 wks 3 days
  40. MAC Cosmetics: 11 wks 2 days
  41. Cult Beauty: 18 wks 6 days
  42. Kiehl’s: 14 wks 1 day
  43. Staples: 9 wks 4 days
  44. Skyscanner: 3 wks 2 days
  45. BJ’s Wholesale Club: 11 wks
  46. Neiman Marcus: 10 wks
  47. Walgreens: 9 wks 2 days


Photograph of the blog author, Dominique Vinas.

by Dominique Vinas

Dominique Vinas is the online reputation coordinator at After earning her communications degree, she worked in event planning for a non-profit women's rights agency and marketing for furnished apartment rentals before coming to TopCashback, where she wears many hats in the customer care/digital marketing space. This mom of two has her hands full, but the excitement is what keeps her going.

dreamingofwdwMarch 31 2021, 09:36 I agree that you need to do a better job of turning this around, especially in this day and age of electronic transactions. Don't buy anything through TopCashBack from Levi's. I have one transaction that says 27 weeks. I'm still waiting for money to post from a purchase in November. Yes, it's less than 27 weeks but why should any transaction take that long? Similar to what Pacestorm said below, 6-8 weeks is reasonable to wait, but 27 weeks is poor business.

Hi There,

Thank you for your feedback.

As I said below, unfortunately each member will have their own "Estimated Payable Speed" that is out of our control.

We try to be trasnparent so you can view this payout timeframe before deciding if you would be okay with waiting that time to obtain your cashback.

Since we are the only cashback service that doesn't keep a portion of the cashback, we will always have to wait for the retailer to release the funds to us first before passing them over. This is how we are able to offer 100% Of the cashback to our members.

Best Wishes,
Pacestorm February 7 2021, 16:59 You guys need to do a better job getting these monies quicker to the users accts. To have to wait for some 4-6 months is just ridiculous. 1-2months I feel is reasonable, anything over that is just poor business.
Hi There,

Thank you for your feedback.Timelines for payout will vary by retailer (example some retailers pay out in as little as a few weeks, whereas others may take longer) We always try to be transparent about payout timelines (whenever you click on a merchant, you will be able to see their estimated payable speed to the right if you scroll down a bit), so in the event that a retailer's timeline may feel a little long for you, you may want to consider comparing that timeline of a similar retailer which may be able to provide you a faster payout experience.To provide some comparison as well, we pass 100% Cash back on to our members, with no minimum for payout, versus you'll find that many of our competitors either have a minimum or payout every 3 months for a lesser rate.

Best Wishes,
DeborahGreene451January 16 2021, 07:27 I contacted you a while ago
Because you blocked my account and the money was in the waiting list and you said that you will not be able to use your account again, but until now the account is working, but I cannot log in to it and you have transferred the money to the confirmation section, meaning that you want to take my money by stealing to my uncle I can access the account in my own way. If you did not re-activate the account, I will post a video on my channel and let nordvpn know what you are doing I only want my right and it is to reactivate the account without problems and activate the accounts of my friends whom I invited Thank you.

I hope to solve the problem
Hi There Deborah,

Please send me an email directly to so I can look into whatever issues you may have. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Best Wishes,
Member1229227918836January 13 2021, 16:14 I signed up it says TopCashback uk $10 at Walmart but i'm in the usa. What do I change do I can't use it if i'm in the USA Wal-Mart
Hi There,

Please ensure you are using and that the walmart on that site is walmart us :)

Best Wishes,
LoopmasaJanuary 11 2021, 12:40 Thank you!! The best cash back app or website by far!!
Hi There,

No problem at all! We are so glad you're enjoying TopCashback! :)

Best Wishes,
alma13000October 8 2020, 10:21 Hello again! How does the concept of payment in my bank account made by aliexpress say? I can't find any payment from them.
Hi There,

Thank you for your comment. I'm not sure I understand your question. If you could please send me an email to I would be happy to assist you with whatever you need.

Best Wishes,

elj42September 30 2020, 11:35 Looking for Brighton. Do you intend to add them?
Hi There,

While we don't currently have Brighton on site, I will pass this request on to our Partnerships Team so that perhaps the store may be added to the site in the future!

Best Wishes,

haha1September 19 2020, 13:27 I don't think so. Even though many of my cashbacks were confirmed over 3 months ago, those transctions are still not payable.
Hi There,

Thank you so much for your comment. I would love the chance to look into this further for you. Please email me directly to and I would be happy to assist you with this. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Wishes,

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