Mom Series: Creative Activities for Kids

Mom Series: Creative Activities for Kids

Coming up with ideas to keep your little ones entertained that don’t involve technology can be challenging in this day and age, especially during these times. Truth be told, most of us moms are guilty of using the tablet as a “quick fix” when we’re busy trying to get things done.

Lately, I've been searching for activities to do that would really spark my daughter’s interest and encourage some critical thinking skills. Building and creating things has always been a passion of hers, and recently, she's taken a great liking to LEGOs. An all-time classic, the toy company has truly stepped its game up with the selection it has to offer.

1. With TopCashback, you can score 3% cash back on all LEGO products. I purchased the Heartlake City Hair Salon toy set ($19.99) as a birthday gift for my daughter and she was over the moon! It’s inexpensive, number one. And number two, you can develop a little “LEGO world” for the kids as you buy more and more Heartlake City sets.

For my nephew, I went with the Minions Kung Fu Battle kit ($39.99). He loves using his imagination and acting out his own scenes. And this toy definitely lets him role-play.


2. Another classic that’s bound to boost your children’s creativity and keep them entertained is a good old-fashioned arts and crafts project. My daughter received a bunch of canvases and paints from, which is offering 4% cash back currently.

It's simple, but it’s a great way to allow the youngsters to be expressive. Try the Artista Watercolor Set by Crayola and pair it with this kid-friendly 17" x 20" Easel Pad for some (clean!) fun.

3. If you really want to switch it up with something that could include the whole family, I definitely recommend a karaoke machine. We have one from Singing Machine (5% cash back) that we absolutely adore. It easily hooks right up to the TV, and you can purchase family-friendly CDs to go along with it.

There’s nothing like a concert right in the comfort of your own home! It's a great release of energy, it's enjoyable and it encourages the kiddos to be themselves without judgment. Best of all, it's a no-mess activity -- which is a huge plus for us moms. Give this KIDS Superstar Machine ($59.99) a go and report back.

4. Halloween doesn’t come just once a year in my household. Dress-up is something my kids want to do all the time, and boy does it keep them busy!

By shopping at Spirit Halloween, you can snag Up to 9% cash back on all costumes. For starters, check out the super cute Queen Poppy Costume from the movie "Trolls". Or how about ordering this Goku Costume from the anime series "Dragon Ball Super"?

If you have little girls at home like me, go and nab the Toyvelt Princess Dress Up kit ($24.67) at You'll scoop up 5% cash back as a result.

5. Summer is here. And because prices of trampolines and pools have been skyrocketing, I decided to get this 2-in-1 Inflatable Bounce House Jumping Castle ($263.99) from that doubles as a trampoline and pool.

Not only was it the cheaper choice, but it’s also much easier to put up and take down. What child doesn’t love jumping AND splashing around on a hot summer day? Keep in mind that this is big enough to accommodate up to three kids!

Having a varied list of ideas is always nice to have on hand, especially since children get bored so easily. And when certain activities don’t hurt Mommy and Daddy's pockets, it’s a good time for everyone.

We always love to hear from our members, so tell us, what are some activities you do with your kids? Let us know in the comments section below.


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