New Year, New Me Survey 2022

New Year, New Me Survey 2022

Posted on Dec 05 2022 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests
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New Year, New Me Survey 2022

2023 is on the horizon — and that means a fresh start is near!

Tell us, will you be making any New Year’s resolutions this year? Have you ever repeated a New Year’s resolution? Do you typically stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members about their new year plans. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on December 19.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on December 19, 2022 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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Member425558752915December 22 2022, 08:38 I have repeated one a few times actually but never followed through 🥲 I am going to try very hard as this year is different and really really need to and it’S to quit smoking. I also gained a lot of weight in the last 3 years. A lot and when I started noticing I should have done something because now it’S going to be so much harder. It’S very expensive to eat healthy sadly.
Member1235739936636December 19 2022, 13:36 Trying to be more tolerant of people and their views.
Mtngal1135December 19 2022, 06:45 I have never made any resolutions and don't plan on it this year. Doubt if I will even be up to watch the new year roll in. Thankful your shopping website that gives back when I shop!
JrmaxwellDecember 19 2022, 05:22 Losing weight, eating better foods, and having more energy to do things.
n82December 18 2022, 22:55
Regular living and exercising, helping people in need
raffyDecember 18 2022, 20:55
My resolutions are not a once a year promise to myself, but a year round effort to reach certain goals and aspirations.
AlicasmirnovaDecember 18 2022, 11:25 I want the pandemic and the war to end
vinaykishoreDecember 18 2022, 09:49
I want to be a better person than last year in every aspect. Please wish me to be a better person , Wish you all Happy New Year wishes in advance, Thanks to TopCashback for asking my New Year Resolution :)
Eriktang13December 18 2022, 09:01 Spend more time with the family
Ellie TanDecember 18 2022, 03:07 New Year’S resolutions this year. Better routines for exercise, food, and sleep are on my list every year because they are always important. In some years, I stayed up until midnight on New Year’S Eve with friends. But if I don't have any social activities on nye, I don't stay up late.

Jan76mksDecember 17 2022, 23:05 Fireworks to start a New Year & Praying Family and Friends are Healthy, Loving and alive to see the next year!!
SUFYIRFANDecember 17 2022, 21:35
I will try to be better human being and help people around me as much as I can
Altynai Kalieva December 17 2022, 21:27
I want to travel a lot with my family!
ajtuckerDecember 17 2022, 19:45 Lose a thousand pounds.
Member935010321932December 17 2022, 18:45 More travel and more time with family
Member433420264935December 17 2022, 17:59 Get a hold of my asthma and begin working out again. Lose 50 Lbs.
QueenbeedebDecember 17 2022, 17:36
Really going to try hard to declutter my home and my life. Live simple
Member934993657544December 17 2022, 17:11
Being happiness to others life
sabareshmaddulaDecember 17 2022, 16:49
The great
Tiffanybmiller8December 17 2022, 16:39
TopCashback saved us a ton of money this year!🎉 In turn I got to go on a shopping spree🥳🥳
fletch113December 17 2022, 16:21
Stack that loot!
Lovelife543December 17 2022, 16:11
I hope for more mental peace for 2023.
Member1135399677835December 17 2022, 15:56 Easy to figure out. First time I made 25.00 . Thanks for helping .
Dog1December 17 2022, 15:50
I want to have a new Year starting fresh, without having to worry about Covid, rsv, the flu etc etc. I want to start doing some activities I used to do before Covid. Including visiting my clients, not work only from home
Member318646091730December 17 2022, 15:41 Use TopCashback for all online shopping.
DianneBDecember 17 2022, 15:29 Save money stop online shopping!
CherrymonkDecember 17 2022, 14:22 Ukraine's victory in the war with Russia
Deanza VermillionDecember 17 2022, 12:52 Best and easy Discounts! Thanks
PIANGAODecember 17 2022, 10:19 Travel more, lose weight and stay healthy!
piangao nanoDecember 17 2022, 10:17
Save money and lose weight!
Member128049924036December 17 2022, 09:50
Save more!
Member1235869344310December 17 2022, 09:12 I love toipcashback
Member333215256005December 17 2022, 05:16 Save Save Save :)
Member934955994932December 16 2022, 18:23
My new year's resolution is to get sober.
Kearney9December 16 2022, 14:23 My New Year Resolution is to definitely focus on losing weight and boosting my immunity. No more putting this off.
posadastivaDecember 16 2022, 13:22 Get 100% Cash basc for save money for my family
VanillaNoseDecember 16 2022, 08:20 I don't typically do a new years resolution or repeat them but I do stay up until midnight!
kyungho parkDecember 16 2022, 02:11
Save money and promotion
Get marry
raymondauDecember 16 2022, 00:20
Get 100% Cash back from nord vpn!
Nuraiymka December 15 2022, 23:35
New Nod new dreams and desire. New year wish fulfillment🙏🏻
ItsOnlyACompDecember 15 2022, 23:21 Even more cashback this coming year!
leighnamieDecember 15 2022, 18:08
My resolution is to lose weight this year. And be healthier so I wouldn’T be so tired.
KaigaiFashionDecember 15 2022, 13:18 This new year we go to ski resort.My resolutions for new year is being healthy.
Member1135424365149December 15 2022, 10:52 I will be making a new year resolution this year. I have made them every year as long as I can remember, even as far back as to my childhood. But, like so many of us I never stick to these resolutions.
This year after 43 years, I resolve to stop smoking. I have tried many times to quit, in fact i'm probably an expert at stopping smoking, The problem is that I always start back up again. But this year I will stop smoking. This year it feels right. I am on Chantix to help me so i've been preparing.
I will stay up till midnight on New Years eve and any cigarettes that remain will be crushed and thrown out. I have always saved one for that one last cigarettes before quitting. Not this time. I can and will do it this time.
clphan8December 15 2022, 10:51 I stay up to countdown with family and friends. Sometimes my new years resolution stays the same each year because I fall off track but I always make new ones as well.
feirmomDecember 15 2022, 06:06 Celebrating a late Christmas with family that live 200 miles away.
Member129377500627December 15 2022, 00:36
Stay up always to see in the new year. Always set intentions for the coming year
Member1135368772430December 14 2022, 18:19
Save more money
ShinyaDecember 14 2022, 17:12 Peace, health, happy new year.
LalaBuy25December 14 2022, 17:07 I'm looking forward to finding a better job getting my finances in order so I can find a better place to live for my family. Topcashback is definitely part of that, as saving on purchases online is very important to me!
CinRegSDecember 14 2022, 16:29 My New Years Resolution is to focus more on myself. Self care to help with my anxiety. I will try to meditate and do yoga weekly.
LokiisamazingDecember 14 2022, 16:26 Hi, i’M connecting to enter for a chance to win $50.
Ben8166December 14 2022, 16:21
Good app I ever downloaded
isj8863December 14 2022, 14:38
Spend more time with my family
emcoliDecember 14 2022, 14:33 My resolution is to spend more time with family and loved ones and take more time for exercise and health.
BamanutDecember 14 2022, 14:10 My resolution is to slow down a bit and start enjoying my little granddaughter and spending quality time with her and the family. Enjoy some time with friends also.
Chad62380December 14 2022, 14:09 Be a better person than I was last year.
Member1135539824037December 14 2022, 14:02
Very nice
kennkhDecember 14 2022, 13:39
Spend less money!
Victoria999999999December 14 2022, 13:22 Being good 😊.
Magicsandy December 14 2022, 13:21
Spend more time with my family.
SusanPetersDecember 14 2022, 13:17 My resolution for 2023 will be living life to the fullest by completing some of the things on my bucket list. I have repeated some resolutions but not very often. Always stay up to watch the ball drop and toast to the new year.
jodanzDecember 14 2022, 12:12
Be more organized
PunjabibackpackerDecember 14 2022, 11:50
My New Year resolution this year for Quit Alcohol and Non Vegetarian things… Will be vegetarian from new year .
PuffdarlaDecember 14 2022, 11:37 I would like to spread the word of
Member810687530027December 14 2022, 11:23 Strive to do and be better than this year.
wilcatDecember 14 2022, 11:18 No resolutions, never repeated any, and typically do stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve.
mlsq24December 14 2022, 11:11 Be more present, Be more mindful, and be intentional according my values.
mlsq24December 14 2022, 10:52 Be more present, Be more mindful, and be intentional according my values.
Member1116264249213December 14 2022, 10:50 New Years Resolution to workout and experience more- get more out of life. Normally I don't make New Years resolution and yes I will be staying up- I do so every year
KmcpetersDecember 14 2022, 10:44
No plans yet maybe pay off bills and take a vacation
Olga Kirichek December 14 2022, 08:38 Новогодняя ночь -это ночь волшебства. Всегда загадываем желание и верим в новогоднее чудо,🤭 и не ложимся спать до утра, 😁 поздравляя друг друга🥳.
DanataikaDecember 14 2022, 04:33
One world, one dream!!!
Happy new year!
Alexa_777December 14 2022, 04:05 World peace!!!
BonCejayDecember 14 2022, 00:51
Yes I always repeated my new years resolution. It is stay calm stay focus and set your goals
NemesisX2047December 13 2022, 23:28 Don't think i'll be doing any resolutions but I have had repeat resolutions before. I almost always stay up! It's a very special day to me!
autumnmgoffDecember 13 2022, 23:24 To exercise more and eat and drink healthier
dionneDecember 13 2022, 21:26 I'll be up past midnight watching the ball drop on New Years Eve but I don't make resolutions, never have, I think they're ridiculous. If your serious about making a resolution, you can do it any day of the year, no need to wait til New Years Eve to do it 🤷‍♀️
Member95192656221December 13 2022, 09:31 Get a new job
dionneDecember 13 2022, 02:10 I have never participated in New Years Eve resolutions. I think their ridiculous.
calmwhiteDecember 12 2022, 22:39 New years resolutions are overkill! I make plans for myself as I go along during the year instead. Staying up during new year's eve is funnn! Watching the fireworks and counting down...!
Gloria Washington December 12 2022, 18:40 I love New Year's Eve! I know I have my birthday to look forward to which is only two days later! I don't necessarily make resolutions however I do focus on a new beginning with the new year. I always say i'm a year older and hopefully a year wiser ☺️ I always stay up to watch the ball drop and when it does I have to admit I make a wish 🤞
AisikoDecember 12 2022, 06:14
I sincerely believe that New Year's Eve is magical. And a miracle can happen if you sincerely believe in it with all your heart. Therefore, I sit down in this night in a long meditation, which can last for hours. I completely immerse myself in the coming year and visualize how my plans are being fulfilled, my goals are being achieved, and how I become stronger and acquire new qualities with every step. And then my heart seems to be filled with light and expands from a feeling of gratitude and happiness. Isn't this happiness? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share
AisikoDecember 11 2022, 22:03 I believe that this night is magical. Despite my age, I sincerely believe that everything that I wished in my heart will be fulfilled. And it is on this night that I sit down in a long meditation that lasts for hours.
During meditation, I visualize all the plans and goals that they will be fulfilled within a year. And that this year I will grow one more step of spiritual, mental growth. And I will definitely conduct a ritual of gratitude for the past year.
And I want to share the secret that, as a result of meditation, I imagine how my heart is filled with magical light and gives strength and energy. Isn't that a miracle?
Thank you for the opportunity to share something special and intimate for me. 🤗🤲
Mindless999December 11 2022, 19:55
For Once, I am going to focus on my self, and start practicing self love, stop bullying myself by being so judgmental towards anything I think I didn’T do well enough, or just limiting myself out of fear. Scary with the Excitement factor added to it. I am taking that Leap with No Net…..If I can learn to Love me then just think what I could do for Humanity as a whole. Endless possibilities with Opportunity!!!
Irinka_artlineDecember 11 2022, 19:25
Always using it before purchase anything.
Member1135568946211December 11 2022, 19:21 I usually stay up on New Years and celebrate with my family with lots of dancing and eating and partying.
I also usually eat grapes for good luck.
Becki4jb December 11 2022, 19:12
Ready, Set, Go!
Loopdeloop98December 11 2022, 17:01
Platform has been amazing while shopping. Haven't been happier with a cashback platform!
Member1235752370755December 11 2022, 15:32
I do not usually make a New Year’S resolution, I will plan to start taking care of myself though. We always stay up till midnight on New Year’S Eve playing games with the kids & Watch the ball drop.
sheinapDecember 11 2022, 15:16
Use cashback site
Misahorros December 11 2022, 14:08
This New Year Resolution is to save Money.
Member1135395390225December 11 2022, 14:05
Party party party! In my sleep! 😂
Less shopping more organized 😊
Game on ! Staring 2023
Firebirds5 December 11 2022, 14:00 No I don't make a news year resolution but I do spend the evening with family and we stay up at midnight playing games and having fun.
JayThreatDecember 11 2022, 13:55
Member1135440996235December 11 2022, 13:29
Living my life
Member1035114691930December 11 2022, 12:39 I am planning to be less on social media. I usually do not make resolutions. I will probably stay up this year until midnight to ring in the ne year 2023.
Member1135539509023December 11 2022, 12:25
I want to buy flight ticket to Peru and spend my New Year's Eve there! Also I want to get a better job for my 2023 resolutions.
Radiancegrace December 11 2022, 12:06 Continue the teaching and practice of no thought.
Yes have repeated resolutions thru the years
Yes, I often stay up until midnight
Member1135640712234December 11 2022, 12:03 Planning to travel to a tropical beach!
Member827506531457December 11 2022, 10:46
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Member95192656221December 11 2022, 09:38 I am watching drop ball on tv on New Year’S Eve. I also will be making new year resolution.
ReClickDecember 11 2022, 09:20
I dindnt get my 30$ Welcome bonus
MjsquaredDecember 11 2022, 08:23 To take the best care of myself to reach my 5th year being cancer-free!
bsh0rtDecember 11 2022, 08:18 To lead a healthier life
JadoogarDecember 11 2022, 06:10 Don't spend over your limit and be thrifty with what you buy is the New Year resolution.
ding098December 10 2022, 23:47
I don’T make resolutions nor have I ever. Sometimes I will stay up until midnight, but if i’M tired I don’T stay awake just for the occasion.
Member115572247421December 10 2022, 21:41 Not sure if I will be making any resolutions this year, however I always pray for health and safety for my family. I always stay up to wish in the New Year.
netshare3December 10 2022, 20:41 Go ahead
CheungYiDecember 10 2022, 20:32
Health and work peace
rickandelisa123December 10 2022, 20:23 Basic exercise
Member734319956854December 10 2022, 15:17 World Peace!
720mehmetDecember 10 2022, 12:37
supra911December 10 2022, 10:33 Get fat
Member1131998941737December 10 2022, 06:20 I don’T make resolutions nor have I ever. Sometimes I will stay up until midnight, but if i’M tired I don’T stay awake just for the occasion.
lisabish03December 9 2022, 22:56 I usually fo make New Years resolutions. I usually make them on New Years Eve right before the count down. I am still thinking of my New Years resolutions for this next year.
Over the years I have repeated a New Years resolution once or twice.
I do plan on staying up till Midnight and then usually go to bed soon after.
kendallmissyDecember 9 2022, 13:09 No I don't do resolutions
KarabaliyevaDecember 9 2022, 12:58
Good luck
TLL2009December 9 2022, 12:35 I don't make ny resolutions. I just make life resolutions. I do stay up until midnight and am usually in bed within 15 minutes.
KunlinDecember 9 2022, 11:24
World Peace!!
Lili13December 8 2022, 14:58
I haven't made a New Year resolution in quite a few years
But I do always ask for world peace,end to diseases,homelessness ,hunger and so on…So it’S more like a prayer.

I also Thank the God for allowing me the year i’Ve had the good and not so good and do ask for my husbands and sons protection with their jobs

Always stay up till and passed midnight
rmgardner511December 6 2022, 18:37 I most definitely will be making a new year's resolution. I have repeated it once before due to not believing in the potential I have. I'm up all night on New Year's thanking God for allowing me to be one of the fortunate people to see another year. Happy new year to all of the TopCashback family!!!!!
Member425558752915December 6 2022, 17:42 I have repeated several times because never did them & Then I stopped some years as I saw the pattern (ugh) and felt like just by saying what I wanted to do and successfully made it become opposite and I would have a better chance of actually doing. I did a few yrs in a row just by not actually make it “A New Year’S resolution” I am not sure what I will do this year and yes I stay up past midnight and I am 50!! Happy New Year!
sehtoonlineDecember 5 2022, 23:35
Good work
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