Valentine on a Dime

Valentine on a Dime

Posted on Jan 31 2022 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons
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Valentine on a Dime

Every couple deserves to have an opulent and extravagant Valentine’s Day where money is no object and the only objective is to spoil each other silly. Unfortunately, in the real world, 99% of us aren’t fortunate enough to even spoil ourselves a tad out of sorts. At TopCashback, as you well know, our mission is to help all our members save, earn, and manage their money as efficiently as possible. We have compiled a list of things to do, services to utilize, and places to go to make this Valentine’s Day seem as expensive as possible, while actually being excessively reasonable.



Flowers are non-negotiable and shan’t be forgotten on your watch, especially not when they can be so affordable thanks to the good people at where you can receive up to cash back sitewide. With flowers this cheap you can spread pedals throughout the house and still have a bouquet left over to give to your adoring other half.

If you are a one-stop-shop type of person, also sells Valentine’s Day desserts like yogurt-dipped heart pretzels, a red Lindt tower, and a “True To My Love” bundle of sweets for the person you are spending this holiday with.


Spending Valentine’s Day In:

We recognize the pandemic is now everyone’s friend who swore he was just “going to crash on the couch for a few days, two weeks tops” but has now become a rent-free roommate. If you plan on spending this V-Day at home, we have got you covered.


Dinner Table

When preparing your meal, in order to dine in elegance, the details of refinement are not to be neglected. Some easy and inexpensive accessories that are sure to upgrade your table are a tablecloth, candlesticks, candle holders, and cloth napkins tucked in napkin rings. Even with clearance options from Bed Bath and Beyond, simply including these accoutrements to your dinnerware will delight and astound the person sitting across from you. Dazzle the dinner table and receive cash back.



The table and its dressings are only as good as the food being served upon it. Dinner can be the priciest part of the evening with Valentine’s Day pre-fixes, wine, and the desire to go somewhere nice for once for Pete’s sake. With Goldbelly you can experience some of the best food from around these United States with the touch of a finger. Using the app on your genius phone, you can place orders from some of the widest-known restaurants.

If you live in New York feel free to order Chicago deep dish pizza. If you live in Texas you can order the original French Dip from Los Angeles. If you live in land-locked Colorado, get yourself some lobsters from Maine! You get the idea. There is even a curated selection of “Valentine’s Day Love Food”. Goldbelly is the place to expand your corner of the universe and up to 6.06% cash back makes it an easy decision.


Pairing wine with your dinner can be a culinary query, but with the Macy’s Wine Club you will have an assortment of wines to experiment with right at your front door. The ordered wines come with detailed tasting notes including flavor profiles, serving tips, and pairing ideas for each bottle.

Wines from international vineyards can be gotten for less than $9. Find the perfect bottle to pair with the perfect meal to share with the perfect person this Valentine’s Day. New club members can receive 10.1% cash back when they sign up through TopCashback.



As the night is winding down, and the Macy’s wine is kicking in, it’s time to decompress with a romantic film to rent or purchase from Vudu. With a home projector from Newegg you can create a personal, private movie theater for you and yours in the comfort of your own home for a reasonable price and 1% cash back to boot.

Now that the atmosphere has been set to have a romantic screening, select one of any of the hundreds of thousands of films available on Vudu. For this holiday we recommend "Before Sunrise," a true romance, "Blue Valentine," a display of dysfunctional love, or "Zelig," a brilliant romantic comedy. Score cash back on a romantic rental this Valentine’s Day.



Popcorn gets all the glory when it comes to movie snacks, but that’s mostly because it’s cheap and quiet. On Valentine’s Day, no treat is more important than chocolate and it can just as easily be popped in your mouth. See’s Candies is known for its chocolates and the fact that they are some of the most delicious chocolates that make you forget about all other chocolates past and future.

See’s makes chocolates so chocolatey yet taste unlike every other chocolate you have ever substituted for See’s until that moment you have first tasted it. See’s is only available in certain parts of the country, but place an order through its website from TopCashback and earn cash back.


There you have it, living lavishly at home can be simpler than you think. All of the Valentine’s Day essentials were covered and each piece is sure to impress. You will not have to awkwardly face your wallet following this holiday! However, if you wanted to spend your holiday a little differently...


Valentine's Day Out

If COVID is not at the top of your list of worries and you want to soak in the night air while you paint the town red, be our guest. We would like to facilitate you and your partner's lovers night out this February 14th.



Maybe it’s time the two of you left the kitchen. A nice home-cooked meal has the ability to hit the spot like no other, but tending to a sink full of dishes and kitchenware is no way to spend a holiday. Instead why not head over to where a restaurant you have been meaning to check out could be listed.

Here you can purchase a certificate at a discount that will later be applied to your bill at the restaurant. Then with 20.2% on top of that, you will be eating like kings and queens for the price of a pauper’s dish.


Since we did say lavish, we are going to have to remark on some silly possibilities for your Valentine’s Day plans. Why not leave the country, the state, or the area code? Sweep your lover off their feet with a surprise trip! Except a surprise may be out of the question seeing as how this is on a budget and one person taking all of the lumps for this excursion would not be faithful to the nature of this discussion. So, the two of you can discuss a trip!

Using, booking flights and lodging can all be done in one hub and with minimal effort and at low prices. We all know how expensive traveling can be, but with a cash back rate of you will likely see a nice chunk of cash back in your TopCashback account.



If you do decide to leave your homeland, how could you be expected to plan an itinerary of unforgettable experiences when so far away from your natural habitat? Groupon is how. When you find yourself in an unfamiliar place or even at home, you can sort Groupon offerings by city, town, zip code, wherever you are and find something to do.

Groupon is your tour guide and in-the-know assistant to take you to the places you need to be to for unbelievable prices. In the spirit of the season, Groupon has set aside a tab to discover Valentine’s deals that includes spas, personalized gifts, and date night ideas. Find an event to cement this Valentine’s Day as one of your best and fall in love with up to 15% cash back.



Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday where two halves celebrate their one-ness and spending gobs of gold is not a prerequisite. We hope this blog has showed you some ways to be budget conscious and still able to treat your significant other the way they deserve to be treated.

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by Louis Pino

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