$8 Off Lowe's Cashback

1) Simply click the "Get Offer Now" button to go to the Lowe’s website.

2) Purchase $8 or more worth of items (you can add anything else you want to the cart) and get $8 cash back.

3) Shortly after you've made your transaction, you will see it post to your TopCashback account.

4) Once confirmed, your transaction will become payable within 14 days.

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  • What else is essential?
    • Cash back amounts are generally based on your final purchase amount and does not include taxes, shipping and the actual discount amount saved through coupons.
  • Good to know
  • How to snag this TopCashback deal
    • How do you get it?

      Visit Lowe’s through TopCashback, purchase anything on the site priced at $8.00 or more and within fourteen days $8.00 cashback will post in your TopCashback account.

      When do you get your money back?

      Within 14 days after your purchase, the $8.00 cashback will turn payable in your TopCashback account and can be credited straight to your checking or PayPal account. Alternatively you could opt to be paid in an Amazon.com Gift Card or American Express® Reward Card, which with their 3% bonus would mean you'd get $8.16 instead of $8.00.

      Who qualifies for it?

      This offer is available to new TopCashback members only.

      Is there anything else important to know?

      Transactions must contain at least $8.00 worth of purchases to ensure the $8.00 cashback is credited to TopCashback accounts.

      The deal is: open until 11:59pm PT on June 9, 2017

      - applicable for purchases made directly after clicking through TopCashback

      Only one:

      - TopCashback account is permitted per member

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