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Here's a selection of testimonials provided by our members. If you are interested in adding a testimonial for use on TopCashback or by the press, we'd really appreciate it.
friend icon I used TopCashback for 2 years and earned about $100 cash back from my hotel booking ! Really Happy to use this site.
  | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I have been using various cashback portals on the internet. After using topcashback, I haven't found better cashback deals on any other sites. One of the best portals for cash back till date and I am even suggesting my friends and relatives to use this for maximizing rewards and savings. :)
  | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I was really skeptical at first about using TopCashBack, but after I earned my first payable and it actually transferred with little problem, I was hooked. I've earned almost $700 since 2013, and continue to use this as much as I can. Additionally, when I have had any issues, the folks who work here have been excellent in following up and resolving my issue. Great customer service and a great way to save money!
  | 3 Aug 2014
friend icon I am very very happy with this Site and love the Savings and the Cashback. I was skeptical at first but that cleared as soon as i got my first payment, no hassle no questions asked. LOVE IT!
  | 28 Jul 2014
friend icon I used TopCashback and got my daughter a dress and jeans for $12! You can’t really beat that.
  | 16 Oct 2013
friend icon I am looking forward to saving money and did!
  | 12 Aug 2013
friend icon I was skeptical as anyone would be at first but I've earned a lot in just 6 months and was paid in full through PayPal quicker than I thought. Costumer service is also fast and friendly. I highly recommend this site.
  | 12 Mar 2012
friend icon This site is going to be amazing!
  | 8 Sep 2011