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friend icon Ahh yeahh!! love it.
  Member112427364123 | 16 Jan 2018
friend icon i love top cash back
  | 18 May 2017
friend icon I have been using your cashback site for two months now. I am building my own house, and Love the 6% cashback that I am already receiving in my bank account from my supply purchases! I can't tell you how much that helps! Thank You very much! I hope this will continue to be a profitable relationship!
  | 22 Dec 2016
friend icon On 09/08/2016 I signed on to topcashback to get a free swiffer kit from Walmart. I ordered on 09/08/2016 and picked up on 09/09/2016. I received the cash back on 09/23/2016 which is now transferring to my bank account. I actually got the swiffer free plus got an additional 51 cents. Pretty cool.
  | 23 Sep 2016
friend icon I love TopCashBack with all the shops and all Maiktr on your mind it's a very interesting site and I love watching him and communicate all new and I enjoy discounts granted through that site really very interesting and I am very love
  | 26 Jun 2016
friend icon Easy to use, many stores to shop at, and as soon as your visit is verified you can get your money! Like many others, I was using another well-known online rebate site until I found TopCashBack. I don't have to wait every few months for my rebates, the percentages back are routinely higher, and they have (bonus!) fun contests. Thanks for all of the hard work!
  | 21 Jun 2016
friend icon i love topcashback. it took me awhile to learn the ins and outs and sometimes i still have a few problem,. but they have great deals, giveaways, etc. check their facebook page.
  | 20 Jun 2016
  | 13 Aug 2015
friend icon I LOVE!! Getting money back for purchases I'm already going to make - how much better could it get??
  | 15 Jul 2015
friend icon I love Cashback! I always shop online and now I can make money while doing it! Since there are over 3,500 online stores I know that I will never have to worry about not having my favorite site. I get paid straight to Paypal so it is easy.
  | 10 Jul 2015
friend icon lovely...i must say topcashback rocks.....
  | 16 Jan 2015
friend icon I have never seen a program for saving money that makes it so easy to earn. I am just happy I found you guys and can make a little difference in my life. Thank you so much.
  | 15 Nov 2014
friend icon Cashback... so nice hear these worlds.... My cash go back to me... So nice!!!!
  | 29 Sep 2014
friend icon I just wanted to send quick Thank you for my fast payment that was direct deposited into my account this morning. It was stated to take up to 7 days, I received payment in just 3. Of course I was skeptical of this website & did not get my hopes up about receiving my payment, it was only for $17.90, but hey, that's gas or lunch money. So Im super excited. It truly warms my heart that prompt & friendly service still exists. All my email inquiries have been promptly answered & gave great clarification. Thank you again!! Here is a screenshot of my received payment in my account!
  | 18 Sep 2014
friend icon My first transaction went great. I was very impressed but my second has been extremely disappointing! I purchased an IPad through The site at Best Buy on May 4 and still haven't seen any cash back. I just filed an inquiry after waiting the 15+ weeks estimated for my transaction to become payable and received a message that I now need to wait another 4? before anyone will look into it?!? I can't in good conscience recommend this site to anyone or use it again with such poor response.
  | 27 Aug 2014