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Zoro.com launched in 2011 as Zoro Tools. It was renamed three years later once the company expanded to accommodate business supplies of all kinds. It currently stocks over a million products in a variety of categories, including furniture, electronics, grounds and outdoor, lighting, medical and personal care, office supplies, paint and storage and workspace.

Zoro.com reviews are generally positive from TopCashback members. Many are happy that their cash back tracks quickly and successfully when they shop. They love the prices and wide selection of products the store offers. They also appreciate how much it cares about the customer.

However, several members caution that cash back may not be awarded if you don’t meet the terms and conditions set by the retailer.

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Zoro.com Reviews
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Big payouts they WILL Decline it! Fire the Zoro Marketing Manager
I have said this before, I will say it again. If you want cash back, DO NOT SUBMIT BIG ORDERS! Do a bunch of small ones. They ran a promo of 12% back, I had $112 in cash back. They declined it. They didn't even give a reason why. They are a decent company, but HORRIBLE at cashback. Whoever manages this on Zoro's side, should be fired. They have declined exactly $351.47 of cashback over the years I have been using TopCash.
  Hooks21H | Sep 20, 2023 Report Abuse
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Big payouts they WILL Decline it!
I had a huge order, and they offered a high 12% of cash back. I believe it was a $112 cash back. First they only authorized 5% I think, so I submitted a ticket. They just declined the entire cash back now. They do this a lot, I am not sure why I still trust them to honor their cashback. TopCashBack should just drop them already.
  Hooks21H | Jul 13, 2023 Report Abuse
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Used to be Great, Not so Anymore!
Zoro often will email you coupon codes if you leave items in your cart. These used to work with cash back, but now they reject every time. I've also had items in nearly all my recent orders canceled as backordered/out of stock.
  SuperSport346 | Apr 08, 2023 Report Abuse
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/!\ ATTENTION /!\ - DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITH A QUANTITY OVER 25 OF THE SAME ITEM! Your cash back will be DECLINED, due to Zoro's & TopCashBack rule. So make sure you buy 24 of the item, or 12 and do multiple orders, most likely will hit free shipping anyway, just hurt Zoro more due to more orders and paperwork and shipping cost. Can't put it in the same box, its a different order.......
  Hooks21H | Jan 25, 2021 Report Abuse
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It's gone from bad to worse with Zoro. I am still having to submit claims on more than half of my purchases, but now I am seeing the reallocated payments that were approved after filing the claim get moved to "declined" after a couple of weeks as "pending". Make sure not to close anything out until you have received the rebate.
  crensmeyer | Dec 14, 2020 Report Abuse
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Eight out of my last ten purchases went from pending to declined. The two that were not declined were also two of the three smallest cashback amounts...
  crensmeyer | Oct 08, 2020 Report Abuse
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Four of my last six purchases just went from pending to declined. I may have to try Rackuten to see if it's any better.
  crensmeyer | Oct 02, 2020 Report Abuse
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Add another one to the "declined" list that I have filed a claim for...
  crensmeyer | Sep 29, 2020 Report Abuse
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Two more declined... We'll see if they get reversed after going through the "file a claim" process yet again. Of course this also adds additional time until they might ultimately become "payable".
  crensmeyer | Sep 28, 2020 Report Abuse
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Zoro Declines your Cashback with no reasoning
  Hooks21H | Sep 09, 2020 Report Abuse
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Two more that showed originally tracked as pending changed to declined... SMH.
  crensmeyer | Aug 28, 2020 Report Abuse
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Zoro's cashback used to be automatic. Unfortunately now most of my purchases come back as pending right after the purchase, only to get "declined" within the next 24 hours. They usually get put back in my account AFTER I go through the hassle of filing a claim which takes additional time and effort. I wish they would fix whatever they changed a few months ago.
  crensmeyer | Aug 20, 2020 Report Abuse
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Flip of the coin, you may get cash back, you may not.. Who knows...
  Hooks21H | Aug 05, 2020 Report Abuse
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My last two purchases were declined for cashback at Zoro's. No idea why. Not very reliable...
  FelixBuzzard | Jun 21, 2020 Report Abuse
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Declined last 3 of my last 5 orders - Declined $69.39 of cash back so far. BEWARE - its Zoro or Top Cash Back declining these. And good luck with Top Cash Claims, they don't have a spine to fight for your claims to get them.
  Hooks21H | May 20, 2020 Report Abuse
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The cash back rebates never go through for some reason , have to submit a claim every single time.
  ddiamond | Feb 20, 2018 Report Abuse
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