How to Cash Out Your Cash Back How to Cash Out Your Cash Back

How to Cash Out Your Cash Back

Posted on Jan 01 2024 Posted in  Member Rewards, Customer Service
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How to Cash Out Your Cash Back

Since joining TopCashback, you’ve learned how to earn cash back and save the most money on your online purchases. But where does the money go? And how do you get it into your hands?

First of all, you can keep track of your earnings by logging into your account. Every single purchase you’ve ever made through TopCashback is listed, along with the cash back amount for each one. Once the status of that cash back flips from “pending” to “payable,” you’re free to claim that money.

In other words, as soon as your cash back is available, you can decide when it’s pay day! Whether it’s today, tomorrow, a month from now or six months from now, your money will stay put until you request a payout.

So, does that mean you get your cash back in…cash? No. But unlike other cash back sites, you can choose how you receive your money. Ask us to send it to your bank or PayPal account. Or request your cash back via a gift card to score more $$!

Whichever way you cash out, you’ll need to follow these four easy steps:


1. Click ‘Payout’ from the account dropdown menu.

TopCashback Homepage

For security purposes, you'll be prompted to log in again before we allow you to request a payout.


2. Select a payout method.

Payout Methods

Please note that if you choose PayPal or a bank transfer, you’ll be required to supply your account details. Adding in these details will put an automatic 72-hour hold on your account for security purposes, so plan ahead.


3. Apply a charity donation if you wish. Otherwise, click ‘Next’.

Payout Breakdown


4. Confirm your payout.

Confirm Your Payout


If, however, you have trouble requesting a payout for any reason, please email our Online Reputation Coordinator at

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OlgagemeosJanuary 31 2024, 14:11 Hello, i'm very upset because I couldn't use my money from the virtual card. I received $52.34 and was only able to use about $15 (on AliExpress) since payments were not accepted in store or online. Today is the last day the card is valid, but I still cannot use my money. What to do? How and where can I transfer unused money?
PrincessA December 23 2023, 09:32 How long do I have to request a cash out
jlbrittainNovember 24 2023, 07:44 Can I use my earning to purchase a physical visa gift card.
cody135October 17 2023, 18:27 Hello. Can I have this new reward added to my current visa top cash debit card?
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