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Lenovo Reviews

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TopCashback members are enjoying their Lenovo technology and aren’t afraid to show it! Some say they turned to the computer brand when they were in need of a new laptop. In fact, one customer claims Lenovo is the “best option when you want a customized computer.” But she advises that you wait for a promo in order to save on your purchase.

Other Lenovo reviews discuss the company’s generosity in providing cash back. While it took a while for some to receive their cash back, they ultimately did. “Long wait time as was advertised,” admits a member, “but it was paid out on time.”

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Lenovo Reviews
friend icon Great saler! Nice tablet and great cashback!
  Member318587837422 | Jan 26, 2022 Report Abuse
friend icon Good customer service ??
  Member731102783855 | Jul 13, 2021 Report Abuse
friend icon So simple to use. Great returns as well!
  jolivas7 | Jun 21, 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Long wait time as advertised, but paid out on time!
  SpaceAgeSoul | Jun 21, 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon I'm liking Lenovo for being a well-known brand that God bless this company that keeps on improving for tough components and education with its customers is Primordial. !!
  Sinesio | Nov 11, 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Best option when you want a customized computer. Wait for a promo!
  Riuski | Apr 03, 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon No issues, quick payout.
  Marli3333 | Feb 03, 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon best of all
  jldai | Jan 31, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Great cashback when I needed a new laptop, but took too long to go to payable status. 19 weeks or so! Really!
  cmtomlin | Dec 25, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Worst place to get cashback from, they always claim a "coupon" was used even though the items are simply on sale. You will never get cashback for a laptop purchase unless you pay full price not on sale.
  Member1123060223335 | Feb 06, 2022 Report Abuse
friend icon Sat on my claim for 3 months and then denied cashback due to age of claim.
  emanatt | Oct 22, 2021 Report Abuse
friend icon Unhappy, so far I've purchased 3 times. The first two was not registered in this site automatically. I had to reach support each time. For the first purchase, support could not help. They helped the second time though. Yet to see what happens for my third purchase.
  shafiul | Nov 21, 2019 Report Abuse