Mom Series: Mommy's Day/Night Out

Mom Series: Mommy's Day/Night Out

I, like many other moms around the world, have been working from home with my little ones all throughout the pandemic. Juggling the workload and making sure your kiddies are healthy and having fun can be quite the challenge to say the least.

Right now, what I crave more than anything is a night out to myself. I actually depend on a few beauty items whenever I get that sudden urge to step out and it's Daddy's turn to entertain the kids. Because in order for us mommies to have a good time, we need to feel (and look) our best.

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

On sale for $47.99 at ULTA Beauty

I have a lot of hair, so I'm always thinking of ways to cut down on the time it takes to style my crazy mane. This Revlon brush is an absolute lifesaver, and it’s something that I can confidently say works on all types of hair. Grab yours today at ULTA Beauty for 7% cash back.


2. Olay Complete Lotion Moisturizer with SPF 15

4 oz. on sale for $6.99 at

Before I even start to put my face on, I need a good facial moisturizer for when I'm fresh out of the shower. Olay Complete's daily moisturizer is a total necessity and will leave your skin feeling smooth and invigorated. (Fun tidbit: I just finished my supply and will be purchasing another bottle at CVS since it's currently $2.50 off! A 15% cash back bonus won't be too shabby either.)


3. Pixi Rose Glow Mist

Available for $15 at Walgreens

Before my makeup routine, I love to spray this Pixi Rose Glow Mist on my face. What exactly does it do? It helps to calm and soften the skin before any makeup is applied. It also sets the makeup for a long-lasting luminous look.

You can snag this must-have at Walgreens and score 7% cash back. Then, store it away in a safe hiding spot. You never know what curious children might be lurking about.


Now that you’re looking your best, it’s time to un-WINEd!

1. Altos Las Hormigas Reserva Malbec 2018

Available for $29.99 at

As a busy mom (and a frugal one at that), I tend to favor a good BYOB restaurant. You save money on cocktails, and it’s an excuse to bring your favorite vino from

My personal drink of choice is this red Argentinian wine produced from the highlands of the Uco Valley. It has an intense, refreshing taste, with a little bit of a spicy finish -- the kick that we all need after a long week home with the kids.


2. Free Dinner on the Hubby

Get any gift card -- $5 up to $500 -- for a fraction of the price

If you’re a husband who's reading this because you want to show your wife she deserves some time off for all the hard work she puts in, I applaud you. Start by giving her a cozy dinner at her favorite spot with her gals at her side. Take it from me -- it does the trick.

You can surprise her with a gift card from and pocket 7% cash back for yourself! It's a win-win all around.


3. Spa & Wellness Trip

Spa Week gift card value ranges from $10-$500

If you know your wife and think that getting dolled up and going to dinner just won't cut it for her, then you'll need a plan B. Most mommies are constantly hearing their bodies whisper, “SPA DAY PLEASE!” So, naturally, a gift card from Spa Week is sure to make her feel loved and luxuriously relaxed.

Whatever you decide to do, indulge and enjoy your time off because when Mom is rejuvenated, she's able to be her best self for her kids and herself.

Let me know how you spend your day/night off from the kids in the comments section below. I love to hear from fellow moms!


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Editor's note: Promos were correct at time of publication.

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