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Yankee Candle

From humble beginnings ... Christmas 1969. Seventeen-year-old Mike Kittredge, too broke to buy his mother a present, melted some crayons to make her a candle. A neighbor saw it and convinced Mike to sell the candle to her. With that small stake, he bought enough wax to make two candles - one for his mom, and another to sell. That was the birth of Yankee Candle. To America's favorite brand of premium scented candles ... Yankee Candle has become the #1 most-recognized name in the candle business and the country's best selling candle brand by sharing our customers' “passion for fragrance” in every product we bring to market. Today, with over 150 fragrances, we offer the world's largest and most compelling selection of candle and home fragrance scents. In addition to our renowned Housewarmer® line of scented candles, we also provide a wide range of seasonal and specialty scented candles, home fragrance products, car fresheners and candle accessories.

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Yankee Candle: Candles, Air Fresheners & Home Fragrance

Yankee Candle Logo

Having a home fragrance is important. Often people will be stuck with a smell from their home that is out of their control. Through no fault of their own, this could be a less than desirable smell that was created just because you are a human being living in a designated indoor space. To combat these house smells, we buy from Yankee Candle sales. Whilst saving money, you will not only be saving your home from unapparent odors but rejuvenating your space with comforting and spritely scents only Yankee Candle could concoct.

Having one, two, or a dozen Yankee Candles in the house is great to put the final touches on each room's individual personality. Being the largest specialty brand of premium scented candles in the United States, choosing a scent is a double-edged sword. You will have no trouble finding a candle you love, but you will have difficulty not buying the entire inventory. Between Home Sweet Home, Lilac Blossoms, and the Cinnamon Apples tumbler candles and jar scented candles it can be mighty difficult to stay under budget. Thankfully, through the services of TopCashback, you can earn money back on your candle and other scent-related purchases.

Yankee Candle Homepage

Yankee Candle Homepage


As if having a world of delicious smells to light up in front of you wasn't an enticing enough prospect, Yankee Candle has several types of candles for you to choose from. At the Yankee Candle online store, you might first search through the Original Jar Candles. These works of art come in a medium jar candle size and large jar single wick candle. Here you will find favorites from years past, as well as new additions always being added to the pantheon of aromas.

Yankee Candle Signature Candles bring a slew of new scents into the mix along with two Yankee Candle clean cotton wicks in a premium soy wax blend to provide deeper sensations all wrapped up in the classic tumbler shape. The extra wick may reduce burn time, but the superior wax will give you an enhanced smelling experience. And with Yankee Candle deals, a new candle is right around the corner.

You may be saying to yourself (if you are not an experience Yankee Candle shopper) that you need to be inside of a Yankee Candle to smell the options to determine what you want to buy; but isn't earning money when you buy online through TopCashback better? Yankee Candle is so accurate with its scents all you really need to do is read the label and you've got your fragrance. The Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath, Midsummer Night, and Spiced Pumpkin are some of the most popular candles you can buy.


There are some places you simply cannot light a candle, or it would be irresponsible to keep one lit for an extended period of time. In places such as these, that still need a fragrance freshening, you can use any of the Yankee Candle Home Fragrance products. These give you the candle scent without the fire. With plenty of tropical scents great for bathrooms like Coconut Beach and Pink Sands and more subdued scents like Lemon Lavender you can have lovely aromas emanating from all over without having to keep a watchful eye over a flame. Find a Yankee Candle discount on one of these by shopping through TopCashack.

The fragrance spheres are filled with little beads that give users 30 days of delightful emissions of the scent of their choosing once the cover is pulled off. A word to the wise, if you ever feel like the sphere could use some empowerment, give it a gentle shake and smell then tiny fragrance family of beads and Yankee Candle scents renew themselves.

If you want the benefits of candle wax without the element of fire, you may be the primary target for one of the wax melts. Using one of the Yankee Candle fragranced wax melt warmers, you can place a wax cartridge into the plug-in gadget and sit back as the mood of the scent you chose fills the room with soothing smells. The sleep diffusers and reed diffusers are other satisfying ways for the Yankee Candle charming scents to enter your nostrils and relax you.

A similar conundrum arises when we are in the car. Yankee Candle asks that you to put your rear-view pine tree in the rear view and sample some of its solutions. Pendants as well as visor and vent clip car air fresheners can turn your vehicle into a pumpkin patch. Another product sure to get the job done is one of the concentrated room sprays which work just as well for cars, or vehicular rooms (also known as vrooms).

Accessories & Gifts

Candle jars make for great gifts, we know this, but how do you take a standard Yankee Candle gift and up it to the next level? You can get more than just intoxicating Yankee Candle spiced pumpkin scents at the store. You can get pumpkin candy dishes for Halloween, stockings for Christmastime, and a heart-themed Jar Candle Topper for Valentine's Day. Decorating for all holidays throughout the year is made easy and if you visit the sale section off season, the prices are so reasonable you won't have to bring your Yankee Candle coupon.


This section of the site is always a great way skirt the original price on scents that the Yankee Candle company has either put on clearance or is including as a part of a Yankee Candle deals like the frequent, buy one get one 50% off. Yankee Candle discounts can be found on jars, tumblers, plugs, MeltCups, and plenty of other quality goods the premier candlemakers create. Shopping the Yankee Candle sale section during a Yankee Candle sale is how you never fail to make your house not smell like a jail.

Yankee Candle Features

Fragrance Finder Quiz

One of the coolest features we've come across from any site is this fragrance finder. With this aroma algorithm, Yankee Candle helps people who buy online find just the scent they are searching for, all you do is answer a few questions. For instance for the fall, the Yankee Candle Company asks what you're looking forward to most about the season. By the time you are done you will have a couple of new flavors from the Yankee Candle online store that are perfectly curated to your senses.

Yankee Candle Village

Although we are pro online shopping here at TopCashback, we would be remiss if we did not mention the Yankee Candle Village. The flagship store in South Deerfield, MA has the largest selection of Yankee Candle large jars, small jars, special editions, signatures, kitchen and home accessories. Apart form the website, this headquarters of elite candle production is the place to stock up on Yankee Candle goods.

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