Summer Spending Survey 2023

Summer Spending Survey 2023

Posted on May 01 2023 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests
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Summer Spending Survey 2023

The days are getting longer and the weather is warming up — summer is just around the corner!

Tell us, are you planning to travel this summer? Have you ever lost an item at the beach? What’s your go-to ice cream flavor?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members about their summer plans. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on May 15.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on May 15, 2023 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

This survey has closed. Click here to view the results!


Hailstorm49May 16 2023, 16:20 Just lost my Ray Bans when I was wave jumping in Florida🥲
flybear123May 14 2023, 14:20 I will visit Mexico and I already booked hotel via TCB.
Member236310441815May 14 2023, 10:15 Еду в америку
GorrRymaMay 12 2023, 11:04 Very good ~!!!!!
Member537156930808May 10 2023, 19:52 {H.M} Crypto new but new
Maybe %98 people don't know what is crypto

How like kniw what is crypto???
You can ask to (h.M)

JackyTomMay 10 2023, 12:03 Win and me.
Member537092268206May 9 2023, 16:49 I hop I win, ty
Yuji MatsumotoMay 9 2023, 10:25 I am excited to share my summer plans with you! This summer, my family and I are planning to visit the magical world of Disney in Florida. We've been dreaming of this trip for quite some time and can't wait to create unforgettable memories together.
FereezemMay 9 2023, 09:46 Travel all over the world. One thins is sure: book travel using TopCashBack!
NeshhhMay 9 2023, 06:05 Yes! I plan in my head to go on many adventures/Trips this summer hopefully 🤞🏽 My side hustle will make the money for me lol. Oh Gosh No! & I hope I never lose a item at the beach 🏝️ That would be hard to find in all that sand. My go-to favor would be sherbet ice cream due to the summer. I love colors not to mention I love all flavors of ice cream. Thanks 🩵🩵🩵
Member927686509832May 8 2023, 11:45 We are heavily involved with sports for the 3 kids with baseball and softball and enjoying the lake on days off.
mikesgirl898May 8 2023, 06:40 We are going to the beach and taking the little guy for the first time! My favorite ice cream is any chocolate! An I have never lost anything at the beach!
spinner1May 7 2023, 20:59 We're planning a summer trip to fl and i've never lost anything at the beach. My go to ice cream flavor is nutty coconutty
AdrianoMay 7 2023, 14:58 I hope to travel with my family to Florida and maybe to New York as well, and I hope to be able to do great business using this excellent Portal.
I have never missed anything on the beach...And I really like lime ice cream.
Nazira Kalabayeva May 7 2023, 11:01 Hi all. This summer, my families and I are planning to go to the cities of our country, visit the museum and attractions
grace9164May 7 2023, 04:42 Travel to Asia to visit family.
Trangnguyen388 May 7 2023, 03:22 Planning to go to Disneyland
Member313272128455May 6 2023, 18:38
Planning a trip with our kids and grandkids to San Diego. Beaches, touring an aircraft carrier and of course the zoo.
LadydolsonMay 6 2023, 18:27 My son has plenty of college visits so we will be traveling to those this summer.
Go to ice cream is definitely chocolate chip cookie dough!
saistevenMay 6 2023, 18:11 Best shopping portal.
cascomarisolMay 6 2023, 17:44 Cozumel beautiful place
jguoMay 6 2023, 15:06 I plan on traveling to New Jersey and California this summer! I have not lost an item at the beach quite yet. I always like to play it safe at an ice-cream shop so I always go for vanilla!
molly3May 6 2023, 12:59 Not traveling this year because we want to work on our home, I don't remember ever losing anything at the beach, and my go-to ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
molly3May 6 2023, 12:54 No, staying home this Summer to do home diy projects, I don't remember ever losing something at the beach, and my go-to ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip! :)
bromeroMay 6 2023, 12:31 I’Ll be traveling to the Tacoma, Washington area. I’Ll be getting away for a bit from the hot Arizona heat 🥵. I look forward to getting some coffee gelato ice cream. 😃
dionneMay 6 2023, 12:20 Inflation is still outta control, prices for everything is higher than ever & Finances are tight. No summer trips planned this year but hoping at least to manage a weekend trip up north (Northern Michigan) 🌲🌳🏕
simon7182934May 6 2023, 12:16 Planning a Japan trip for sure
Member313272128455May 6 2023, 11:17 Planning a trip with our kids and grandkids to San Diego. Beaches, touring an aircraft carrier and of course the zoo.
Kim VolosinMay 6 2023, 11:13 Wish I could go to Thailand again and again.
jdefranc1966May 6 2023, 10:47 My husband and I always like to travel north of Traverse City, Michigan. It is very beautiful and peaceful there. I have never lost anything at the beach. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is my all-time favorite. The more dough, the better!
Member44066952135May 6 2023, 10:29 The go-to Ice cream flavor is chocolate mint. Though I admit losing a variety of things - the one I recall is the relative recent event. It was a time I was setting up for a blind date on the beach, overlooking the sunset, that I put all day into preparing. The date didn't call/Show so I went to go get the items and I saw birds all around the table, eating on the food and candles on the sand and wine overturned [ Along with the ice bucket ] Beside the basket.
KerihislipMay 6 2023, 10:26 I am unsure what summer travel plans are at this point, but am hoping to schedule a trip. I don’T believe I am ever lost anything at the beach, thank goodness!
My favorite ice cream is brownie cookie dough.
alnet8974May 6 2023, 10:25 Plan to drive to Southern California for the summer trip.
Member44066952135May 6 2023, 10:19 As the summer approaches me I havet to do many preparations. Thus, I have plans to do activities that help bring an appreciation for where I in life. Thus the plan starts with volunteering at my local homeless shelter. We had everything taken except 3 days of clothes and none of it has ever been given back. But we are doing what we can to bring our family together and save for a trip we always wanted to take together.
kaoribabyMay 6 2023, 09:52 A summer road trip is the best!!
pacoTCBMay 6 2023, 00:40 Japan for sure
arrowandaMay 4 2023, 11:45 I am planning 2 beach trips this summer and hopefully europe once the fares come back down.
clipk0May 3 2023, 21:04 No plans to travel this summer as I have already taken my vacation for this year.
I lost a pair of sunglasses at the beach when a wave knocked them off my face! 😂
Cookies and Cream is my go to ice cream!
Tamnguyen87May 3 2023, 19:29 This summer i'm planning to go on a trip, I lost my necklace at the beach 5 years ago, mint ice cream is my favorite.
dquongMay 3 2023, 18:33 I plan on traveling as much as possible this summer I want to follow the path of my ancestors and use 23 and me and TopCashback as resources to make this possible!
LauriepvalMay 3 2023, 18:25 Planning to spending lots of time with my grandchildren by the beach hopefully. I have not lost anything at the beach but my brother lost his wallet once. Top ice cream flavor got to be chocolate coffee bean.
Zhansaya TMay 3 2023, 16:16 Hi there! I’M so excited to eat my favorite pistachio ice-cream! I live in Washington state in Bellevue city and there is the yummiest ice-cream bar MOlly moon! Highly recommend, there is always big line but it worth it. So this summer i’M going to eat ice cream, do shopping via TopCashback and catch the sunshine! Unfortunately I can’T travel but I will try to have great time at home!
nievesjuanc30May 3 2023, 16:02 Topcashback it's the bomb
Kaili2019May 3 2023, 16:01 TopCashback is my favorite!
ShdealsMay 3 2023, 15:58 Definitely planning a vacation in the maldives
jaehyun0119May 3 2023, 14:05 I used tcp a lot. Hope it blooms more
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